Monday, May 4, 2009

Last Week on All Things Fangirl

Last week, for some reason, the blog was overtaken by three topics: Swine Flu, 17 Again & Absolutely Random Meaningless Shit. YAY!!! You know what, I take that back. Cause there is nothing random or meaningless about Katee Sackhoff, a Sally Jupiter Art Print or a Goonies Reunion, now is there? IS THERE? Here's what ya missed,

Swine Flu

I got sick and thought maybe I had Swine Flu, which I didn't and even if I did, I would have been just fine. Nevertheless, to combat my sickly boredom, I posted this Beat the Swine Flu game. I thought I did really well, getting 17, until comments & @replies on Twitter revealed the ease with which others got scores like 20 or 23. So then I was sad.

And THEN I got tricked by some fake website made to look like the BBC that Swine Flu was turning people into Zombies (capitalized, obviously) in London. I BELIEVED THAT. I mean, only for a hot second, but still. Turns out the article isn't even from the BBC. Pshhh.

17 Again

EruditeChick and I saw 17 Again and it changed our lives. I wrote a quick paragraph on why it's better than Wolverine and linked to a review I quite enjoy. Eruditechick followed up with a great review of her very own! THAT's how much we liked this movie. Just go see it and understand the brilliance. HOW DO YOU DO IT, ZAC EFRON? HOWWWWWW? And if you follow my Twitter (it sounds dirtier every time) then you'd know that the Zac Efron barbie my friends got as a joke for me 2 years ago is now atop my Geek Shelf, beside my BSG Toaster, Map of Middle Earth, signed Watchmen, signed X Factor #1 and signed photo from Shaun of the Dead.

American Idol

I got pissed off cause Danny Gokey didn't suck this week. SUCK THIS WEEK, GOKEY. PLEASE. GO HOME SO THE TOP THREE CAN BE ALLISON, KRIS AND ADAM, THANK YOU BYE.

Also, sidenote, had a dream last night that Adam Lambert's performance this week involved coming on stage, giving a FAKE, really shitty performance that left everyone flabbergasted, like he was making fun of Gokey for sucking, then was like, just kidding, and performed again immediately and blew everyone's minds. ... That is all.


Katee Sackhoff
reveals her true nature as a drunk with anger management issues. This is amazing.

Julia Robert
s reveals herself as a drunk who loves Tom Hanks and is hip enough to reference JJ Abrams' overuse of lends flare before Star Trek's even come out? Cool


I get excited over a new Ben Folds project and AUGH I still don't have this CD. Ok. Buying it right now. Just try and stop me. Don't try and stop me, Smee. Try and stop me.

Goonies Reunion Photo! Woot!

Crazy cake celebrating 100 episodes of Lost!

Own your own Sally Juipter Art Print! WANT STILL. STILL WANT.