Saturday, May 23, 2009

Never Lend Out Your Shit [Rant]

Well readers...I am furious. And I'm gonna tell you why.

Almost one year ago I lent my PS2, Guitar Hero games, memory card & wireless guitars to my ex-boss so he could use it for a GH tournament he was holding. He was a cool guy, and he promised to return everything in perfect condition or he would buy me new shit. So I was like, okay, why not? I enjoy doing nice things for people.

For the months and months after this event, I emailed, called, texted & facebooked this guy asking for my stuff back and heard...nothing. Once in November he said he would come drop the stuff off, but never came & never called to explain why. Again, I emailed, called, texted & facebooked. Nothing.

Finally a couple weeks ago I decided this was the last straw. I got everything in order to sue him in small claims court for my stuff and emailed, texted & wrote on his wall that I was doing so. I guess the threat of legal action is as scary as I think it is, cause the guy responded and returned my stuff by the end of that week.

All fine and dandy, right?

Not so much.

Because you see, while I can forgive the crime of not replacing the batteries you used up in your fundraiser and LEAVING THE GUITARS ON FOR A YEAR so that the batteries actually melted, another crime was committed here that I cannot forgive.

I don't know how he did it, or what evil powers he had to summon to make this happen, but the fucker




I had beaten all the GH games on every level (except easy, obvi, too easy), had what I considered to be mind blowing scores on some of the songs, had every song open, etc etc. not to mention all my Lego Star Wars progress.

So after finally setting up my PS2 at this party, excited to play some GH w/ some friends, we discovered no songs were open. I will have to beat the game all over again and because I haven't played in a year, I SUCK NOW and failed every song I tried to play on Hard in the first tier.

Needless to say, I am upset. If you actually find a way to erase someone's memory card, you are a jackass.

Conclusion: NEVER LEND YOUR SHIT OUT. DON'T DO IT. Unless it's DVDs and you have a sign out sheet and you annoy people about giving them back endlessly. Yes, I do that.

End of rant.


Batgirl said...

That's a damn shame. I had someone erase my Kingdom Hearts save file. I had just beaten Malificent and collected the puppies and all that. Wtf is wrong with these people?

Garrett said...

A higher tech (and also fun to use) version of your sign out sheet can be found in Delicious Library ( I can get you a serial #. Lemme know.

PS. It uses your built in iSight to scan barcodes! What!

Garrett said...

Oops. I mean