Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sad Out of Shape Wolverine [Clips]

Continuing with the comedy theme I seem to be developing today...

A couple weeks ago, someone threw this link my way and I'm just getting around to watching. Don't be fooled by the low res video and echoey sound - Sad (Out of Shape) Wolverine, a new webseries by comedy group Your Girlfriend, is of a higher quality than its budget would lead you to believe. Featuring not only Wolvie, but his roommates Insult Comic Spiderman & Drunk Cylops (still lamenting the death of Jean Grey), this short sketches are actually pretty hilarious and clearly written by people who know their Marvel universe. I especially like the nod to Wolverine's actual height and use of the word "snikt" in episode 2.

I've posted the first four episodes below. Hope you enjoy!

Episode 1 - Sad Wolverine tries to make lunch

Episode 2 - Wolvie vidchats with old friend Kitty Pryde

Episode 3 - Wolverine runs into the Blob

Episode 4 - Wolverine watches Wolverine: Origins