Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Oh American Idol. Idol Idol Idol.

Adam: "See? What'd I say, buddy?"

I may not entirely agree, but this was too brilliant not to post. From my friend, Dan,

Kris Allen is to Adam Lambert as Crash is to Brokeback Mountain
Kris Allen is to Adam Lambert as Prop 8 is to California
Kris Allen is to Adam Lambert as Miss California is to Perez Hilton
Kris Allen is to Adam Lambert as Don't Ask Don't Tell is to the military
I don't think Adam lost cause he's gay. I think he lost for other, equally stupid reasons. But I am very upset. I'm...very upset right now. And dealing with it by drinking, smoking & killing zombies. I love Kris and I think he is actually one of the best Idol contestants we've seen, but he ain't no Adam. ADAM. ADAM LAMBERT.

You know what's interesting though, is maybe it took Adam losing for us to all realize how much we love him and how intensely we are all gonna follow his career. Because I'm probably more obsessed with Adam right now than I have been in a long time.

Quote from Kris,
Are you freakin' serious? ... It feels good man, but Adam deserves this. I don't even know what to feel right now. This is crazy. Thank you so much.

Well said.

But you know, Adam seemed happy to lose. He isn't controlled by Idol now. He gets to be Adam. And he got to sing with Kiss & Queen. And he's the best Idol contestant ever and everyone knows it.

And I love that I don't have to ashamed of my love for Adam - when he comes to town, I'm gonna go to his show :). I wanna go to Kris' show too. And if Matt or Allison were performing somewhere, I'd probably go see them too. Season 8 Top 5 (- Gokey) > all other Idol seasons.

P.S. The Gokey Factor. Gokey loses. Who do his fans vote for? You see where I'm going with this.

I'm going through the rationalization phase of grief right now. Just to clarify.

If you are on the west coast reading this, WHY ARE YOU ON THE INTERNET WHEN THE IDOL FINALE WAS ON ALREADY?!

Update: This just in from my friend, Dan, again,

France sold us the Louisana Purchase
which eventually turned into Middle America
which one day gave us Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, and bigoted people who rejected Adam Lambert. They also gave us the word "pop" instead of soda which I maintain is ridiculous