Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Kris Allen Steals My Heart


Woah, I just got so distracted by dreaming of Kris Allen, that I forgot what I was doing. Writing a blog post! Yes.

So Kris kicked ass tonight, whatever the judges might have thought. Well, in the end they agreed with me. Sure Adam can outsing Kris, duh, Adam could outsing about 99.9% of this planet, not the point. Kris is adorable, has a sweet, beautiful voice that I love to listen to, has my kinda taste in music, would make the kind of music I love, plays two instruments and knows how to make a song his own.

Watch Kris be awesome here.

People who aren't adorable, do not have sweet, beautiful voices, do not have my taste in music, would not make the kind of music I love, plays no instruments and BARELY knows how to make a song of his own? These people are named Danny Gokey and they suck and should go home tomorrow. His fanbase is INEXPLICABLE. I do not understand you if you love Danny Gokey. You make no sense to me.

Watch Danny be an idiot, getting too much praise here

People who are so crazy talented and amazing, that it doesn't even matter that I don't particularly enjoy the tone of his voice cause he ascends that and is a rock star and I love him and he better be winning the show? Those people are named Adam Lambert.

Watch Adam be awesome here.

I think Danny should go home, I suspect and worry that Kris will go home. Though for the first time ever, Dial Idol has Gokey at the bottom! Score! GO HOME, GOKEY.