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Wonderwall's Jr Reporter Cracks Up Jason Segel

Wonderwall's ace junior reporter, Lucy, recently interviewed Jason Segal about his new movie, Despicable Me. When I saw a tweet today from @UniversalPics that contained the words "Wonderwall" and "Lucy" I IMMEDIATELY had to watch because I used to babysit the dynamo journalist-in-the-making Lucy and yes, she's just as awesome as she seems. She cracks Jason Segal up. Which means she wins ALL the points.

Watch the adorableness for yourself below and be sure to follow @WonderwallMSN for more Lucyfied reports!

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Sometimes I want things, but sometimes these things I want are sold out and sometimes also these things I want are rather expensive and also sometimes these things I want actually would have nowhere to go in my room BUT EFF DAMNIT I WANT ONE

Ceci n'est pas un livre is what the shelf says. GENIUS. IS GENIUS. BUY FOR ME NOW PLZ.

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Spaced Pilgrims!

Thank you Edgar Wright for tweeting this and thanks Dark Bunny Tees for creating it. Now we just need Marsha, Twist and Colin and we're set! (RIP Colin)

PS if you don't know what's going on here, I feel simultaneously really bad for you, but also really excited for you that you have yet to experience the genius that is Spaced, of which I have seen every episode at least three times. My god was I in love with Tim Bisley. Heart heart love love squee faint! See full post

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Saturn Awards Wrap Up 2010

I had the pleasure of attending the 36th Annual Saturn Awards last night and live tweeting the entire event for you readers. But in case you aren't a fan of Twitter, here are some highlight tweets from last night, along with some exclusive photos!

Awesome Quotes 

She got confused about which side of the card had nominees and which had the winner, but managed to turn her faux pas into a very endearing comedy bit. I like her about 3000 more times than I ever have before. Though as a Joss alum, she should have known how to pronounce the name of nominee Morena Baccarin.

A whole lot more after the jump!
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Hey fine folks!

Starting tonight around 6:30PT, keep an eye on @loquaciousmuse for All Things Fangirl's Second Annual Saturn Awards Live Tweeting.

We kept you readers constantly up to date last year to an enthusiastic response, so we're doing it again!
We even got a nice little shout out from Cinematical regarding our tweets. Hopefully the show this year will be just as jam packed and our tweets will be just as frequent & exciting. Though few things are as cool as getting a picture with Jacob from Lost touching you on the shoulder. Well. I suppose a photo of Jacob from Lost handing you a glass of wine would be even better, yes? LOST REFERENCES FTW!!!

Take a look at the 36th Annual Saturn Awards nominees here. I can't believe that Alexander Skarsgard, John Noble, Jeremy Davies and Michael Emerson are all nominated opposite each other. I LOVE THE SATURNS! See full post

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Did I Ever Tell You Guys About The Time I Was The Blue Powerpuff Girl?

No? Should I elaborate? Oh, you don't care? Well, I'm gonna anyway. HAH! I had a friend with red hair and a friend with dark hair and I had blond hair and we got high a lot, so we said we were the Powerpuff Girls. High School antics FTW!

Anyhoo, here us is

Of course the blond one is the least cute. Whatever. I'm not blond anymore. So YOU'RE the blond one. HAH! ... I need coffee.

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A Very Fangirl Perspective on E3 2010

Eruditechick and Loquaciousmuse here, with our final thoughts on all things E3 2010. We tried out all of the new products from Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft and a slew of soon to be released games. Other highlights included meeting some of our favorite Tweeps, running into a nice lady from Rockstar Games who offered to send us Outlaw to the End shirts, and the Scott Pilgrim Kegger. Oh and coming into possession of a giant Sims 3 bean bag chair. That was all kinds of awesome.

Enjoy our wrap up and see you next year!


EC: Fable III. Rock Band 3. Nintendo 3DS. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. So I guess it was a spectacularly girly year for me at E3. I played just about everything I could get my hands on, and of those playable experiences, I took the aforementioned four away as my favorites of the convention.

Muse: Fable III, Rock Band 3, Nintendo 3DS, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Green Day Rock Band
(yes I know it's out already), Your Shape for the Kinect

Hottie female hero

Fable III

EC: [This section will be cross-posted over at, with more footage and in-depth review of gameplay!] Fable III takes the solid interaction ideas and progression of character abilities established in Fables II and makes them organic and tactile. No longer is there a three foot buffer, a magic force field between your hero and the world. Everything from fighting to hugging to playing with your dog has become an exercise in direct contact. Like a combination of The Sims and Red Dead Redemption, suddenly your fabled hero can directly manipulate the world as they come into contact with it, instead of being a kind of warping force that passes by and generates a reaction. This major step forward in gameplay is going to be enhanced by the fact that your hero is fully voiced, something a certain Star Wars game is also- rightfully- getting much press for. The models have been reworked so your hero isn't quite as hulking and genderless. The world is as bright, vibrant and carefully animated as Fable II, but looks even more lush. Your quest and end goal, also, are better defined. At the end of Fable II, you must make a personal choice, but the end result is ultimately that you can continue gallivanting about, hero-ing or villain-ing as is your want, extorting people for money by jacking up real estate prices or killing waves of balverines til your blue in the face. The goal for Fable III is more personal, and the way you get there will have as much effect on the outcome as your arriving. The voice talent is also RIDICULOUS. I am so excited.

Muse: I too loved Fable 3 and probably terrified the lovely British Lionhead producers who had to deal with 45 minutes of non-stop questions from myself & Eruditechick. BUT THERE WERE THINGS I HAD TO KNOW, OKAY?!?!?! I wrote about everything we learned here, but wish I had gone back on Day 3 to chat some more. In Fable 2, you could marry anyone who wanted to marry you, regardless of gender, and subsequently sex them as often as you wanted ( long as said spouse is in the mood, of course.), but the sweet sweet love makin in Fable 2 happened entirely through sound - the screen always went black when anything dirty took place. I wanted to ask and make sure that nothing has changed in terms of same sex love & marriage. I saw plenty of the demo's hot female hero kissing decidedly less hot men, but will she get to kiss women as well? Does the kiss/touch feature play a role in bedroom seduction or does the screen still go completely blank? Am I total weirdo for wondering these things?!?! Would it have been totally awkward for me to ask the producers a slew of avatar-sex questions?!!? Probably. But don't act like you aren't curious also. Punk.

Awesome new drum set

Rockband 3

EC: Pro Gameplay. In the words of Brodie Bruce, holy shit. Nevermind that the game looks beautiful, nevermind that all of your Rockband content dating back to the first game and including all DLCs, expansions and band-specific releases are exportable into Rockband 3, leaving you with a library of almost 2,000 songs, nevermind that the intricacies of gameplay- harmonies, difficulty levels- have been made exponentially more interesting- one of the controllers if a freaking Fender guitar.

Let me say that again. One of the controllers you can buy for the game is a Fender guitar, that plugs into an amp, and is a guitar. It's a guitar. It's an electric freaking guitar. And not just an electric freaking guitar. It's a goddamn Fender, and it's beautiful. This freaking electric Fender guitar also happens to be a game controller. In Pro gameplay, you are presented essentially with scrolling tablature. It teaches you how to hold chords, how to pick lines. It shows you what string to strum and what fret to hold. You play actual guitar. If you unplugged it from your console and plugged it into your amp and followed along on the screen, you would still be playing the song. Because IT'S A REAL GUITAR, ARE YOU PICKING UP WHAT I'M PUTTING DOWN? JFC, WHAT? WHAT? ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THIS SHIT? WHAT IS THIS, THE FUTURE?! WHAT?!

So I liked that.


We have similar ways of expressing our excitement, Eruditechick and I.

 For the specifics we discovered regarding Rock Band 3 - head here and prepare for your head to explode.

In terms of gameplay, I only tried out the keyboard and the drums, but I can tell you this much - with the addition of the symbols to the drum kit, drumming just got A WHOLE LOT MORE FUN. When you see a red, yellow or orange, I believe, you have the option of hitting its cooresponding symbol instead of the drum. This allows for a bit more flexibility & interaction and also makes you feel really cool. The keyboard was incredibly difficult for me at first, but by the end of the song, I had the hang of it. I'm looking forward to mastering the technique. I felt like I was in Josie and the Pussycats playing a keyboard up there and I LIKED IT.

Only PART of the line for Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS:

EC: Oh, that's right, it IS the future. It MUST be the future, because I'm holding what's one step away from a freaking holographic projection in my hands and using it to play with a puppy. While waiting in line at the Nintendo booth for my turn with the gadget that had been having its virtues be so vocally extolled since the press conference the day prior, I had a lot of time to think about what glasses-less 3D meant to me. In my head, I could see it. I could see a shiny square with a screen that had 3D images on it. I know what 3D looks like, this wasn't difficult. I had remarkable ease, during the waiting, conjuring a mental image of what the technology should look like. Should. Not necessarily would. Then they put it in my hands and it did. My mind was sufficiently blown. Other than the severe ghosting on even the gentlest of 3D settings for the Resident Evil non-interactive trailer, the technology was insanely effective. It's like peering into a diorama, and every once in a while something is thrust up out of it, into your face. Truly impressive, also, were the 3D camera capabilities which freaked me right the hell out and made me cackle in a rather unlady-like manner (quelle surprise!, cry those of you who know me and also happen to speak French), and the movie trailers. Tangled, in particular, the next 3D animated princess-centric fair from Disney looks almost painfully enjoyable, and even more so on the 3DS. Everything is probably going to be more enjoyable on the 3DS out of sheer principle.

Muse: Yes, we had to wait in line for about an hour and a fifteen minutes to get our hands on a 3DS, but it was worth every minute. It didn't hurt that Nintendo's booth was carpeted with white, plush happiness that was quite pleasant to sit on. I'd been dying to check out this new innovation, as, unlike Eruditechick, I couldn't for the life of me figure out what it could POSSIBLY look like. The idea didn't make sense in the head and I could not conceive of an image. When I finally looked at the 3DS screen, I was overcome with a sense of awe. Yes, you have to hold it a certain distance away to acheive the full effect, but a small price to may for utter brilliance. The first game I tried out was a Samurai fighting game, and all I found myself being able to say were things like "HOW THE FUCK" "WHAT THE FUCK" "HOLY FUCK" get the idea. I also tried a driving game (looked amazing, but I don't like driving games), watched some 3D trailers (How to Train Your Dragon) and gameplay footage (Kingdom of Hearts), took a 3D picture (I'm obsessed with it), took a photo of myself, which automatically modeled a 3DS Sims 3 character after me (fucking cool), and possibly my favorite bit - PLAYED WITH A 3D PUPPY. I was sad to have to say goodbye. Cause it looked like an actual puppy was stuck inside and it made me sad. Upon exiting the 3DS arena, my cohorts and I looked at each other and screamed loudly "SO. WORTH. IT." Cause it was.

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood.

EC: I'm not saying it's okay to go around surreptitiously stabbing people in real life, or not-so-surreptitiously jumping off of rooftops and stabbing people as you fall upon them from great heights in real life, but I am saying that doing these things to people over XBox Live is going to make my life substantially more awesome. The environments are the same we loved so dearly in ACII, the character models are compelling and fun, and the system of who is killing whom and who is marked for death is satisfyingly complex, but presented in a straightforward manner. Do want.

Muse: I also loved this demo. Eight people got to play at once, two sessions in a row, one to learn the controls and one to actually go for it, doing your best to assassinate your target - one of the 7 people beside you. This mode was instantly more enjoyable than most Xbox Live games I've partaken in. Sure, I still got pwned by the dude who clearly plays a lot of Assassin's Creed or just stabs people a lot, but I also got one really badass aerial kill, for which I was awarded 400 points! The concept is this - Pick your assassin, pick your special ability. A photo of the person you must kill pops up in the upper right hand corner. There is a blue indicator that gets more full, the closer to get to your target. When you see your target, kill him (or her - YES, there is a playable female character!). Of course, it's never as easy as it sounds. You are not only a predetor, but prey yourself. As you are stalking your target, someone is stalking you, and more than once I found myself dead JUST as I was about to make a kill. Also, if you start running after your target, he is alerted and will in turn run away and find a place to hide. You also get points for successfully evading your predator once the chase is on. Special abilities include throwing knives, smoke bombs, changing your appearence, creating clones of yourself and more. I gotta say, it was also wonderful to revisit that universe, the controls, and the gameplay. I've missed you, Assassin's Creed, and it's only been about two months!

A whole lot more after the jump!

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Harmonix. Creators of Awesome - E3 2010

Eruditechick and I had the pleasure of not only playing various Rock Band games for a good hour and a half over the course of our two days at E3, but also getting to learn about some amazing new features Rock Band 3 will hold when it comes out this holiday season. Here are some of those awesome additions to the Rock Band franchise that will have you peeing yourself. I said pee.

- You can drop out or in at any time, without affecting the score or gameplay. If you often have Rock Band parties, as I do, you know annoying it is when the drummer takes 5 and no one else wants to drum. "B. B. B. B. B. B. A. A. A. A. scroll scroll scroll. A. A. A." will now become "B. A." Only someone as dorky as myself & my fellow Rock Band geeks would understand how awesome this is. So don't feel bad if you don't get it. It probably means you're cooler than I am.

-You can also change your difficulty at any time, mid-song, without receiving punishment. WIN.

- Library Filtering. You can now sort which parts of your library to access through a filtering system. Categories include decade, length of song, Rock Band game, number of vocal parts, etc. So if your third vocalist needs to run to the store, but said "don't play any songs from the 60s or 70s without me", you can say two vocal parts, and songs only from 80s, 90s and 00s and BOOM. Or if you wanna have 70s rock night, or wanna end your party with a super epic long song, but don't know off hand which are which - filtering is your new best friend.

- Can play all the songs ever. Of which there are like, 2000. That's a lot. One question that didn't get answered - can you use 3 part harmony, pro guitar and keyboard for the non Rock Band 3 songs. Because if so? .... Nothing I could say could possibly capture the excitement.

- Song Rating. You can now rate songs after you play them. The better the rating, the more likely the song is to come up during random play/set lists. The lower the rating, the less likely. The system will also recommend songs for you based on the ones you've rated the best. Do I need this? No. But is it awesome? Yes.

- Saving Set Lists. Yup. You can now save your set lists and share them with friends, challenging them to beat your score. Interactive mix tape!

- Party Options. First - the Party Shuffle. Filter it if you want. Put it on party shuffle. Random songs, customized to throw you songs you like or would like. Can skip any song that comes up if you don't like it without disrupting the flow of the game. Second - the "Road Trip" option, which allows you to create a two hour set list that acts a tour, and when you complete it, you actually win the game. It allows you and your friends to have a more concrete goal when you are having a Rock Band party. "Hey guys, Road Trip time!" Two hours later - "YAY, we won! Let's get drunk! Oops I'm already drunk. YAY!" See?

- Keyboard. Two octaves, 25 keys. Use your midi keyboard or use THIS ONE as your midi keyboard. Play keys mode where you only use five keys, much like the guitar or base or use pro keys mode and PLAY THE FUCKIN PIANO. Will this help me how to learn piano?!?!! According to the cute and ostensibly too-young-to-be-that-smart Harmonix dude leading the Rock Band 3 demonstration, after practicing Bohemian Rhapsody endlessly on pro keys, he sat down at a piano and was stunned to discover he could actually play most of it off the top of his head. AHHHH WANT.

- Pro Guitar. It's awesome. It's more than awesome. It fills my heart with joy. It's a real guitar. That you can play. And the game gives you ACTUAL TABLATURE on the screen. I already play the real guitar and I love the idea that now I can practice and learn new songs WHILE playing with my xbox and getting acheivements and knowing concretely how much I'm improving and at what rate. So. Controller. Real guitar. And ALSO you can use this guitar as a midi guitar. It's like three birds one stone, people. THREE god damn birds. ONE effing stone.

It'll probably cost me 500 bucks for all this, but whatever, I'm doing it. It's so much awesomeness rolled into one product, there's no way it can be too expensive for what you'd be getting out of it. Oh dear god, the WANT is strong in this one. This one being me. See full post

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Hands On & In Depth With Fable 3 - E3 2010

If you've been following my Twitter account, then you know Fable 3 was the #1 thing I wanted to get my hands on at E3 this year. Luckily for us, most E3 attendees have no idea how awesome this game was, so playing a demo for 45 minutes, complete with a walkthrough & all the answers to our questions from not one, but three amazing Lionhead associate producers, wasn't that difficult to score. Here are some photos, video footage and fun facts from our experience.

- Voiceover. This game featured actual in-game chatting. Instead of only being able to make noises when you interact with others, your hero actually SAYS THINGS. With a VOICE. Sure the grunts are still there, but with new feature, we get more of a feel of our character's place among the citizens of Albion.

-There is a swashbuckling character voiced by SIMON. EFFING. PEGG. who, as of right now, is available to make fall in love with you if you are playing a female hero. I really hope this doesn't change cause any character voiced by Simon Pegg, I want in love with me.

-Steven Fry is returning as a voice. Another voice? Playing the evil brother? MICHAEL FASSBENDER. Cue Eruditechick freaking out. Cause that happened. It was awesome.

-The menus are no longer in 2D, but rather fully interactive 3D environments. You talk to Jasper, your butler, change & dye clothes, etc, all by actually running around and engaging. This makes a huge difference as you feel like the game is more organic and continuous. It's. Awesome.


-The female hero is effing HOT. The game designers noticed that the female hero in Fable 2 got WAY too masculine the more powerful she got. While she is certainly still taller than most of the men, now she is also smokin hot. Even the way she stands, neutrally, is extremely feminine. Win win win.

-The spell mechanism has completely changed. Now you wear gauntlets, each gauntlet representing a different spell. These spells can be combined to create super cool combo spells. All I could get out of the lovely producers was the following: There are six different spells. One spell is lighting, one spell involves throwing swords, and while slowing down time doesn't exist anymore, something similar does.

- Instead of cashing in experience for power ups (no more orbs?), whichever skill you use most gets automatically upgraded. This is pretty much the same as in Fable 2, but simplified. No orbs, no cashing in. Just using and getting more awesome as time progresses.

- The environments are fucking beautiful. Actual cursing is required to describe the beauty.

- Instead of having a whole wheel of gestures (which was confusing for many), you now have specific gestures to pick from depending on the person & situation and it's a whole lot simpler to get someone to like you. While I quite enjoyed the wheel, I also mastered it with my 40 hours of gameplay. But for a lot of people. I imagine it was just confusing and annoying. So simple = just fine with me.

-You are required to wear a chicken suit as one point.

-Your sword changed depending on your morality, down to what EXACTLY you spend your time killing. There are 88,000 different ways your sword can look, including the dropping of blood when you're super evil.

-Being able to touch others goes beyond holding hands, kissing, playing with your kid and hugging your dog. It also applies to combat, which now includes a lot more advanced moves, including grabbing

Below, you can catch three hands on gameplay videos. One features the touching mechanism as it applies to dance. Now instead of looking like an idiot, you're actually dancing with your partner, and in the process, making a Dirty Dancing reference. Another shows off the part of the 3D menu where you can change outfits, along with the hotness of the female hero. The final video shows off some of the fighting mechanisms.

This is still my most anticipated game of the second half of 2010. I'm so effing excited. 40 hours on Fable 2 will be nothing compared to the time I put into this. Oh video games. Why are you so awesome?

If you are attending E3 today, be sure to check out the Fable 3 area at Microsoft. If you are not attending E3, OCTOBER 26TH, BABY. Pre-order now!

Dance Gesture

3D Menu

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If stupid blogger could embed audio, I'd be playing that song from Sweeney Todd that has the word "friend" in it. Or maybe like That's What Friends Are For. Or...Why Can't We Be Friends? No, scratch that last one. Cause me and C-Cube ARE friends. Already. I don't know. Some song about friendship. Insert it here. That's what she said.

From Portal 2 (as if you had to ask)

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An Awesome Comic Con Event ANYONE Can Go To!!!!! [Event]

Every year there seems to be more and more evening events at Comic Con. Only 3-4 years ago I spent my evenings having long dinners at Seville, cabbing it to karaoke in Hillcrest or taking a night swim paired with a hot tub. When I was a kid, we even went to the Old Globe during Comic Con every year to take in a Shakespeare production! None of this is too possible any longer. Something about turning 21 just as Comic Con started becoming a full on pop culture event meant my evenings were suddenly dedicated to parties and only parties. Not that I'm complaining! But I would have liked to have seen Bear McCreary conduct the BSG score live or see District 9 with a Comic Con audience before anyone else got the chance. Last year I even ran into the problem of choosing between Kevin Smith and dinner. If you're wondering, I chose Kevin Smith.

I just discovered another event going on this year that I probably won't be able to go to, but as it's not an exclusive event, it means anyone can go!! And it sounds fantastic. Also happening Thursday night during E3, this event is called Video Games Live. Here's the breakdown for the one this week.


On the heels of its ground-breaking, sold-out PBS special, Video Games Live brings an ALL-NEW spectacular to the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles!

The greatest video game music performed by a full symphony & choir combined with 3 massive synchronized video screens, special fx, state-of-the-art interactive lighting, stage show production and interactive elements with the crowd!

Including all your favorites and featuring new performances from: Shadow of the Colossus, Uncharted II, Silent Hill, Assassin's Creed II, Mega Man, Chrono Trigger/Cross, Zelda, Warcraft II, Halo, Final Fantasy, Mario and many more!

Special guests including Silent Hill designer and composer Akira Yamaoka, pre-show game competitions, and brand new on-stage production make this show a one-chance must see!

WANT. During Comic Con, you can catch Video Games Live on Saturday, July 24th at 8pm. On this map of the Comic Con surrounding area, it's the one marked "A". So really not that far and guaranteed to be badass. You can get tickets here, ranging from $20-$75. If you go, tell me everything! See full post

Glee-Cap: Glee Live! with Evangelia

Glee does a lot for its fans, it's pretty smart about reaching out to them. There are young adult fan novels in the works coming out in August, various ways to watch the show online, an iPhone karaoke app and yes, even concerts. In May, the actors of Glee took the stage in four cities to the delight and endless squeeings of Gleeks everywhere.

I did not get to go to the show myself, but! luckily for me, my friend, fangirl extraordinaire, and 7-year-old of mystery, Evangelia, did get to go, and was kind enough to let me interview her about it. 

What was the live show like?

They sang songs and it was more like a concert than a show. Every 5 songs there would be a snippet on the big screen where Sue would mock Mr. Shue and the Glee Club.

She even had a group of evil cheerios (actually the cast members of Vocal Adrenalin –Evangelia’s Dad) where they passed out Barf Bags ‘cause Sue said the audience would need them.

What was your favorite part of the show?
When the characters walked down the rows singing because it gave everybody a opportunity to see them more.
How did it feel when Quinn touched your hand and thanked you for coming?
It was like…. So amazing, just when they walked down the rows and got close to everyone it was so cool. Quinn’s my favorite character.

What else happened at the Live show?
The actors came outside to meet people in line and sign autographs.

What was your favorite song?

Well Fangirls and Fanboys, that's it for this season's Glee-caps, while the show has its problems, it does seem like it's trying, and regardless, it's enjoyable and inspires this kind of fangirl excitement:

See you next season and if you miss me, and you know you will, check me out on Twitter: Caitlin_Burns See full post

If You GOTTA Have Bathroom Ads

The ads in the bathrooms at E3 for Microsoft's Kinect. I kinda still wish the tech was called Natal. But whatever it's called, I want it. But that number better be in the double digits, MS.

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Quick Thoughts on E3 Day One - Assassins, Fitness, Fable OH MY!

E3 started today and while I will be attending the rest of the Expo, I spent today watching all the press conferences from home. The day included a healthy mix of "Wow" and "Snooze", the snoozers mostly consisting of driving games and sports. Cause I don't care about that shit. Sorry. 

Here are my highlights.

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhoodfrom Ubisoft

Watching this activated my sense memory in quite the intense way and I am ECSTATIC to revisit this world. Oh how I love stabbing people secretly with my hidden blade! And now I can do it with friends?!?!! OKAY!!!!!  Winwinwin.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier from Ubisoft

I've actually never played a Tom Clancy game, but I will absolutely be playing this one. Over the past year I've gotten very into games involving stealth and soliders. Joel McHale's enthusiasm (and face) didn't hurt the matter either.

Fable III

OBVIOUSLY, PEOPLE. I'm so excited for this game. And also dreading it. Because I logged 40 hours on Fable 2 and I'm not even actually done. I mean, sure I beat the game, but it's never REALLY over. And I was a fuckin pro. I don't remember how to be a master at the controls now, so it's gonna take some work to rock the third installment of the Fable series the way I rocked the second, but I KNOW I CAN DO IT. Already pre-ordered.

Star Wars: The Old Republic from EA

Really makes you think of what could have been, huh? Siiiigh. I promise you one thing - I will enjoy every moment of this game. Well. Barring the gameplay is as good as this trailer. We'll know more tomorrow when G4 plays a demo live at 2pm PT. But you get your own starship. So. There's that. In any event.

PC Games - E3 2010 - Star Wars: The Old Republic

Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Xbox 360 Games - E3 2010 - Scott Pilgrim vs. The World 

Your Shape Fitness Evolved from Microsoft & Ubisoft

Yes, I am actually excited about this. Shut up. Look, I love it when working out is fun and involves points and using my video game console and eliminates the stupid "driving to the gym" part of getting exercise. But I hate having to hold a controller and step on a specific pad and all that Wii bullshit. This makes the Wii bullshit go away. So yes, I am excited.

That'll do it for Day one! I'm pretty sure Eruditechick would have some Gears of War on this list, cause she's cool like that. But don't worry, you'll get tons of Eruditechick's thoughts on gaming this week - promise :). See full post

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True Blood Season Three - TONIGHT!

Having a season three premiere party tonight and may even use some of the ideas you readers suggested in our True Blood mega prize package contest! If you haven't entered yet, you can by clicking HERE. And we may actually add even more True Blood swag to the prize package....stay tuned.
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Glee-Cap: Sincertity is the New Irony

"Who cares about what happens at the end when the getting there is so much fun?

So, Tuesday was the Season Finale of Glee– Journey– yes it was two days ago and yes I'm just now getting to this, but it took me so long because not only will I be Glee-capping the Season 1 Finale, I'm glee-capping with special guest Fangirl, Evangelia, who is 7 and a true Gleek.

             ME:                                                                                          Evangelia:

So Evangelia What Happened on the Finale?

They tried to go to regionals but they didn’t win. Sue actually voted for 
them to win but nobody would accept that ‘cause she’s one of the main villains.

Why is she a villain?

Because she never really got along with the teacher of the glee club. 


Because they would take away from her cheer squad and they
might become more popular than the cheerios.
So, the club had to prove itself at Regionals or be dissolved. Sue became a judge because "she's a celebrity", ensuring that the glee club would lose. To parallel the story of the teachers squabbling over the future of the club, Quinn and motherhood were a storyline, also, Mr. Shue and Ms. Pillsbury had a thing.

But the real core of the finale was confidence. The show was written more confidently than many of the other episodes this season and all the characters acted with more certainty and confidence towards their goals than at any other point in the first season. That proved to be a great thing for some characters, a questionable one for others.

So follow after the jump and hear more about Confident Women, Childbirth, and the insight of the extremely astute Evangelia .
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