Friday, June 25, 2010

Saturn Awards Wrap Up 2010

I had the pleasure of attending the 36th Annual Saturn Awards last night and live tweeting the entire event for you readers. But in case you aren't a fan of Twitter, here are some highlight tweets from last night, along with some exclusive photos!

Awesome Quotes 

She got confused about which side of the card had nominees and which had the winner, but managed to turn her faux pas into a very endearing comedy bit. I like her about 3000 more times than I ever have before. Though as a Joss alum, she should have known how to pronounce the name of nominee Morena Baccarin.

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I won't spoil it for those of you who don't watch Dexter, but DAMNIT. I really should have watched this show before last night cause I imagine what Benz said was something I would have never seen coming. The audience was audibly disturbed by the spoiler. Her comment elicited forlorn moans from all corners of the room. Rule of thumb, actors - try to avoid spoilers whenever possible. Yes Stephen Lang referenced nuking home tree, but who HASN'T seen Avatar? Honestly. Who hasn't. In this country. I want to know.

A really lovely moment. Plus presenter Catherine Hicks had just thanked Nimoy for discovering her & told him he looked fantastic. After they hugged on stage, she ran off to the side, half hiding herself like an embarrassed school girl - it was incredibly sweet. Between that, Anna Torv leading a standing o, and Nimoy admitting that he's never won anything for acting, the whole five minutes was supremely heartwarming. 

Okay. So Neil Marshall's name was called as a presenter, but no one came on stage. Naturally, Zach and Josh stepped in to save the day, running on stage, joking about taking Neil out with a blaster, only to discover he was there, just didn't realize his name had been called. They then sheepishly and hilariously left the stage and returned a few moments later to present the next award. When Sigourney Weaver won Best Supporting Actress, a comedy bit revolving around Zach being unable to do an impression of her while reading her acceptance letter, but maybe he could do impressions of other people, emerged. They also joked about how Chuck won nothing and it was "Bad Robot" night. The two of them brought so much energy to the stage, I hope they come back and present every year. 

The Mark Pellegrino Saga 

We got a little obsessed with the idea of being the next Jacob....

So that about does it for this year! Thanks for reading and hopefully we'll bring you just as much coverage next year. Maybe I'll even see you there! Complete list of winners here.


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