Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Win Tru Blood, Season 3 Teaser Poster, True Blood Shirt and MOAR! [Contest]

We had such a good time with our last True Blood contest, we decided it's time for another.

Season three premieres on Sunday and if you're anything like me, you're practically jumping out of your skin in anticipation. When season two ended last year I exclaimed NOOOOOOOOOOO the moment the credits rolled. Just because waiting 9 months for a show you love to return is no fun for anyone.

So in celebration of True Blood finally returning, we're giving away some awesome items. One lucky winner will receive:

  • (1) Tru Blood 4-pack
  • (1) Season 3 teaser poster
  • (1) T-shirt (both men & womens available)
  • (1) Tru Blood bottle opener
  • (25) cocktail napkins
  • (2) cocktail menus

All you have to do is:

- Add All Things Fangirl to your google reader by going here

- Send an email to AllThingsFangirl@gmail.com, telling us an awesome idea for a True Blood premiere party. Games? Costumes? Food? Anything! The more specific and clever, the better.

- If you also post your answer in the comments section, your entry will count as two entries

-The winner will be chosen randomly Monday, June 14th, the day after the premiere

And hey, while you're here, be sure to check out our in depth interview with Sheriff Andy, Chris Bauer, and our original cocktail recipes made with Tru Blood.

Plus, keep an eye out. We have another True Blood contest coming up soon that you won't be able to find *anywhere* else.

Update: Congrats to winner: Royal!!! Hope you enjoy your True Blood Prize Package and thanks to everyone for entering!


Unknown said...

True Blood Bingo!

Print a bingo card and fill in the squares with anything listed below or make up your own, when you see or hear one of the squares on the screen you get to cross off (or stamp, depending on how fancy you are feeling) a square until regular bingo requirements are met! Rather than shout out "BINGO" yell out "Sookie" in your most southernist vampire voice!!

Short Shorts
Tiny Humans
Jessica Whines
Hoyt Disobeys Mama
Hoyt Regrets Disobeying Mama
Bill Shouts “Sookie”
Pam Rolls Her Eyes
Eric Winks
Blood Tears
Vampire/Human Fornication
Human/Human Fornication
Jason Has Sex
Sam Morphs
Vampires vs. Werewolves
Tara Gets Angry
Someone Says “Y’all”
True Blood
Arlene Acts Bigoted
Layfeyette Dances
Someone Drops “V”
“Slow Your Roll”
Sookie is Mad At Bill
Sookie is Mad @ Eric
Bill is Mad @ Eric
Sookie is Mad @ Jason
Sookie is Mad @ Sam
Sookie is Mad @ Tara

AlcidesBitch said...

My idea would be a TrueBlood role play/ mystery dinner...everyone would get their roles/scripts with their invitations...They would have to dress and act out their parts! I would serve MaryAnne's Mock Hunter's Souffle' and they would have to guess who's heart is in it! :)

AlcidesBitch said...
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Unknown said...

well...i have few tips..like hours before the premiere u can do a kareoke party and two or three dancers imitate Fangtasia-Idol. Do a game call "Who say that?" and make a list of the best quotes based on both seasons, cut it, and post on a crystal jar, take one, read it and the person to guess, give the glass bowl to tell another quote. Food: you can do mini-burgers, chilly-cheese, cupcakes and cookies, you can also paint some glasses with the logo of Merlotte's Bar or Fangtasia's bar (or both).
Don't forget the tablecover, balloons, napkins, everything RED & BLACK!
The invitations (ready to print) is right here→ http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Ftruebloodwiki.hbo.com%2Fpage%2FTrue%2BBlood%2BParty%2BInvites&h=7e1c8
Have fun and i can't wait to see pics.

Unknown said...

so sorry..the invitations it's right here→

Royal said...

I actually AM having a TrueBlood party so I dont need to make anything up. :) I am going to wear my black shorts and Merlottes shirt and my friend and boyfriend are going to fry up a bunch of wings for dinner and I'm making Fangtasia brownies (brownies with a red marshmallow icing with Fangtasia scripted across the top). I have TruBlood for us to try but would love to have more for other shows! I'd make games if there were more people but they're only watching it because I'm making them.. :( I need more TrueBlood fans around me. lol

Unknown said...

True Blood Blood Bath.

Yeap, a bloody mess of a costume party with themed clothing, attire and decor followed by a screening of the premiere.

Disclaimer: Blood not real :)

Ellz said...

Ok, to start with

Everyone comes dressed as their favorite character from the show

True Blood Pictionary
Pin The Fang on the Vampire

Shots that require you to lick sugar off someones neck before drinking the red blood

Only Merlottes finest
burgers with special sauce

I can't wait for True Blood!

(I sent an incomplete email-it timed out on me before saving)

Melissa said...

My party idea would be very similar to the maynad's party - minus the sex, mind you (some people you just DO NOT want to see nekked).

Everyone would bring something for a massive bonfire being held at a predetermined location. They would all have to dress in traditional Greek clothing (we WOULD be praying to gods and giving offerings to them ;)). All food would be "freshly caught" or all fresh fruit and veggies. The hostess (who would have to be a woman), would play the part of Marianne, twisting all she could into her grasp. General dancing and fun will be had, until the end (after the show) when the hostess has her planned ending to the party: Vampires try to crash it, but the shape shifter shows up and she runs off with a person dressed like a bull.

None of the guests would have to know about the ending that was planned, though. It would have to be a surprise.

Wiimo said...

True Blood Season 3 Premiere Party Idea:

A costume party where all guests dress up as their favorite human, vampire, shapeshifter, etc. Only there is a twist, where the host(s) take the guests on a journey via a game of Clue. A regular Clue game board is used, but the characters are changed to those in attendance. Before the game starts, the host would place 4 cards into a secret coffin: 1 for the special location, 1 for the weapon/power of choice, and 1 to tell who the kidnapper actually is. The goal is to move throughout the board and collect clues as to who/what took Bill away at the end of Season 2, where he's currently being contained, and what weapon/power the kidnapper used. The other rules of regular Clue apply and the winner would win a True Blood prize pack, consisting of: True Blood Seasons 1 & 2 on DVD/Blu-Ray, True Blood OST, and a few of the Sookie Stackhouse books.

Other key party ingredients: Tru Blood beverages, Fangtasia shot glasses for alcoholic mixes of Tru Blood (guests 21+!), and Tru Blood cake.

Party favors: True Blood comic books, Eric's pendant necklace, and Blood energy drink. (http://livingwithbloodlust.com/)

-Adam B.

Unknown said...

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