Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I Just Ate IN A Bioshock Level

I mean, listen. I don't get easily frightened by Japanese restaurants. In fact, normally I find them to be quite pleasant and full of delicious nom noms. But tonight, ATFG token male (and new Cinematical rock star) @davidehrlich, took me to some place that may or may not begin with a K that was ACTUALLY FROM THE CITY OF RAPTURE. All that was missing was actually being underwater. Well, and I guess splicers trying to kill me would have been more fitting than live humans eating shumai, but life isn't perfect.

I decided to snap some photos of the location, so you could be as totally freaked out as I was.

If only I had been able to show you the inside of the bathrooms as well

Loooooong room

The other side of the loooooong room

Circus of fucking values

The music was just as creepy as you're hoping it was

Look at all the THINGS to explore! And the two splicers!

Counter to go behind and shit ton of alcohol to drink. Good thing I have that tonic that makes alcohol good for me instead of bad :)

What. The. FUCK. isthatinthatroom.

The sign leading to the restaurant and the zombies overlooking it...

The cotton candy machine. Okay, so this photo doesn't SCREAM Bioshock, but whatever, we got to make our own cotton candy, you're jealous

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Location:New York City, New York

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Vote For Outdoor Cinema Food Fest's Fall Movies!

The Outdoor Cinema Food Fest is letting us vote for which movies we want to see in the fall, along with which movie we want to see on Halloween.

Head here to participate!

I voted for Back to the Future, Almost Famous, Fast Times...(have never seen it), Goonies, Edward Scissorhands, Ghostbusters, The Matrix, Raiders of the Lost Ark and volunteered Anchorman.

For Halloween, I voted for Scream cause it's terrifying, obviously, and one of my most favorite movies of all time. I love Shaun & Zombieland, just don't wanna watch a comedy on Halloween. I wanna scream. Thus - Scream! See full post

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sushi Slippers Taking The World By Storm!

Because if I make it my post title, maybe it'll come true?

I mean, they are SUSHI SLIPPERS.

I think the real question is, on which date does it become appropriate to sport these the morning after?

Buy em for $28 on Etsy. See full post

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Nekkids True Blood Trashy Delicious HEART!

EXACTLY, you guys. I rest my case. See full post

Joseph Gordon Levitt Continues To Be Awesome [Event]

Night one of HitRecord's Summer in the City, in its entirety

I will be at the August 30th event with so many fuckin bells on

Around 47 minutes, he sings Natural Woman <3 <3 <3

Right before that, Carla Guigino reads a Tiny Story! Amazing. See full post

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Scott Pilgrim Panel from Comic-Con 2010

Here is most of the Scott Pilgrim panel for you, from Comic-Con 2010! Fun panel, great moments. Pilgrim had an amazing showing at Comic-Con and won over the entire geek market & their friends. It may have not reached beyond that yet (small drop off next weekend?! word of mouth?! possible?!), resulting in all of us being in a state of fret, so I thought I'd post this so we can all feel a little bit better! Pilgrim may not be as mainstream as we hoped, but I have no doubt it'll go down in history as a beloved cult film, if nothing else.

Opening - Brandon Routh on Superman vs Todd Ingram
:37 - Is Michael Cera afraid of being type cast?
1:08 - Did Ellen & Alison make out in the movie? Will they now?! Answered by Alison Pill
1:40 - What brought Edgar to this project, based on a graphic novel
2:36 - What was Michael's favorite part of being in Scott Pilgrim
3:25 - Michael on the Arrested Development movie
3:58 - Did the members of the cast like the source material? Answered by Jason Schwartzman & Aubrey Plaza
5:10 - What's it like pretending to be Canadian?
6:25 - Was Edgar inspired by fighting games for the fight scenes?
7:23 - What research did Michael do to prepare for this role?
8:40 - Jason says something sweet about Edgar :)
9:00 - Did the cast feel pressure being a part of the project? Answered by Mae Whitman & Satya Bhabha
9:40 - How did Ellen find getting into character for/playing Knives?

:20 - How did they not crack up on set and what is the funniest scene for each of them to film? Answered by everyone.
5:28 - The experience of shooting in Toronto and using Toronto as Toronto
6:48 - Hilarious moment of girl calling out Michael Cera for not getting in shape during Scott Pilgrim See full post

Friday, August 13, 2010

Edgar Wright Burrows Deep Into Scott Pilgrim [Seewhatididthere?]

A bunch of journalists recently had a lovely chat with Edgar Wright, the director of Scott Pilgrim, (and also director of one of my top 5 TV shows of all time, Spaced and top 10 movies of all time, Shaun of the Dead, lalala, I love him), opening today, in which he touched on his Comic-Con experience, why there was never a doubt that all seven exes had to be in Scott Pilgrim, and why the American Spaced pilot just didn't work. While we were unable to attend the roundtables at the last minute, the amazing Todd Gilchrist of Cinematical fame was nice enough to share his audio so we could transcribe some of the magic that transpired.

On Comic-Con,

It was my fifth Comic-Con and it was probably the most bananas. We showed the film three times over the weekend and it was very sweet, it became sort of like a theatrical residency. And the cast -- some of whom like Michael Cera, had not seen it yet, watched for the first time on Thursday night with the Comic-Con fans -- they all came back every night to watch it and, you know, I came back, so I watched it twice over the weekend.

And the audience reaction surpassed even the love Wright & the cast felt for the film. Though Wright experienced what a Comic-Con screening could do when he brought Shaun of the Dead in 2004, which resulted in "...the best screenings we ever had of Shaun...", the insanity of Scott Pilgrim was a whole other ballgame.

It was great on the first night, then kind of got bigger on the subsequent nights…It wasn't the first time I'd seen it with an audience, ‘cause we went through the test screening process, so I've watched it about five times with an audience, you know, like completely cold, so I knew where all the big laughs were already, but then people just responded very warmly throughout, and it was just very gratifying. [P]eople clapped frequently, and I think it says everything about the film that on the first night, they clapped at Scott and Ramona kissing, but they also clapped when Scott head-butted a man to death. [Laughter] That probably says everything about the film: kissing gets applause and so does head-butting..

One of the defining elements of the film is the influence it draws from video games, which is something that also made the comics stand out. On that influence,

Well, it's in the comics, we took it a little bit further.

Before the comic book movies started to really score in the late 90s, there was a thing in the 80s, where the best comic book movies were not based on comics. Like Robocop is an amazing comic book film which isn't a comic and yet it was leagues ahead of comic book adaptations. It always amused me -- not to mention any names -- but the general consensus was that a lot of video game adaptations as films were not very good or haven't been. Not many people can honestly argue that there have been that many great video game films yet. [... W]hen people make like, Tomb Raider or Prince of Persia or Resident Evil, they leave out the most famous part of video games, which is the graphics and the most fun aspects of it and stuff. I guess the only film that did that for a little bit was Doom -- it at least had that point of view sequence. But I thought, well this is the perfect kind of license to take the parts of video games, the parts of video game adaptations that they always kind of leave on the floor, and have a ball with it.

Bryan Lee O Malley had this great quote about Scott Pilgrim being the hero of the movie inside his own head and I think the film is exactly that, it's like Scott Pilgrim's daydream [... H]e's like a fantacist and you're watching his version of events. It kind of explains the level of reality. You're seeing the film through Scott Pilgrim's eyes and it's kind of governed by the pop culture that he consumes.

On whether he plays video games himself and much much more after the jump!

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Don't Mix Up Your Studios. Come On.


Sources say that the WB isn't too happy about Ryan Reynold taking on the role of Green Lantern when he already had a superhero franchise in the works with them.

You have over 1 million readers/month, dude. Don't confuse WB with Fox. Siiigh. Research what you are talking about first if a Tweet is vague. Ugh. See full post

The Only Thing This Limited Edition Scott Pilgrim Poster Is Missing.... Comeau. I mean, come on, he "knows everyone", he should be on every poster. :).

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True Blood Preview - "Everything Is Broken"

True Blood clips for you from this Sunday's episode?

Sidenote: How fucking good is this show right now? Yes, so good it requires cursing. Holy sex scenes, Batman, you guys! I love this show.

Stay tuned - coming up very soon we will be giving away a True Blood gift bag from Comic-Con and a soundtrack of the score.

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Bioshock: Infinite To Be Released in 2012. PLEASE WORLD DON'T END SOS I CAN PLAY IT ALL!

UM. Do you guys EVEN UNDERSTAND??!?!?!!?!

Way to eclipse my excitement for Fable 3 and Portal 2 by ANNOUNCING A THIRD BIOSHOCK GAME ARE YOU EFFING ME?!!?!?

The third game is set in the 1910s in a Cloud City called Columbia. While there is no direct connection, story-wise, to the first two Bioshock games, there is a nod to them in the trailer, and what we all love most about Bioshock include the gameplay, the sensibility, the tone, and the genius story/storytelling, which ANY Bioshock game will have, regardless of where & when it takes place and a connection to that psycho, Andrew Ryan.

Here's the official synopsis,

BioShock Infinite is a first-person shooter currently in development at Irrational Games, the studio behind the original BioShock (which sold over 4 million units worldwide). Set in 1912, BioShock Infinite introduces an entirely new narrative and gameplay experience that lifts players out of the familiar confines of Rapture and rockets them to Columbia, an immense city in the sky.
Former Pinkerton agent Booker DeWitt has been sent to rescue Elizabeth, a young woman imprisoned in Columbia since childhood. Booker develops a relationship with Elizabeth, augmenting his abilities with hers so the pair may escape from a city that is literally falling from the sky. DeWitt must learn to fight foes in high-speed Sky-Line battles, engage in combat both indoors and amongst the clouds, and harness the power of dozens of new weapons and abilities.

Drawing much more from Jules Verne than Ayn Rand, the trailer has a very steam punk vibe and is fucking gorgeous. And you hear that girl yelling? I went to NYU with her, she was the star student in our class and now she is DOING THE VOICE AND MO-CAP OF THE MAIN GIRL IN BIOSHOCK, which I happen to think is the coolest thing I've ever heard.

To hear more in depth details from those who got to witness the live demo (jealousy. OH THE JEALOUSY) head to Kotaku.

And if you haven't seen it yet, here's the trailer. 2012 come now plz.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Catch Up On Scott Pilgrim THIS WEEK! Now on iPad/iPhone!

Want to read all of Scott Pilgrim before the movie comes out this Friday, but can't get to the local comic book store/don't have a local comic book store/local comic book store is all sold out?

Never fear! Oni press and comiXology have come to the rescue by releasing all six Scott Pilgrim books on the iPad & the iPhone. I just downloaded the free app (search for Scott Pilgrim) and it's GORGEOUS. The first two chapters of volume one are available free and beyond that, the volumes are $6.99 for one through five and $11.99 for six.

I'm very much a believer in physically owning the comics you read, but the iPad REALLY helps when you are in a bind, like missing an issue that was never reprinted, or that you lent out before you got the chance to read it, or, as in this case, you only have a short time to read A LOT of material that you can't necessarily get your hands on tangibly at this point.

Comics look REALLY pretty on the iPad. Felicia Day and I totally had a chat about it at Comic-Con. That is all. See full post

Geek Theater Of The Week

I don't often write about theater, as there aren't many geek centric productions out there, but because of the Fringe festival and LA just being weird, August brings many geek offerings for those of you who like some theater with your movies/video games/tv/comics, like I do. Please let me know if you see any of these and hopefully I'll catch some of the Fringe shows while I'm in town in a few weeks.

Note: The formatting in this post is beyond fucked and I have no idea why. Let's just pretend a 12 year old made it and we'll all feel better about each other.

Los Angeles:

USS Pinafore: Star Trek meets HMS Pinafore - currently has a deal on Goldstar and actually has gotten pretty good reviews, with a rating of 100% from the LA Theater equivalent to Rotten Tomatoes, Bitter Lemons. Official info below.

an outer space musical
Adapted by Jon Mullich
from "HMS Pinafore" and other
Gilbert & Sullivan works
Musical Direction by William A. Reilly
Presented by Crown City Theatre Company
takes Gilbert and Sullivan farther
than they've ever gone before...
to outer space!
The nineteenth century ironsides of the title has been fitted with anti-gravitation gear and lasers set to kill!
It takes to the air in a brand-new version that is guaranteed to blast you out of earth's atmosphere and send you to a solar system filled with laughter and delight.
The trivial antics of G&S's veddy British lords and ladies
seem far less trivial when they're fighting for their lives
against alien lizard men!
(okay... possibly slightly more trivial, but twice the fun!) 
Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm
and Sundays at 3pm
Thru August 22nd, 2010
LOCATION: Crown City Theater in NOHO
11031 Camarillo Street, North Hollywood, CA 91602
PRICES: $25 General Admission
Students and Seniors $15
FOR TICKETS CALL: 1-800-838-3006 or click here

4 more shows, in LA and NYC, after the jump!

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Back To The Future Timeline Infographic

If it's Back to the Future related, and I see it, it's getting posted. 

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Evil Ex #7 Goes Back To Brooklyn

HBO's Bored to Death is coming back! September 26th at 10pm! Woot!

I adore so many people in this cast as human beings and actors, and the first season was certainly enjoyable enough to get me watching season two. I'd pretty much watch Jason Schwartzman, Ted Danson and Zach Galifianakis do anything, but it's nice that this anything is a well written HBO show.

Below is a behind the scenes look at the show, followed by a peak at the comic Super-Ray, made by Ray (Zach Galifianakis) in world, and was created by Jonathan Ames (showrunner) and Dean Haspiel in real life. Enjoys!


Download full comic here
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Geeky Ringtones For You?

Because I said so

Tonight, @Brotodeau created an Inception ringtone and posted it on Twitter for all to download. This resulted in me downloading it. It was awesome. Afterwards, I got inspired and decided to experiment with my new droid and its ringtone capabilities. I don't know what the rules are for iphones and what not, but these will CERTAINLY work for a Droid or a Blackberry. Here they my geektastic experiments.

Battlestar - Violence & Variations (Lee/Kara) - Download

Battlestar - Roslin & Adama - Download

Lost - Life & Death - Download

True Blood - Hairclip (Bill/Sookie) - Download

Scott Pilgrim - 8 Bit Universal Theme (For @genjadeshade, whose idea it was!) - Download

Note for Droid owners - I sent the files to myself using Bluetooth, then set them to ringtones. Super easy that way. Actually, if there is any other way to get ringtones on the Droid from your computer...I don't know what they are. See full post

Monday, August 9, 2010

Bert Cooper Drinks Youth Serum & Performs In Broadway Play!

This youth serum chops your age in half. So give some to Don Draper so I can date him, okay? Okay! Good deal. Apparently this serum also makes you sing songs from my favorite musicals to your business associates. WEIRD.

Note: Yes, I only just found out Robert Morse played J. Pierrepont Finch in the movie and on Broadway. So I got excited. But check this out - the clip above is from 1967, but Morse actually originated the role on stage on 1962. Mad Men Season 2 took place in 1962. So did Bert Cooper go see How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying in 1962? A rich ad man based out of New York City? Probably. Wonder if that was weird for him. Seeing his young self performing on stage and all. See full post

Sunday, August 8, 2010

How Chris Nolan Incepted Us With Inception & May Be Taking Over The World

Note: Inception spoilers lie ahead. Do not read if you haven't seen Inception. In fact, if you haven't seen Inception, please close the computer immediately and go see it. Good deal!

Okay. So. This just happened. It's 4:30 in the morning now and I started writing at 3:50.

The first thing I remember is being in a hotel room. High in a hotel room, cause it's just me, a hotel room, room service and a tv. Fun! Then all of the sudden, I hear the zzzzt sound of a hotel door being opened and it's someone who I love very much, but was not expecting to see behind the door and someone who I don't want to see when I'm blazed out of my mind. So I ask what Person A is doing there! Person A had to see me. I explain that I'm really tired. Person A suggests breakfast. I say I don't think that would work and note how odd all of this is and think, how funny if I was dreaming...

Cut to: I'm a library with Person B and Person C.

(Back ground: Person B is an old friend of mine who recently got involved in a theater company I work with. Person C is the artistic director of the theater company. Person B works in theater at a high school and Person C is in the process of finalizing a deal where the theater company teaches, in some cases, theater to kids - we had a meeting yesterday where this was brought up.)

Person B tells Person C that the kids talk about the program all the time and they just love it, etc. etc. I interject, "Wait, didn't we JUST have that meeting yesterday?" Person C replies "Quick turnaround."

So I start thinking...about how earlier I thought I might be dreaming...

I then say "Okay, this might sound totally weird, but I LITERALLY have no idea if I'm in a dream or not right now, it's totally fucked up." And look to them for answers, for them to tell me I'm ridiculous. Blank stares. I suddenly feel threatened and terrified.

I think think - "where's my totem. fuck fuck, where's my totem? I need to know if I'm dreaming. If I am, I need to wake up."

I try to look at my hands, I can't see them. Something is wrong. I reach into my pocket and realize I don't have a totem, so what else, what else. The pocket! What pocket am I reaching into? What am I wearing? What WAS I wearing earlier? I can't see it. I then decide that my shirt must be made of my mother's name and my pants must be made out of my dad's name. But then I realize none of this makes sense, I can't see what I'm wearing & there is no such thing as a shirt made out of Elizabeth* or pants made out of Arthur* - this is a fucking dream.

So I say think, okay, WAKE UP! Things get shaky, but it works! I'm suddenly in bed!

But wait, it may be cause it's dark, but it looks like my bedroom in my parents' house, not where I sleep now. I then look to the side of the bed and see what may or may not be a foreboding figure standing in front of me, holding a weapon. I scream at the top of my lungs AND FALL OUT OF BED, hitting my stand up lamp on the way down.

I instantly wake up in actual real life, terrified, on the verge of hyperventilating. I turn the light on, get my cat, and write all of this down.

I'm not sure where all of this falls on the scale of positive vs negative ways a movie affects your life, but Inception played a role in my dreams tonight in a way bigger then "I dreamt about Inception."

I understood after seeing this movie, on a subconscious level, that what it was telling me about dreams was true. That I could figure out if it was real or not, that I could wake myself up, that telling my dream-mates that I think I'm dreaming is dangerous and - interesting that screaming & falling on the last plane of dreaming before waking up is what actually woke me up? We all know the "kick" on the first plane in a dream within a dream is what actually wakes you up. Well, we think we know this cause we saw Inception. And now it just happened in my dream.

Chris Nolan, I don't know what kind of genius mastermind you are and I hope if you do take over the world, it's a benevolent dictatorship. Because you just made some shit up in a movie and I DECIDED IT WAS FACT WITHOUT EVER DECIDING IT WAS A FACT. Which also happens to be what occurs when someone is incepted in your movie. When Inception occurs. You incepted me with Inception. You incepted all of us. And now for better or for worse, I am finding it easier and easier to recognize when I'm dreaming (something similar, but not quite as intense, happened a week or so ago). At this stage, being conscious of the fact that I'm in my subconscious freaks me out to much to stay there, and I always wake up. But if this movie is somehow singlehandedly building our minds up enough to be able to fully participate in lucid dreaming, which, who knows, could lead to the film's technology existing in real life? Which could lead to actual physical Inception? Which you could totally do with an army of top notch lucid dreamers?! Well that's a whole other fucking movie right there, isn't it?! Except real if it was real! But IS IT REAL?!


I also happen to be so sleepy and tired with a brain that has yet to recover from all of the 8 hours of drinking and 3 hours of sleeping that occurred yesterday, that it's no wonder I was high in my dream. My brain can't even function normally in my subconscious. That's how tired I am. But maybe it's also this complete inability to keep my eyes open that allowed for such a deep sleep so soon after I turned the lights off. Two levels in after a half hour, if that, of sleeping?

I must know go back into the land of the unknown (and by unknown I mean very well known) of my subconscious and hope things go more smoothly this time. Dating Joseph Gordon Levitt, Rupert Grint, James McAvoy or Aaron Tveit would definitely be acceptable subject matter.

See you on the other side.

*Not my parents' actual names, changed for purposes of this story. See full post

Emma Watson Is The MOST Beautiful [TTLLTOT]

Today's entry in Things That Look Like That Other Thing?

Only a great face can pull that shit off. So congratulations, Emma Watson. You officially have a great face. See full post

Friday, August 6, 2010


Join me in hoping my boyfriend doesn't catch wind of this before I can tell him so I can watch his reaction to this answer-giving two minute slice of genius on toast bread happiness AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! And we still get 12 minutes once the DVD comes out?!!?!


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Going to keep most of this after jump because I want to keep Megan Fox's acting and JGL on the front page for as long as possible.

(cross posted from But They Didn't Ask Me)

They say the first step is admitting you have a problem.  Lady and gentleman who read my blog, I have a problem.  I watch way too much television.  Case and point:  I visited as I often do when I have other things I should be doing and decided to give the pilot episode of SyFy's Haven a look-see.

I like Stephen King.  I like Maine in theory.  And while waiting for Fringe to return in the fall, I could use something reminiscent of The X-Files and every other crime fighting science fiction show ever.   Plus, Haven has that one actor from Six Feet Under and 24 with the great goatee that I saw in Santa Monica the other weekend.  Consider me sold.

The rest after the jump

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On The Subject of Crushes

She hosted a Whiskey Party. LOVES. See full post

The New King of Crushdom - In Which I Write An Article About A Cute Boy SHHHH

Note: this may be the most ridiculous thing you've ever read.

Something happened in the past couple years.


While many of us have understood the perfection of the man featured above since his days of pre-adolescent hilarity on 3rd Rock From The Sun, the majority of folks only realized recently that Joseph Gordon Levitt is an actor to be reckoned with whatsoever, let alone the most wondrous beauteous fellow in existence. Which he obviously is. From all that knowing him I've clearly experienced (Sidenote: I haven't), I know this to be true (Sidenote: I don't). He seems to be so totally sweet, funny, nice, talented, adorable and ATTAINABLE, for some god-forsaken season, so all of us have adopted him as our new #1 celebrity crush.

Over the course of the past few weeks (beginning w/ the opening of Inception), I keep noticing on Twitter, on Facebook, in life, more and more people naming JGL as their new love. I ask "who is your big celebrity crush?" and the answer is most often "Joseph Gordon Levitt", not to mention HE IS #1 ON IMDB'S STARMETER, a place which is reserved for people like Leo, RPatz & Marvel superheroes. Though Tom Hardy is #3, so granted, a bunch of this is all because of Inception, BUT STILL, OKAY?!

And the love is deep. The love is hard. The love is causing Facebook wars. Yes, that's right, 10-20 comment long status updates about who gets to marry JGL, that then cross over into Twitter and get even MORE people riled up about who is first in line. We all start arguing about who gets seniority, who gets to call the shots - "I've loved him since 500 Days!" "Since Brick!" Since Mysterious Skin!" "Since 10 Things I Hate About You!" "Since 3rd Rock From The Sun!" "Since Angels in the Outfield!" "Since he played Student #1 in Beethoven!" (<----- No one says that) And so on and so forth. It makes me wonder if when Leo started to hit it big - were there folks proclaiming, "I've been in it since Growing Pains, bitches!!"

But Leo never seemed reachable, he never seemed plausible as a real life love. But a think a little part of all of us seem to think we DO have a chance with JGL. He is single, he is young, he is open to meeting fellow artists & humans, he seems humble, he seems normal, if not slightly on the artsy side, he seems like someone you would sit down at a bar with and talk to until the sun came up. And despite being the #1 celebrity on IMDB and the name everyone throws out when discussing current celebrity crushes, something about him feels specifically our own, like, he is MY crush, not yours, not anyone else's. He has that personal connection to his audience that very few actors have. He seems like a find to everyone and anyone who watches him work. This is a rare and valuable quality.

I think I have to stop now, because there is only so much anyone can handle of a fangirl writing an entire article about a cute boy, but sometimes, it must be done, if only to capture a moment in time.

Tonight a friend told me she had a dream last night in which she and JGL were dating. My other friend and I responded to her "AUGH IM SO JEALOUS!" Because, as we all know now, what is a dream is real, what is real is a dream, it's all feels the same while it's happening, so experiencing dating JGL in a dream may be as real as it gets, so let's get on that, subconscious!

And now. JGL picspampron

Oh, and this is JGL opening for the band Old Springs Pike, a band that features someone I know, that  I've seen before...what are the odds...just stumbled across

Him being a badass

Sidenote: I loved GI Joe, which I think means I automatically win the war, right? See full post

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Move over, Fassbenlivier! It's Time For Meestavilland!

Remember Fassbenlivier? I know I do!

Well now I'd like to introduce you to Meestavilland, introduced to me by Captain Blood. My dad's been saying for years that Leighton Meester has a classic 20s/40s face. Halfway through watching Captain Blood yesterday, I finally asked who Olivia De Havilland was reminding me of and when my dad said Leighton Meester, the world suddenly made sense, you guys.

These photos are the best I could do. But really, just watch Captain Blood and be amazed. Both as Meestavilland and the fact that it's a great movie and that if it was remade, Fassbenlivier could probably pull of the Errol Flynn role maybe. Maybe?!!?!?!?!! Mmm. Fassbenlivier. Nomnomnom.

Just trust me, okay?

Maybe this will help? She comes in around the 2 minute mark, but you should watch the whole trailer cause it's classic and badass.

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Disney Women Just Got A Lot More Awesome

 I'm oddly obsessed with these. If I had a favorite Disney character the way I had a favorite DC character, I'd want one of these on my wall. Well. Actually, I'd take one on my wall anyway. These are gorgeous.

From J Scott Campbell (Danger Girl)
Hat Tip: Live For Films See full post