Tru Blood Original Cocktails

Since one of you readers will be winning a four pack of True Blood this week, I thought it only fitting to get a post together featuring some original Tru Blood cocktail recipes. I recruited a foodie, sommalier & drink expert, who we've had yet to officially name, who formulated four very special concoctions. And with this post, we officially welcome her to the team. From time to time, All Things Fangirl will now feature a Foodie element, but as we're all Fangirls here, all our food or drink posts will of course, have a slight geek edge to them. As soon as we figure out a fitting name, expect to see it listed with the rest of our lovely contributors :)

Before we get started - you may notice all the drinks are the same color - Tru Blood doesn't allow for much variation in that sense, the coloring is serious, but each one has an incredibly distinct flavor, and that's what really matters.

The Bon Temps

The most unique flavoring of the group, The Bon Temps acts as the centerpiece, the featured drink, of the group. Not only is it unlike anything you've (or at least I've) had before, but it forces people to say "Bon Temps" over and over again. The drink is spicy & flavorful and feels appropriate for a hot southern town filled with vampires. Here's how to make it:

Wet the rim with blood orange & dip the glass in a cinnamon/sugar blend
1oz Honey Bourbon
3/4 oz Cinnamon Liquer
3/4 oz Ginger Liquer
Pour in a glass, top with Tru Blood
Garnish with a cinnamon stick

Too sweet for your taste? Switch the honey bourbon to regular bourbon.

Sweet Sookie

A drink representing the sweet disposition (and sweet blood?) of Sookie Stackhouse, the Sweet Sookie has a tropical, refreshing feel to it. And that candied orange peel kind of looks like a lock of Sookie's hair, so, WIN! I originally considered naming it Sookie's Blood, as if we were trying to recreate what Sookie's blood must taste like to Bill (can't get enough!), but in the end, that seemed a little on the creepy side. This drink is safe in theory, but dangerous in practice. You can hardly taste the alcohol, but trust me, it's there, and before you know it, you could be under the table. Sookie may look harmless, but she's got bite.

1oz Mango Rum
1oz Vodka
2oz Pineapple Juice
Pour in glass, top with Tru Blood
Garnish with candied blood orange peel

Greet The Sun

If you like bold flavors in your drinks, our take on a Tequila Sunrise is the one for you. A strong tequila sip, followed by a sweet raspberry aftertaste, Greet the Sun is named for the harsh ceremony in which the Fellowship of the Sun sacrifices vampires. Because what's the best way for a vampire to respond to a ceremony that aims to wipe out his people? Why, name a drink after it!  Turn the tables on the bigots. The harsher their violence, the sweeter is the Vamps' revenge, and Greet the Sun is a reminder of that fact.

1oz Tequila (Recommended brand: Cazadores Reposado or at least 100% agave. In fact, _____ says "if it isn't 100% agave don't drink it at all. Ever. If you use Cuervo - thou hast lost an eighth.") (1 1/2 if it's too sweet)
1oz Chambord
2oz Cranberry
Pour in glass & top with Tru Blood
Garnish with blood orange slice (the sun!)

The Shifter Shooter

Finally, the shot of our Tru Blood drink series, which hits on the dessert part of the pallet, specifically the Chocolate Orange. This particular drink comes in two varieties. Have any chocolate cordial cups laying around? That you can experience the Shifter Shooter in its true form as it magically goes from drink to treat the moment you pop it in your mouth. The plus side of using a shot glass? It's slightly more alcoholic and due to the chocolate liqueur, it actually looks like you're taking a shot of whipped cream topped blood! If you think I'm not serving that at every vampire themed party I ever have, you're out of your mind. (Note to readers: I have never had, nor never plan on having, a vampire themed party.)

Chocolate Cordial Cup
1/2 Chocolate liqueur
1/2 Tru Blood
Topped with homemade vanilla infused whipped cream

Shot Glass
1/3 Chocolate liqueur
1/3 Vanilla Vodka
1/3 Tru Blood
Topped with homemade vanilla infused whipped cream

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