Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Greatest Last Minute Halloween Costume In The History Of Ever

You've probably been seeing a ton of last minute geeky costume ideas all over the internet (my particular favorite post is over on Io9)

But I recently heard of a costume idea that might possibly be the best idea ever.

It's Arthur from Inception. And here's how you do it.

-One striped, long sleeved button up
-Brown vest
-Brown tie
-Brown suit pants
-Brown hair, slicked back
-A backpack (right?)
-A few blow up dolls
-Rope/thick string

I think you see why this is awesome of the awesome. Due to how expensive and time consuming blow up dolls and helium are, I will not be seeing this costume in the flesh this weekend, but if YOU pull it off, please take some photos and send them to me! I promise you'll win at least one costume contest this weekend if you can rock this shit.

You can credit this idea to @csharp7. See full post

Oh, Sam, Poor Sam, Satan's Hung You in the Closet and I'm Feelin' So Sad

Don't read this if you're not caught up on Supernatural.

As I readied myself for work this morning, an early episode of Supernatural played in the background. In 'Something Wicked', the Winchester boys find themselves up against a shtriga, a kind of vampire witch that steals the lives from children while they sleep and can only be killed while it is feeding. This is the second time Dean has encountered the monster, the first having been when it attacked Sam, on Dean's watch, when they were small children.

After the sthriga attacks the younger of a pair of brothers who live at the motel the Winchesters are staying at, Dean comes to the conclusion that it will return to attack the elder. Sam, with all the glistening-eyed puppy dog enthusiasm of his early-years self, asserts that they must immediately remove the boy from the motel and the encumbent danger. Dean disagrees. The following exchange is had:
Sam: Then you wanna use the kid as bait? Are you nuts? No! Forget it, that's out of the question!
Dean: It's not outta the question Sam, it's the only way. If this thing disappears, it could be years before we get another chance.
Sam: Michael's a kid, and I'm not gonna dangle him in front of that thing like a worm on a hook!
The emotional punch of the episode comes from the fact that Dean blames himself for the monster attacking Sam and then escaping when they were but wee, but after watching the subsequent five seasons up to last week's deliciously titled 'Live Free or Twihard' (just more proof that the Supernatural writers have their fingers dug deeply into the pulses of their fans and popular genre culture), it was Sam that put my little fangirl heart through the wringer.

In last week's Supernatural, Sam's 'Came Back Wrong'ness reached a new level of disturbed. Seeing his brother be attacked by a vampire, Sam stops to watch. He watches as the vampire opens his ow vein and holds it to Dean's mouth. eventually he yells stop and moves to intervene, but not before we see this:

Which begs a few questions, the first and more glaring being WHAT THE %@#, SAM?

@%#&#$^%! Are you @#$! serious?! What is your childhood trauma   damage problem THIS time, Apocolypse Boy, goddamn?!

We're faced with a dilemma. Yes, Sam has been One Cold Bastard since he came back and yes, the distance between the brothers has been palpable, uncomfortable for both them and the audience. But the expression on Sam's face up there- look at it again, LOOK- implies something is much more wrong than previously anticipated.

When I had the chance to interview the cast at San Diego, Jared Padalecki assured us he was coming back as Sam, not a monster in a Sam suit, but my question now is, to what degree is he Sam? The expression on his face leads me to think that maybe Sam is sharing headspace, and oh hosanna what a clustercuss of fun that would be, if true. An infinitely more troubling consideration, of course, is: What if that's all Sam?

What if spending so long in hell has quite simply bled the humanity out of him? He does the 'right thing' by hunting, protecting people by thinning the heard of predators, but in the first six episodes of this season we have seen Sam:
  • Use a baby as bait.
  • Use his brother as bait.
  • Let a young boy undergo excruciatingly painful, invasive Angel surgery.
  • Let his brother get turned into an undead monster so as to use him to infiltrate a vampire nest, a combination of letting Dean undergo excruciatingly painful, invasive transformation for the purpose of becoming bait.
 Freaking God, Sam, go crawl back into your devil pit.

In a further twist, Evil Pappy Campbell even balked at Sam's behavior, putting his shady ass one rung lower on the 'I kind of hate you' list than Sam's is right now.  Through my annoyance and flabbergasted exasperation, however, is a genuine sadness for the loss of Sam. I loved Sam's character, even when he was a giant moron. As thick and blinded as he could be, as out of control as his anger could get, he still mostly did things out of a sense of what was right, what was best. He tried, with a universe worth of odds stacked against him.  This cold, lying facsimile of Sam is so far the most disturbing spectre haunting the season. Now that Dean is aware that the problems run deep, that Sam may not, in the most fundamental ways, be Sam anymore, though it have nothing, I fear, to do with possession, I hope the season really takes off so that by episode ten I have my boys back and we can get to Edlund's Irish murder horse.

So, what is it? What do you guys think is wrong with Sam? See full post

Friday, October 22, 2010

User-Generated Content and THE MOST AWESOME THING EVER.

 Hi Fangirls (and also Fanboys),

I feel the need to share with you the most awesome thing I've ever heard. I've crossposted from my normal blog The Mystery of Girls' Media, and well, just read this.

Remember Shaylyn Hamm? Author of The Aesthetics of Unique Video Game Characters?

Refresh your memory here:
"...My research suggests that it is possible to create distinctive and unique characters that have a generally broad appeal among different ages, genders, and gamer types. The characters I created have body types, features, and ages that do not follow the ideal of what is typically marketed in the video game industry, yet they were well received by the majority of people who have reviewed them. My feedback also suggests that there is a desire among many gamers to see more varied female characters in games, and perhaps when more of such characters are introduced into mainstream games, the perception and role of females may become less limited. This is an area of study that is very relevant to modern gaming, as female characters are found in nearly every game, and they are found by many people, both male and female to be lacking of interest and personality. For further research, I would like to see similar tests by myself and other artists, with characters designed to fit and explore a variety of video games in a variety of genres and styles..."
Well, Ms. Hamm just became one of my personal heroines because not only did she write an AMAZING thesis but she was a winner of the first ever Team Fortress 2 Polycount Pack,

Members of the Polycount Community were given 5 weeks to come up with a SET of items for one of the 9 different TF2 classes. These sets had to be within the same theme, and fit well within the TF2 universe. In total, some 70 sets were completed and entered (read: thats at least 210 items!) It’s no wonder they had their work cut out for them when choosing the first ever pack.
Now, why is winning a user-mod contest important to me? Especially when the winning design isn't even a girl, you ask?

Because, ladies and gentleman, two weeks ago these mod-packs were released for purchase in a user-generated virtual marketplace by Valve.

And.... (From Gamasutra) :

Her Winning Submission

"When Valve Software announced the results of Polycount's Team Fortress 2 item-modding contest, the winners were just excited that their creations would be in the popular mulitplayer shooter.

But with the recent introduction of the game's user-created virtual item marketplace, the Mann Co. Store, the winners' items went on sale to the Team Fortress 2 community -- and a 25 percent revenue share to the modders led to a surprising payoff.

Today, Valve said that community content creators Rob Laro, Shawn Spetch, Steven Skidmore, Spencer Kern and Shaylyn Hamm took home initial royalty payments ranging from $39,000 to $47,000 each from the first round of Team Fortress 2 content creation. And these are just the checks from the first two weeks of operation.

Kern told Gamasutra, "By having [user-generated content] implemented in the way that Steam has it, where people are getting monetary gains for the items they put in, it rewards people who put in the good items, who listen to the community and put in the stuff that everyone wants to see in the game. ... It'll bring out the quality artists to do the work."

He added, "It was completely mind-blowing, the size of the return that we're getting on these things."

Skidmore said, ,I feel like this is going to open up a whole new level for everyone in general that plays these games who has an interest [in game design]. .. It'll ultimately be better for the industry, attaching the community to the game developer.'"

This is fantastic evidence of the potential for revenue generation from user-generated content that can be applied much further afield as entertainment franchises seek out new ways to interact with fans, as well as examples for developing properties to establish strong conversations with fans early-on in their development. Suffice it to say I will be citing this campaign in pretty much everything I create from here on out when talking about User-Generated Content, and I will not be alone. See full post

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Evolution of the Geek

File me under Internet Geek, Film Geek, Video Game Geek, Comic Book Geek, Semi-Politics Geek, Semi-Book Geek, ex-Academic Geek, ex-Star Wars Geek (like, it was serious, you guys), Food Geek, ex-Theater Geek (I'm not a theater major living in New York anymore) and the non existant Television Geek.

If you think I'm not gonna post this on Facebook and tag all my friends as a different geek, you would be wrong.

Update: I've decided that the chart is missing the following geeks. This will get specific:
Television Geek
Health Geek
Cosplay Geek
RenFair Geek
Comedy Geek
Space Geek
Direct To DVD Animated Marvel/DC Movie Geek....shhhh

[Slashfilm] See full post

Monday, October 18, 2010

If You're As Obsessed with Harley Quinn & The Joker As I Am...

Watch this, then imagine it Nolanified and with Heath Ledger

Wow, that was fast! Apparently there is a version of me out there that's actually weird & bored enough to kind of make such a thing happen. Watch! Here's the summary,

The promising psychiatrist Dr. Harleen Quinzel, of Arkham Asylum, is commanded by Jeremiah Arkham, the new director, for treating the Joker. She and her new patient have long and deep talks about his vision of life and world, and his persuasion starts to convince her gradually. After several sessions with him, she cant stop of thinking about him, but not in a professional way. She also dreams and fantasizes with him (images in sepia are her thoughts remembering her moments with him).

Then he takes one of the Arkham guards as hostage, forcing her to release all the inmates in Arkham. Mr. Zsasz, a serial killer, is going to attack her but then a bomb (set by the Joker) explodes opportunely. Joker approaches Harley (who is unconscious but unharmed), with what seems intention of killing her but in the end he doesnt. He escapes, leaving her horrified and shocked.

When Jeremiah Arkham blames her for negligence (it looks like she helped him on purpose, when thats not true or is it?) and fires her, she realizes two things:
One, the Joker was right - the world is chaos and a twisted joke.
And two, she is hopelessly in love with him.

So she decides to change. She leaves her home and her life, puts on a costume and names herself Harley Quinn (I would have liked to make her wear make up like him, but you have to work with the video stuff you have u_u). Then she goes to find him and prove him they are soulmates. Will he accept her by his side? We see hes kind of smiling at the final scene, when he sees her...

The Joker: Heath Ledger
Harleen Quinzel / Harley Quinn: Rosamund Pike
Jeremiah Arkham: James Cromwell (hes perfect for the role check it out in Arkham Asylum Living Hell comics)
Victor Zsasz: Tim Booth (from Batman Begins)

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Movie Contest?!?! Okay!

I love things like this.

A friend sent this to me a while ago, and I finally got around to watching it the whole way through. I named 14 of them, first time through, no stopping. Some of you more savvy readers would get way more than that your first time through, I suspect. I definitely (and sadly) haven't seen every one of these.

If you think you can name all 26, please list them in the comments! Then head here to enter the contest & possibly win all 26 films on DVD! Contest open til October 25th.

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Glee-Cap! Top Bitches: Season 2, Episode 4

Remember last week when I asked Where is Puck? he's in Juvenille Detention for driving a volvo into a convenience store. At least he's still in those diegetic American Express commercials. Sigh. I miss him.
"A Duet is when two voices become one, where the two voices push one another to be better."
I want to say that that happened in all the duets this week, I want to... but it's hard to tell if that really is what's going on here.

The Glee club was torn apart over competition for a dinner for two at Breadsticks this week, and Sam's deep dark secret was revealed... with the help of Kurt.

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Sufjan Album

The new Sufjan Stevens' album The Age of Adz came out Tuesday and is currently on sale at Amazon for $6.99. No, the album is not about a state (if any of you are still clinging to that fantasy you should give up on it now) but it's still pretty good. I streamed it on NPR a couple of weeks ago and although I'm not sold on the album as a whole, I do think it has some great parts. If you're a big Sufjan fan, I think you'll appreciate it--you'll certainly find it worth $6.99. So go here to buy it. And let me know what you think!

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Pick For The Third Batman Film?

With today's news of Tom Hardy being cast in Christopher Nolan's third Batman film came the discussion of a. who he would be playing and b. should a cannon female be added to this already intriguing mix, who would she play?

Patches (@misterpatches) from UGO opened up the Twitter floor with the question,

The responses mostly centered around 4 character suggestions - Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn & Talia al-Ghul, but also saw Huntress, Black Canary and Batgirl thrown out into the Twittersphere.

At this point in time, despite Harley being one of my all time favorite characters, I'm gonna throw my support towards Catwoman.

A lot of people complain that we've seen Catwoman many times before or she's never been done well the way we'd like to see it, and to this I say, I AGREE, but if anyone can pull it off, it's Chris Nolan in his grounded universe. In the Nolan series, Batman has never encountered a woman who is anything resembling interesting or challenging and Bruce Wayne has been completely devoid of any & all sexual energy. Yes, Bruce has gone through some shit, but that doesn't mean he should be asexual. I like the idea of a female villain coming on board that stirs something different in Bruce, something he isn't suspecting, something that sometimes gets the better of him. And a Selina Kyle done correctly (and played by the right actress) would accomplish this. Check out this description,

She is a "friendly foe who committed crimes but was also a romantic interest in Batman's rather sterile life." She was meant to be a love interest and to engage Batman in a chess game with him trying to reform her. At the same time, this character was meant to be different from other Batman villains like the Joker in that she was never a killer or completely evil.

Yes, Talia has a similar love/hate relationship to Bruce, but I don't see how her storyline would work without her father. Revenge has been done. What, pretending to fall for him to get revenge for the death of her father? Really? No thanks. As someone TORN between loyalties to her father and her attraction to Batman - now THAT's interesting. And also not possible anymore.

Now Harley, I love. When I think about what could have been if Heath Ledger had still been around - the Mad Love origin story of the smart, attractive shrink assigned to the crazy, manipulative Arkham inmate, who drives her mad as he simultaneously makes her fall in obsession love with him, BUT with someone who actually IS sexy in the role of the would have been brilliant. And mark my words - there totally would have been a super fucked up sex scene. And one of my favorite characters (and namesake of Kevin Smith's daughter) would be on the big screen. Amazing.

But - there isn't a Joker. Therefore, there shouldn't be a Harley. To use Harley in any sort of main storyline would only mean a copycat plot, and I think the franchise can do better than that. A throwaway line about the Joker seeing a shrink and thinking it's going well? THAT is just fine with me. But to actually incorporate Harley would feel forced. And while, as @selmaleh pointed out, Harley & Batman do have an interesting relationship (he doesn't WANT to hate her, she's cute & crazy), it's not the sexualized relationship I want to see Nolan's Batman experience.

That same reasoning applies to Poison Ivy - obviously sex is a HUGE part of her character, but it doesn't go beyond that with Bats. Bruce doesn't toss and turn at night thinking about Pamela Isley, he just wants her to stop murdering people with plants and kisses.

As for anyone who would be fighting alongside Batman? I'm not sure that interests me. I'm much more intrigued by an antagonist angle with the female role (though why we all seem to think only one female can be in this Batman movie says something not so great...).

It's weird to me that when I think of any of our recent big screen superheroes & their love interests, there seems to be a huge lack of sexual chemistry, save Wolverine & Jean Grey. Spidey and MJ? Meh. Clark & Lois? Super meh. Bruce & Rachel? Ultimate meh. Tony Stark & Pepper Potts? Sorry, Gwenyth, you only did it for me in Shakespeare in Love, for which I lovingly blame Joseph Finnes. The list goes on and on. I know that overall, superhero movies tend to aim towards being kid friendly, but since we are collectively moving in the direction of darker, more adult hero fare, maybe let's up the chemistry factor a bit? I'm already loving the potential of Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone as Spidey and Gwen Stacey, as well as a Snyder directed Superman. So, don't get left out in the cold, Batman.

So here's what I think. Selina Kyle. Not crazy, no "cat powers", no comical costume. Straight up classic Catwoman, burgler, who is so smart, so stealthy, so unstoppable, that she is actually considered in the ranks of someone like The Joker, while not actually being a murderer.

So which female, or multiple women, do you want opposite Batman in the third film? If Catwoman, which origin - or a new one altogether? And how would you prefer they deal with her introduction and relationship with Batman? Very interested in your thoughts, readers.

Team Selina Kyle!

Update: The natural question after this discussion? Who could actually pull off Catwoman? We need an actress who fits the following - Great actress, can pull of the action/athleticism, not tiny - needs to be on the taller side & actually be fit, lean, believable as functioning in high society, needs chemistry with Christian, plays 27 at the least, 37 at most, and can easily walk the line between good & bad.

Here are the suggestions Twitter gave me: Marion Cotillard, Rachel Weisz, Zoe Saldana, Eva Green, Emily Blunt, Angelina Jolie, Ellen Page, Maggie Q, Brandy Burre, Diane Kruger, Olivia Williams, Gemma Arterton, Amanda Seyfried, Sienna Miller and oddly, my favorite of the options - Olivia Wilde.

Who do you think could pull Catwoman off? See full post

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Glee-Cap! Sacrilicious- Season 2, Episode 3

This week, Glee took on the not-at-all-controversial topic of spirituality. It did it of course in the most down to earth and respectful way possible.

... Finn is praying to a Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Yes this episode, Grilled Cheesus, was delicious. Both in satire and in emotional impact.

When Glee focuses on Kurt, it does very, very well. As it did this week, also, this week Glee gets mad props for giving Sue and her sister a bit more airtime.

And thank goodness because if I'd been disappointed by another episode in a row I might have lost my faith in televised musicals.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New York Comic Con After Hours Events

All Things Fangirl's ongoing list of what to do after hours at New York Comic Con. Be sure to check back for updates!

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

CBLDF NYCC Welcome Party

NYCC starts on October 8, but we want you to get in that New York Comic Con frame of mind a day early. Kick off the con on Thursday, October 7 with the CBLDF Welcome Party! Celebrating the premiere of the LIBERTY ANNUAL 2010, the CBLDF's NYCC Welcome Party brings together the best creators, fans and insiders for a star-spangled celebration of good comics and free speech! The party’s on Thursday, October 7, from 8 to 10pm at the Village Pourhouse on Restaurant Row. Come out to get your copy of the LIBERTY ANNUAL, free apps, and special giveaways. The party is open to all, but with a suggested donation of $10 or more, you will receive a special CBLDF gift bag. The CBLDF also offers two levels that include an OPEN BAR:

$30 -- Entry to the party, wristband for 2-hour open bar (Bud Light/Well/Red & White Wine), CBLDF's Liberty Annual 2010, and a gift bag from CBLDF & our corporate members

$50 -- Entry to party, wristband for 2-hour open bar (Bud Light/Well/Red & White Wine), NYCC Variant Cover of CBLDF's Liberty Annual 2010, and a gift bag from CBLDF & our corporate members

Come support Free Expression and meet the best and brightest in comics at the CBLDF's NYCC Welcome Party!

Head here to buy your wristband

Best American Comics 2010 Signing & Discussion

Barnes & Noble, Union Square, 7pm

Neil Gaiman, Jessical Abel, Matt Madden, Bryan Lee O'Malley in person. More info here.

Darwyn Cooke Signing - Parker: The Outfit

Borders, Penn Plaza, 7pm-9pm

Darwyn Cooke is the Eisner Award winning writer/artist of the best-selling DC: The New Frontier, and has garnered much critical and popular acclaim as the writer/artist of The Spirit, Selina's Big Score, and others
More info here

Return of the Dapper Men Launch Party & Art Show

Alice's Tea Cup, 73rd St. 7pm-10pm

Jim McCann talked about this on his recent Talksplode episode, and you'll be able to get advanced copies of the book, as well well as see and purchase Janet K. Lee's original art from the highly anticipated Archaia release.  There could be both craziness, and insanity.  Look at the name of the place!  Check out more here.

The original artwork will be on display and available for purchase as will advance copies of the book. Cakes, scones and tea will be served, as well as wine after 8pm, courtesy of Bluebird Wines.

The New York Comic Jam
Jack Dempsey's Pub, W. 33rd St., 7pm-11pm

At this event, they gather the best from New York's indie comics community to get drunk and draw comics.  Sounds like a night to remember and a great way to kick off the con!  This event is hosted by House of 12 Comics and you can learn about them here and here

Friday, October 8th, 2010

Geek Girls Tweet Up NYCC

Stitch Bar & Lounge (247 West 37th Street), 8:30-11:30

During the convention, we will all be busy waiting in lines, getting autographs, attending panels, waiting for bathrooms, and squeeeing over all that is awesome that time to meet those you have been friends with online and across the globe often takes a serious back seat. This Tweet-Up will be the perfect opportunity to hang out with friends you have made online and hopefully make some new friends.

RSVP here

NCsoft East Coast Meet & Greet & After Hours Party
Good Units at the Hudson Hotel
Basement Level 
356 West 58th Street
New York, NY 10019

Meet & Greet - 7pm-11pm
After Hours Party - 11pm-3am

NCsoft East Coast Meet & Greet
Starting at 7 p.m., meet up with fellow NCsoft players and talk with members of the Aion, City of Heroes, Guild Wars 2, Lineage, and Lineage II  teams. They will be on hand to chat and to answer questions about your favorite games. You'll have the chance to win prizes from Razer and AMD, and you can try out NCsoft products on Alienware machines with peripherals from Razer.

NCsoft After Hours Party
If you’re looking for a spot to break out some late night fun, stay after the Meet & Greet or join us starting at 11 p.m. when we morph the event at Good Units to the NCsoft After Hours Party. Socialize with NCsoft and dance to into the early hours of the morning to New York’s hottest live DJ mixes. (Suggested dress is upscale casual.)

More info here

Saturday, October 9th, 2010

UGO & 1UP Present the "Hells Yeah, NYCC!" Meet Up

Lansdowne Road Sports Bar599 10th Avenue

After a long day of rushing to panels, navigating the sea of booths and running from one end of the Javits Center to the other, join UGO for the end-all-be-all of New York Comic-Con meet-ups, a place to join colleagues and meet new friends over a pintof beer (or whatever's Batman's drinking these days).

Bring invite your friends, come in costume, prepare a recitation of your favorite Star Trek monologue - whatever floats your boat. Let's get all us nutty folk in one place and make it a night to remember!

More info here

iFanboy Meet Up & Party

Bergen St. Comics, 470 Bergen St., Brooklyn, 8pm

Hang out with the iFanboys... and SPECIAL GUESTS GEOFF JOHNS AND FRANCIS MANAPUL! There will be an open bar (tips are always welcome), and when the party ends there are lots of local places to head out to after!

More Info here

Rock Comic Con NYC's Nerd Rock Festival

Sullivan Hall, 214 Sullivan, 10:30pm-3am

The premiere NYC Nerd Rock Festival featuring great, rockin' nerd bands, Kirby Krackle, H2Awesome, Fortress of Attitude & Bedlam Rock! 

Special Guests include Rachel Bloom (F*ck Me, Ray Bradbury)

Hosted by FUSE TV's Steven Smith (Daily Download, Steven's Untitled Rock Show.)

PLUS: Marvel and DC Artists drawing LIVE during the show! 
AND The Covered Comic Art Exhibit featuring Comic Cover reinterpretations from The Covered Blog.

Promises to be THE fun, hilarious and outrageous "after party" of this year's NY Comic Con covering all aspects of Nerd culture!

$10 advance / $12 Day of Show - Buy here

Sponsored by 12-Gauge Comics, Comic Geek Speak, Indie Spinner Rack, Comic News Insider and Evil Twin Comics!

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Where is Loquaciousmuse?

Just a quick post to let you guys know that I made the mistake of creating a tumblr and now I can't stop posting on it...

I will continue to post articles, coverage & recaps here, as will the rest of my writers! But for incidentals like A photo or A quote, you should head over to my tumblr - Loquaciousmuse.

Thanks readers! See full post