Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Greatest Last Minute Halloween Costume In The History Of Ever

You've probably been seeing a ton of last minute geeky costume ideas all over the internet (my particular favorite post is over on Io9)

But I recently heard of a costume idea that might possibly be the best idea ever.

It's Arthur from Inception. And here's how you do it.

-One striped, long sleeved button up
-Brown vest
-Brown tie
-Brown suit pants
-Brown hair, slicked back
-A backpack (right?)
-A few blow up dolls
-Rope/thick string

I think you see why this is awesome of the awesome. Due to how expensive and time consuming blow up dolls and helium are, I will not be seeing this costume in the flesh this weekend, but if YOU pull it off, please take some photos and send them to me! I promise you'll win at least one costume contest this weekend if you can rock this shit.

You can credit this idea to @csharp7.


Eleni said...

I had the lamest last-minute geeky costume last year. I was Echo from Dollhouse--in her "Doll" garb, i.e. black gym pants and a solid color sporty spaghetti-strap top. As my boyfriend described it, "Pajamas," but it required no shopping. We didn't have kids come by, so it was just me and my boyfriend sitting on the couch eating candy, anyway.

This is a much cooler idea. Blow-up dolls + helium. I love it!

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