Thursday, May 28, 2009

Empire's Cryptic Canvas - How Many Can You Get? [Game]

Saw this on Slashfilm's Page 2 about 15 minutes ago and now can't walk away without guessing all 50.

I should explain. Hidden here are 50 references to movies that have come out in past 20 years, in honor of Empire's 20th anniversary.

So far I've gotten 24 (including some not obvious ones, if I do say so myself), but the final 26 are leaving me quite befuddled. What am I missing? david, this may be one for you, my friend. Will update with how long it takes me to get all 50. Oh my. This may be the end of me.

Click here to play the game yourself!

Update 7:44 Just spotted #25...ooh that was a sneaky one...

7:46 #26...that one was easy, should have gotten in sooner

7:46 #27 - I've hit a second wind!

7:47 #28...What an appropriate time to figure out this one, haha. Noticing lots of best picture winners.

7:56 #29. Silly that one took me so long. I even entered this movie as a guess for another image earlier.

8:00 #30 a movie I've never seen cause I knew I'd be bored to tears. Still, should have gotten this one sooner.

8:02 #31 One of my favorite childhood movies! How could I have missed this one?!

8:46 #32 Ignored it for a while. Came back and Eruditechick inadvertently made me feel like an idiot by pointing out an obvious one I missed. Clue: Yes, "Red Windmill" isn't a movie, but in another language it sure is. Siigh.

8:51 #33 I ask Eruditechick what country the blue flag on the grave is from. Not sure I ever would have gotten this one otherwise.

8:53 #34 I complain to Eruditechick that the row of cars isn't a clue for "Cars". Saying "row of cars" makes me realize what the answer is.

9:03 #35 Eruditechick notices was the painting actually is

9:04 #36 Eruditechick gives me clues for the train and I eventually figure it out. I gotta get my head back in the game!

9:05 #37 We put two and two together and figure out what the one we THINK is Man on Wire, actually is

9:07 #38 Not the english blanket, but...

9:09 but Ninja Cheerleaders is a movie!! Why is it not the answer?!

9:16 #39 I didn't see those snakes there!

9:29 Now have 43!

9:40 FINISHED! See full post

Reason #23 I Adore Jason Schwartzman [Clip]

Part of the viral campaign for "Funny People"

Via Slashfilm See full post

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Killing Spouses in Fable II [Video Game]

So I was perusing the Fable II boards on some website and came across the topic "Who did you marry?", a topic I've been thinking a lot about since 43 effing characters are hopelessly in love with my heroine. 

I once got married to...a gypsy or something, but freaked out, turned off the xbox without saving, and luckily, though we were still engaged, the dude eventually forgot about it. During my brief freak out, I researched how to divorce your husband. Apparently people hate you and you lose half your money if you go the divorce route, so a very different option was proposed as the best solution - kill your spouse. Or have them killed by bandits so you don't take the blame.

So back to today, while researching who to marry and when, I came across this response on the board,

I have a big list of who I married and what happened to them:
Sarah the gypsy- murdered by her husband
Gemma the housewife-threatened to divorce, answered with a bullet in her back
Alex-had a little girl and was shot shortly after by husband
Elise the jewler-stabbed to death by husband
Lucy the housewife-had a boy, lived for two days befor being murdered by husband
Claire the stall vendor-slapped to death by husband
Lotia the whore-had a boy, killed by husband
Sandy the whore- sacrificed by husband
Bitch the housewife-named cruely by husband then sacrficed, had a boy
Piss on the thug-named cruely by husband, had a boy, turned into a man at Shadow Temple then shot in the head by husband
Lady Grey- had a girl, lives happily with husband...for now! Mwhahahahaha!

I don't think I'm gonna marry that much and I certainly don't plan on murdering any of them, but thought you readers may get a kick out of someone who clearly has no moral compass in video game land.
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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


cross-posted from me TUMBLR!

up is like one of those japanese toilets that cleans your bum, but instead of your bum, it cleans your SOUL. … or at least your cinematic palette, already dirtied by earlier summer fare in this still-young season. more brazenly evocative of miyazaki than any pixar movie before it - and more consistent than any since finding nemo - up is a wonderful little adventure as deeply focused as it is felt. i was a wee bit nervous about up, because director pete docter is responsible for my least favorite pixar project, Monsters, Inc. (by a LONG shot), and the truly uninspired short that preceded the movie only added to my anxiety. but seriously… it took UP about 10 minutes to introduce simple yet lived-in characters, provide a master-class in montage, literally evoke citizen kane, and bring me to the brink of tears. docter isn’t fucking around this time.

docter - often considered to be the most sentimental and kid-friendly director in the pixar stable - might initially seem like an odd choice of helmer for this project, as UP is easily the pixar film most intimately acquainted with death, loss, and heartbreak. there’s even some blood! but - SQUIRREL! - our elderly hero’s curmudgeonly qualities as well as the impetus behind his quest to south america not only prohibits potentially distracting elements (talking dogs, fat kids) from being anything other than joyful creations, but also allows them to prove themselves perfect emotional / thematic foils. in fact, for a film that’s narrative is exclusively concerned with a single story arc, it’s extremely impressive just how nicely UP prioritizes its interests. the jaunty tale never so much as flirts with the notion of a sentimental siesta (and packs plenty of punch into the few moments in which it elects to grab the emotional reigns), and also provides more subtextual sustenance for those who care to chew on than any other pixar film (most of which concerns the dynamic between property and desire, the essence of adventure, and even the increasingly complicated interplay between cinema and those for whom it paints the modern world beyond their walls).

that it doesn’t get side-tracked by bizarre threads (ratatouille’s stealing motif) or succumb to the unexciting demands of conventional storytelling (wall-e’s third act), just sweetens the deal. sure, i wish up were afforded a bit more breathing room, and yeah, some bits (particularly the super-fun finale) are so indebted to miyazaki that it not only distracts, but also provides for a comparison as unfavorable as it is unfair… but by the time that fading final shot sinks in, i didn’t really care. this is the best movie of this young summer, and certainly among the best of the year thus far. it makes the prospect of the inexplicably forthcoming CARS 2 that much more frustrating. See full post

Feeling disheartened? Let the classics lift your spirit.

Linked to me by twitter's @genjadeshade, 40 inspirational speeches in 2 minutes.

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The Drama of Twitter

Every time the internet produces some new way for people to directly interact via text, it becomes immediately and largely inundated with idiots, proselytizers, rabid fans, hyper-sensitives- you're on the internet, you know. While Twitter may be valuable for a whole wealth of reasons that AIM, IRC, Trillian, Livejournal and all the rest may not- most notably the choice by Celebregeeks and some celebrities' PR teams to actively participate- it also brings along with it the usual trappings of potential internet douchery, at a rapid-fire 140 characters a reply.

There have been a couple hiccups I've experienced in twitter interactions so far, mostly over American Idol, but Proposition 8 provided an whole new backdrop against which to do battle. It is twitter, after all- everyone has a hashtag, everyone chimes in, and ChristianGuide (aka Brian) was no exception. In response to something written by ronpurtee, Brian said:

"@ronpurtee it Hurts me because if I don't agree I get labeled as a hater. Honestly I don't care but then they need to allow beastiality."

Well, I just couldn't help myself.

EC: @ChristianGuide There's a big difference between having sex with an animal and being in a relationship with a consenting, sentient adult.

To which he, of course, replied.

Brian: @eruditechick prove it look at the defenition I mean cmon are you a bigot against those who practice beastiality?

EC:@ChristianGuide Oxford dictionary: Beastiality: 2. sexual intercourse between a person and an animal. I think non-consensual sex is wrong.

EC: @ChristianGuide Beastiality constitutes rape, as the animal cannot consent since it isn't sentient. Gay relationships aren't beastiality.

Brian: @eruditechick so your calling people who practice beastiality rapists? who can prove the animal consents or not. your a bigot

I lost my temper.

EC:@ChristianGuide No, you're a bigot.

EC:@ChristianGuide You disagree? You're upholding bestiality over gay marriage? On what grounds? Does that mean sex with kids is okay too?

Because kids can actually say they WANT you to have sex with them. I guess that's good enough for Brian. I mean, since they have such a clear understanding of what sex is, and can actually consent to it. I mean, if we're giving sheep the benefit of the doubt based on no ability to communicate with humans, surely another human albeit one who is underage, who can verbally communicate (so I guess they'd have to be at least four years old, or so) should be taken at their word and, therefor, fuckable. At least, that's my understanding of Brian's argument.

To which he did NOT reply. However, he also said he was not surprised by the name calling and threats from the people who disagreed with him, because "thats terrorists nature."

And I couldn't help but ask for clarification, if people who disagreed with him here then terrorists.

Brian: @eruditechick no people who threaten me are terrorists I got death threats because I disagree?

EC: @ChristianGuide Are you asking me? I have no idea. All I know is that I disagree with you and so far your arguments have been lacking.

What a fucking douchebag.

You can find him on the world wide web:


According to his public twitter profile.

This is one of the most regrettable parts of the internet, I have found: The fact that it brings the backwoods into your backyard.
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Monday, May 25, 2009

Celebrate Memorial Day w/ Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Trailer! [Clip]

I don't normally post things that will be posted on every site,'s Modern Warfare'm posting it.


Happy Memorial Day! Off to Central Park to enjoy the beauty! See full post

Saturday, May 23, 2009

World War II Inspired By Kittens [Video]

She's done it again.

The Kittens Inspired by Kittens girl is back - this time, teaching us about World War II. My daughter BETTER be this awesome.

This two minutes will make you infinitely happy

I wish it really happened that way. See full post

Never Lend Out Your Shit [Rant]

Well readers...I am furious. And I'm gonna tell you why.

Almost one year ago I lent my PS2, Guitar Hero games, memory card & wireless guitars to my ex-boss so he could use it for a GH tournament he was holding. He was a cool guy, and he promised to return everything in perfect condition or he would buy me new shit. So I was like, okay, why not? I enjoy doing nice things for people.

For the months and months after this event, I emailed, called, texted & facebooked this guy asking for my stuff back and heard...nothing. Once in November he said he would come drop the stuff off, but never came & never called to explain why. Again, I emailed, called, texted & facebooked. Nothing.

Finally a couple weeks ago I decided this was the last straw. I got everything in order to sue him in small claims court for my stuff and emailed, texted & wrote on his wall that I was doing so. I guess the threat of legal action is as scary as I think it is, cause the guy responded and returned my stuff by the end of that week.

All fine and dandy, right?

Not so much.

Because you see, while I can forgive the crime of not replacing the batteries you used up in your fundraiser and LEAVING THE GUITARS ON FOR A YEAR so that the batteries actually melted, another crime was committed here that I cannot forgive.

I don't know how he did it, or what evil powers he had to summon to make this happen, but the fucker




I had beaten all the GH games on every level (except easy, obvi, too easy), had what I considered to be mind blowing scores on some of the songs, had every song open, etc etc. not to mention all my Lego Star Wars progress.

So after finally setting up my PS2 at this party, excited to play some GH w/ some friends, we discovered no songs were open. I will have to beat the game all over again and because I haven't played in a year, I SUCK NOW and failed every song I tried to play on Hard in the first tier.

Needless to say, I am upset. If you actually find a way to erase someone's memory card, you are a jackass.

Conclusion: NEVER LEND YOUR SHIT OUT. DON'T DO IT. Unless it's DVDs and you have a sign out sheet and you annoy people about giving them back endlessly. Yes, I do that.

End of rant. See full post

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Adam Lambert is a Big Old Drag Queen...


Every news outlet that covered the idol finale, which was most of them, used the term "Dark Horse". Did they use the term in reference to Adam Lambert? Adam Lambert, with his subversive eyeliner wearing and impressive handling of staggering platform boots? With his sometimes androgynously-timbered wailing? With his totally non-Vanilla appeal and strange, dark (for AI, at least) edge?

Mmmmmmnnno. The Dark Horse they were referring to is 23 year old Kris Allen, young, darling, handsome, sweet-smiling songster. The boy play an acoustic guitar and is possibly descended from a bunny or a llama or something really freaking cute. He's like a Disney prince. This is our Dark Horse.

So if the sweet married Southern boy caused an UPSET by winning.... in exactly WHAT WAY has America's crippling homophobia made a travesty of American Idol?

I admit that it would have been more exciting in the long run if Adam had won, but Kris deserved to as much as he did. They're different performers. Hopefully they both have careers as very different artists. And even though I love you all very much, I think getting worked up over this outcome of Idol revealing some deep and important truth about the nature of our country is... total bullshit.

There is no deep and hidden loathing of gays in our country. It is right out in the open.

Almost 100 million people voted last night. Do you think 80 million people voted for Kris? No. First off, 100 million people didn't vote. As few as ten million people could have voted. Remember how many times you called radio hotlines or whatever as a kid? Tweens and teens, especially ones that have their own cell phones, which is all of them, probably voted upwards of ten times. It's not our whole freakin' country decided they wouldn't stand for no queer bein' the next American Idol! It's who's willing to shell out money for a stupid tv show. I'm serious about this, this is ridiculous.

This is better for Adam, as i told Muse. Now he isn't an AI puppet and he can go sell out stadiums and be the Broadway star he wants to be. Kris will probably do nothing until he can get away from the Ford Motor Company and then have a solid career as a singer songwriter? Maybe? Whatever.

It's American Idol. It happens EVERY. YEAR. And it has NEVER. EVER. Not ONCE. Changed the landscape of American music. Ever. Not eve Clarkson. She's just another pop star.

I see what friend Dan was saying, but this was not some pop culture distillation of the raging battle between middle America and gay culture in the U.S. It simply was not. It's not important enough to be that.

You want to talk about wacky gayness in highly marketable properties, talk about Wolverine, since apparently Wolvie's 70s lumberjack duds set off everyone's gaydar. But for now, just prep yourself for SYTYCD, calm down, and try to fathom how next season of Idol is going to scrounge up anyone to rival the awesome of Adam.

P.S. I LIKE ADAM LAMBERT. This is just such a huge THING and it's driving me nuts and I had to get this off my chest. See full post

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Oh American Idol. Idol Idol Idol.

Adam: "See? What'd I say, buddy?"

I may not entirely agree, but this was too brilliant not to post. From my friend, Dan,

Kris Allen is to Adam Lambert as Crash is to Brokeback Mountain
Kris Allen is to Adam Lambert as Prop 8 is to California
Kris Allen is to Adam Lambert as Miss California is to Perez Hilton
Kris Allen is to Adam Lambert as Don't Ask Don't Tell is to the military
I don't think Adam lost cause he's gay. I think he lost for other, equally stupid reasons. But I am very upset. I'm...very upset right now. And dealing with it by drinking, smoking & killing zombies. I love Kris and I think he is actually one of the best Idol contestants we've seen, but he ain't no Adam. ADAM. ADAM LAMBERT.

You know what's interesting though, is maybe it took Adam losing for us to all realize how much we love him and how intensely we are all gonna follow his career. Because I'm probably more obsessed with Adam right now than I have been in a long time.

Quote from Kris,
Are you freakin' serious? ... It feels good man, but Adam deserves this. I don't even know what to feel right now. This is crazy. Thank you so much.

Well said.

But you know, Adam seemed happy to lose. He isn't controlled by Idol now. He gets to be Adam. And he got to sing with Kiss & Queen. And he's the best Idol contestant ever and everyone knows it.

And I love that I don't have to ashamed of my love for Adam - when he comes to town, I'm gonna go to his show :). I wanna go to Kris' show too. And if Matt or Allison were performing somewhere, I'd probably go see them too. Season 8 Top 5 (- Gokey) > all other Idol seasons.

P.S. The Gokey Factor. Gokey loses. Who do his fans vote for? You see where I'm going with this.

I'm going through the rationalization phase of grief right now. Just to clarify.

If you are on the west coast reading this, WHY ARE YOU ON THE INTERNET WHEN THE IDOL FINALE WAS ON ALREADY?!

Update: This just in from my friend, Dan, again,

France sold us the Louisana Purchase
which eventually turned into Middle America
which one day gave us Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, and bigoted people who rejected Adam Lambert. They also gave us the word "pop" instead of soda which I maintain is ridiculous
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American Idol Finale Live Blog

I'm a little late to the party...let's recap...

Paula's montage of vocabulary was hilarious. Well done, Idol.

100 million votes! Wow.

Top 13 is awkward. Really awkward.

Sad Alexis won't be on the tour!

I decide to live blog...

8:18 David Cook is crying and I love him

8:19 David Cook is so attractive and I love him

8:20 Oh great. Make fun of people with disabilities time. Sigh. This is where Idol loses me.

8:20 Someone sang Mad World in auditions? I didn't know that! Oh, this is all so mean.

8:21 Oh duh, deep voice guy has gotta win this one.

8:22 No way, they never showed this plaid jacket guy in auditions, never saw him

8:22 Oh! Norman Gentle is nominated! Get ready for a performance, folks.

8:24 This kid is hilarious "I didn't even know I was doing this! Hit it."

8:24 Would I rather hear Matt, Allison & Alexis? Yes. But this is amusing enough.

8:26 Idol #1 I do not give a shit about: Lil Rounds. This is highly unnecessary.

8:28 I take it back. Nick Mitchell started out funny, then it became same old joke. Meh. When are Alexis, Allison & Adam doing a number from Rent? Oh, that's not happening? I made that up? Fine.

8:29 YAY that performance is over

8:30 Why am I not drinking?

8:33 I'm glad I'm not on the west coast right now. The anxiety would drive me crazy.


8:34 Ohmygod I have such a crush on Jason Mraz. This song is getting away from them a little bit. But the end was awesome. And he is so sexy.

8:36 So scared Kris is gonna win. Love him, but please don't win. Oh goodness he is so cute! He is so cute! I'M SUCH A GIRL!

8:37 He will pee on himself if he wins.

8:37 Sing to me Kris. Though why he singing country and not with Jason Mraz is odd. Anyway. He is so cute. SING TO ME AHHHH. Oh his voice is so sweet and cute. You can kiss THIS girl. Okay...time to calm down...

8:39 Bored when Kris isn't on camera.

8:40 Okay, Nicole Kidman, I actually think I get it. I can see it.

8:43 Seriously. Why am I not drinking.

8:45 What an effing weird group of singers this year. So weird. But YAY ALLISON.


8:47 Allison is oddly excited about the Black Eyed Peas. I am not. Do not want.

8:50 That's why they are number one? That's how they do it? Um. Do not want.

8:51 Bwaha. Bikini Girl. Gross.

8:52 Simon called someone a Donkey? I missed that the first time around.

8:53 Are deluded parents better or worse than their deluded children?

8:53 Someone knew she was gonna be on Idol and got really tan. Eyu. OMG DOES SHE REALLY HAVE NEW BOOBS?

8:55 Bwahaha, I can appreciate this, Kara. THIS IS SO WEIRD. Kara sounds great and looks cute and normal compared to bikini girl. THIS IS SO AWKWARD. Sing off AHHHHH KARA IN A BIKINI WHATS HAPPENING. Bikini girl is NOT having this.

8:56 DAVID COOK love

8:56 I kind of like Kara more now

8:58 EruditeChick points out that Bikini Girl looks like more of a drag queen than Adam Lambert. This is a truth. A wise, wise truth.


9:01 Somewhere, Michael Slezak is freaking the eff out

9:02 This is awesome

9:02 Please tell me I can download this later?

9:03 Hello hot brother of Adam Lambert

9:05 Danny Gokey MEHH MUHHH

9:05 David Cook sang this better last year. Shut up, Gokey. Actually it sounds good, but it's Gokey so I don't care.

9:06 Gokey is so awkward, woowww. Eruditechick points out that Lionel wants to groove and Danny can't groove.

9:07 Danny is also TRYING to engage since he sucked at that so bad during his duet with Kris. Unfortunately, his trying to engage is so awkward it doesn't really make it any better.

9:13 How did "Because You Love Me" by Celine Dion get stuck in my head? Who do I blame for this? Gokey? Okay.

9:15 YAY Adam's clip video. Aw he's adorable.

9:15 Adam kept his promise! He did surprise everyone! He did twist songs! Aw Adam.

9:16 Adam's so classy WHATS HE WEARING? YES!

9:17 Eruditechick: Someone stole Gackt's outfit and put it on Adam Lambert

9:17 I'm obsessed with Adam right now

9:18 Kiss: "For Adam Lambert? For Adam Lambert, sure we'll perform on American Idol." THIS IS SO COOL.

9:19 Adam fits in perfectly with these guys. Haha this is amazing. So into this right now.

9:19 Split screen for Adam & KISS?! YES THX

9:20 That was the greatest thing ever or as EruditeChick put it "happiest, gayest romp ever on American Idol"

9:25 Aaaaand it's officially Guitar Hero night on American Idol!

9:26 I am VERY OKAY with Matt singing Black Magic Woman. He looks sexy. I'm into it.

9:26 Crap. Top 13 is back.

9:27 YAY Adam & Kris singing! Oh no Jorge singing...

9:27 Seriously, Kris makes me swoon.

9:28 Adam and Allison dancing together! Awwwww

9:29 Gross, weird celebrities in the audience


9:31 Michael Sarver, Megan Corkey and Steven Martin. AMAZING.

9:31 Amazing because Steve Martin, Michael Sarver & Megan Corkey are on stage together with a banjo.

9:32 I like this song. Maybe the studio version will be awesome of this number? If it is, I'll buy it. Even though it's kinda weird. Awkward, quirky, weird, cute, sweet. The end.

9:33 Oh Steve. You funny :)

9:39 Oh no. Disco? Hey, Scott hasn't gotten a solo. Wait. Is this disco? What is this? Danny sounded bad.

9:39 Now you all remember why Matt made it to the top five, don't you? Because he's awesome.

9:40 Oh. Rod Stewart. I don't care. I'm 23. Iiii. Don't care. Did he just trip or was that a dance move? Is he drunk?

9:41 "There are certain places Idol should not go and tearing down heroes of the past is one of them" - Eruitechick

9:42 Eruditechick reveals that she voted for Bo Bice! That was the only season I didn't watch. But I probably would have voted for him.

9:44 Golden Idol NOW? Come on. Get to the results. AUGH.

9:45 This is painful. Come on.

9:46 Tatiana. Duh.

9:46 I missed that "producers asking me to sleep with them" bit the first time around

9:47 This is a set up, right? It's gotta be. I hope so. Oh god, I hope so.

9:48 Anyone? Was that a set up? Gotta be, right?

9:50 Was Adam Lambert a Sim just there?

9:52 Please Adam win. Oh god. Oh I'm nervous. ADAM!

9:53 QUEEN. Yes please. This is awesome. Kris is hot. Adam is amazing.


9:54 Ohmygod Adam. Sing Queen to me always.

9:55 Nice work, boys. Nice work.


9:57 Despite all the awkward moments, this is the best Idol finale ever. Well. It will be if Adam wins.

9:59 My doorbell rang with my delivery just now. I freaked out. But luckily made it back in time. Phew.

10:02 I didn't get my statement.

10:02 "Adam deserves this" Truth. But glad you said that. Love you even though you killed my dreams. Let's have sex.

10:04 Still sad. I wanted the first gay American Idol. I wanted to see Kris in the house of Blues and Adam at Madison Square Garden. But holy eff is Kris sexy. ADAM, I'M SORRY.

10:05 Okay, I'm really sad Adam didn't win.

10:05 Nothing personal, Kris. I just really wanted Adam to win. Adam & Allison are best friends being classy in the background!

10:06 Kris & his wife are so so sweet. He loves her. Too bad that wasn't Adam & a boy. Sigh.

10:08 I'm sad See full post

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

No Plot > Bad Plot?

cross-posted from my tumblr

sometimes a movie with no plot can be better than a movie with a bad plot - such is the crux of my terminator salvation > star trek argument. both movies are incomprehensibly stupid, but whereas that cripples the latter (being that it’s a plot-driven film), that any semblance of a story has been edited out of mcg’s terminator film renders this flaw somewhat moot in the former (the characters just sound like rejects from gears of war). that the intimidatingly gregarious mcg was able to get so enthusiastically behind such a monosyllabic script (written by jonathan nolan, no less) into the world is remarkable, but not quite as bizarre as the fact that the movie is more concerned with winks to previous films in the series and grade-school philosophy than it is to affording the narrative any forward movement. but that’s okay, because the tactile, cg-lite approach mcg took towards the set-pieces and stan winston’s remarkable animatronics provide such a visceral kick that the movie works more often than not as a cinema of attractions… at least in the first 2/3 (the last bit - save for an obvious highlight - is rote, dull, and encumbered with the dubious duty of announcing that the story is never going to kick in). methinks the forthcoming blu-ray cut, which is supposedly 30 minutes longer, is going to do a WORLD of good here. but the moments that work provide the only real thrills this young summer season has offered me so far.

but seriously, if you haven’t had the unique opportunity to be in mcg’s presence… the man is one hell of a show-man, by turns disarming and offensive. his passionate manner is certainly welcoming, his insinuation that the cattle cars in his movie are deeply evocative of scenes from schindler’s list, complete with the full heft of those genocidal undertones… not so much. and can someone other than lars von trier give bryce howard something to sink her teeth into? she’s always wonder on screen, and is just waiting for a career-making role. also world, please stop casting common. thanks. See full post

New Moon Has Me Laughing Out Loud Already [Poster]

Literally. Just saw this poster on Aint it Cool and LAUGHED OUT LOUD. This movie is gonna be awesome, guys. Awesome in that it could potentially be worse than Twilight. I mean, LOOK AT THIS THING. Click to enlarge for the full effect.

It looks like daytime television. It looks like a pose that would appear on the cover of Soap Opera Digest. I know this because I've been on and off watching soaps for 11 years (I was bored during winter break one year in middle sue me) and subscribed to SOD for a brief period of time. That might as well be Carrie, Austin & Mike from Days of our Lives circa 1999. I mean, COME ON. And Edward's white white skin makes me laugh on its own. Cause it's just so white. And sometimes, it sparkles! 

Listen, I'm seeing this movie opening weekend. I'm just not expecting it to be any good. 
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Monday, May 18, 2009

November Back for Season 2?

Just caught this on Miracle Laurie's Twitter. And in case you were wondering, Laurie plays Mellie/November/Madeline on Dollhouse, which just got renewed for a second season! Huzzah! Though the finale ended with November being discharged, allowed to live her life again, from the looks of things, Laurie isn't done with Dollhouse just yet.

Am I reading into things? Maaaaybe. But maybe not! See full post

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Thomas Dekker is a Crackhead [Clip]

Yes this is old news, but I only just saw it and it's too awesome not to blog about.

I knew when I saw him and Levin Rambin running outside of the Saturn Awards every two seconds to smoke that Dekker was kind of a crackhead. This is proof. But hey, I like people who are weird & gutsy and now because of this video and this video alone, I hope TSCC gets picked up for a third season. Keep this guy working so he doesn't end up on the streets for Christs' sake.

Hat Tip: TV Addict See full post

Is Paris Hilton a Secret Preacher Fan? [Panel]

Watch this video of Paris Hilton saying "Suck it Fuck it Lick it Eat it Snort it Shit it Cum on it" from January, 2008, then look at this panel from Preacher Vol 2, released in 1997

Kind of hilarious that Paris takes the phrase even further...than Preacher...a comic book I can't read at night because it scares me so much. Though if she said "inject it", she may have gotten a lot more flack, cause one "inject it" is worth "suck it" "lick it" "shit it" "snort it" and "cum on it" combined.

WHAT am I talking about? Off to the Natural History Museum! See full post

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lost Season 5 Finale - WWOWOOOOWWWW

Holy crap jesus man!

Last night was the season 5 finale of Lost and it's safe to say my mind was blown. All in all it was a good night, as Lost cemented season 5 as one of the best seasons of television ever (yeah, I said it) and Danny Gokey got the boot on American Idol. We won't discuss the injustice of America's Next Top Model at this juncture, because I have more respect for you readers than that.

Here are some quick thoughts on the finale.

- The mirroring to Season 2 continues! In the season 2 finale, "Live Together Die Alone," there is much talk of "the Incident". In the season 5 finale "The Incident," Juliet says "Live together, die alone" which spurs the group to go fight alongside Jack, resulting in Juliet falling down the shaft and setting off the bomb. Both seasons end with explosions, both seasons have to do with the mystery that is the Dharma Initiative. In the S2 finale, we finally got some Desmond answers. In the S5 finale, we finally got some Jacob answers.

From EW, (which I read after writing this post, but can't resist quoting now),

''The Incident'' confirmed for me one of the few correct theories I've come up with this year: That season 5 was a mirror to season 2, they've been setting up a sixth season that will resemble season 1, thus completing the moebius strip narrative of Lost. ''The Incident'' certainly resembled season 2's finale, the title of which, ''Live Together, Die Alone,'' was name-checked by Juliet last night. There was a story line involving castaway treachery (Michael = Alterna-Locke). Both episodes shared the Four Toed Statue as a plot point, although ''The Incident'' gave us a better look at what it once looked like back in the day. (Was that a crocodile head?) Both episodes culminated with the destruction of the Hatch, perpetrated in each case by lovelorn characters hoping their sacrifice would somehow, someway save the lives of their friends. And finally, both episodes were about activating ''quibbles''. As in: A plot device, common to fantasy/science fiction, that allows a character to cheat the literal obligations of a promise, contract, or prophecy. Also see: loophole. Desmond had the failsafe, while Jacob had...

Oh, but we'll get to that.

- White flash = time travel. So maybe they didn't all die and the bomb harnessed the energy and sent them all the future.

- Jacob in white, Man #2 in dark clothing. Coincidence? I think not

- Who lies in the shadow of the statue? The one who will save us all. So Jacob IS the good guy. ? .

- Jacob's really into free will. And physically touching the Losties at key points in their lives

- Ben, the master manipulator, is in fact the biggest pawn of all, second only maybe to the real John Locke. :(. Poor Ben & RealLocke.

- Season 6 prediction: Locke gets a proper funeral on the island, the total opposite of his off-island funeral. Jack will cry and tell him he was right and he should have believed him.

- Who was really in charge of Jacob's death? Was in the man in black aka man #2 aka evil dude aka fakelocke or was Jacob in fact welcoming it, having arranged the whole thing, knowing what was to come next? Which leads to...

- "They're coming." They = Lost in time Losties. Bad Guy doesn't like this - yes, methinks Jacob had no problem letting himself die cause "they" are coming and will fix everything

- Will Jack kill FakeLocke in the name of RealLocke? Will someone become the new Jacob or will their presence bring Jacob back?

- Did Jacob arrange for the Black Rock to come to the island so he could annoint Richard the island's eternal adviser? Sure seems that way.

- My boyfriend has long had a theory that the island is part of a game between Ben & Widmore to change the timeloop in which they are stuck. This theory is actually proving more and more to be correct, but it's bigger than Ben & Widmore. Much, much bigger. Last night's first scene seemed to indicate that the game is between Jacob & Man #2 & Man #2 is determined to find a way to win via a loophole, a loophole put into action in the final scene.

- Jacob was not in Juliet's flashback. Juliet was not on Oceanic 815. I don't know if we will be seeing much of Juliet next season. On a related note, this is also probably the last we've seen of Miles.

- Is Man #2 related to either Jacob's cabin or Smokey?

For a ton of awesome theories, including one stating that Jacob is actually the bad guy, head to EW.

Here's a little something I quite enjoyed from them this week,

CONCLUSION Jacob was “quibbling” during his flashbacks; he was building loopholes and failsafe devices into each castaway’s life that will allow them to cheat death by Jughead. By physically touching each of them, he marked them in a magical way. And now, he’s going to draw them to himself, i.e., the Island, just like the electromagnetic anomaly at the Swan site started drawing anything metal into is powerful singularity. Perhaps they will all be immediately beamed to the Island in reincarnated bodies. (The promo for next season seemed to imply as much, what with Jack’s eye shooting open and reflecting back the jungle.) Or maybe it will be like this: the souls of the annihilated castaways will migrate into their bodies at the point in time that Jacob touched them. And more, I’ll bet you that they will retain all the memories of their past lives. Which means, for example, that Young James Ford will have knowledge of his fate — and can choose to try to change it, if he wishes. This is part of the great gift Jacob has given them: Not only new life, but the capacity to create their own destinies — a destiny which could include, if they wish, to go to the Island of their own free will. And they will. Remember Jacob’s last, bloody sputter: “They’re coming.”

MY ALTERNATIVE JACOB-FLASHBACK THEORY It’s the Harry Potter/Horcrux idea. Also see: Spock downloading his mind into McCoy in the second Star Trek movie. Jacob was imbuing each of the castaways with the essence of himself or parts of his soul. Now that he’s been gutted and his life is imperiled, he’s going to summon the castaways to the present to collect his missing pieces to heal himself.

Now, just have to wait 8 months. Wait. 8 months?! AHHHH WHYYYY LOOSSTTT.

Update: To satisfy your Lost theory fix, also head to Io9, The TV Squad, E! Online, & The AV Club. See full post

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

13 Year Old Seth Rogan Doing Stand-Up [Clip]


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Locke Jacob Showdown! [Photo]

Spoiler Alert?

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Kris Allen Steals My Heart


Woah, I just got so distracted by dreaming of Kris Allen, that I forgot what I was doing. Writing a blog post! Yes.

So Kris kicked ass tonight, whatever the judges might have thought. Well, in the end they agreed with me. Sure Adam can outsing Kris, duh, Adam could outsing about 99.9% of this planet, not the point. Kris is adorable, has a sweet, beautiful voice that I love to listen to, has my kinda taste in music, would make the kind of music I love, plays two instruments and knows how to make a song his own.

Watch Kris be awesome here.

People who aren't adorable, do not have sweet, beautiful voices, do not have my taste in music, would not make the kind of music I love, plays no instruments and BARELY knows how to make a song of his own? These people are named Danny Gokey and they suck and should go home tomorrow. His fanbase is INEXPLICABLE. I do not understand you if you love Danny Gokey. You make no sense to me.

Watch Danny be an idiot, getting too much praise here

People who are so crazy talented and amazing, that it doesn't even matter that I don't particularly enjoy the tone of his voice cause he ascends that and is a rock star and I love him and he better be winning the show? Those people are named Adam Lambert.

Watch Adam be awesome here.

I think Danny should go home, I suspect and worry that Kris will go home. Though for the first time ever, Dial Idol has Gokey at the bottom! Score! GO HOME, GOKEY.

ADAM FTW. See full post

Buffy Cast @ Comic Con 1998 - First Hand Account

So when I was 12, the whole Buffy cast minus SMG came to Comic Con for one of the greatest panels in Comic Con history. Well, greatest according to me. At the time, I wrote a poem about the experience and I thought I'd share it with all you readers.

The back story you need is that I was a kid, and because we knew the right people, my friend Heather and I got to meet the whole cast in the green room, then sit behind them when they were doing their signing. Which in retrospect is really weird. But we thought we were so cool. Our other friend, Becky, was supposed to be there, but couldn't make it.

Typed using exact phrasing & spelling from original poem. I apparently loved saying LOL and using Zs instead of Ss. Awesome.

Buffy is the bestest show
with all the nicest peeps
all the guys r really hot
this show is for keeps

I recently met them
and it made my day
they were the sweetest celebs
in every way

We got a present our our Becky
who was supposed to go
all thanx to our Heather
who was the one who got to go

We got all their autographs
and pics with them too
I was shaking when we met them
especially w/ you know who

I heard all the girlz screaming
"David, Seth I love you guyz"
and we felt so special
listening to their cries

Seth was our favorite
the nicest of them all
David at a close second
OMG he was so tall!

When we sat behind them
as they were signing
David asked how we were back there
and Heather said "sitting" (LOL)

When Seth signed Becky's poster
it turned out to be Heather's
So now on Heather's poster
It sayz "sorry I missed you" um leathers (LOL)

Nick was so goofy
makin lotz o' jokes
so were Seth & David
drinking down their cokes

During their funny panel
a girl asked for a hug
David said "of course"
and made her day just snug

Ally's hair was adorable
and she was really nice
spunky and sweet
she signed with a smile on her face

Charisma had a BF
who was really cute
they are cute 2getha
he did not play the lute (lol)

All in all a kick ass day
Heather would agree
this was to fill in Corey and Becks
so it would be like they were there, you see

The End.

And just for shits and giggles, an excerpt from my journal, written on November 9th, 1998

Ok, now it's talk about Buffy time. Tuesday night, Willow & Xander kissed! AHHHHHHHHHH! I''m so happy! Yet sad at the same time cuz Willow n Oz R SOOOOOO cute 2gether. Tomorrow's episode is called "Band Candy." In it, all the grown-ups start acting like teenagers because of this mysterious candy. Giles n Joyce make out! AHHHH! YAY! OH YEAH! I GOT A NEW KITTEN! She is 7 weeks old, born 9-14-98 and is named Willow. Full name Willow Alyson Buffy Cordelia Rosenberg [My last name].

On 3-20-99, Willow's name was changed to "Willow Alyson Buffy Cordelia Drew Gwenyth Viola Trinity Carrie Anne Rosenberg [My last name]"

On 4-19-99, Willow's name was changed to "Willow Alyson Buffy Cordelia Drew Gwenyth Viola Trinity Carrie Callisto Gabby Xena Scully Leia Amidala Natalie Rosenberg [My last name]"

It hasn't changed since. 10 years later, Willow is still alive and kicking in Los Angeles. When I see her next, I will remind her that she has 17 names. I'm so awesome.

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Last Week on All Things Fangirl

We kept busy on the blog last week after stealing Tumblr's format for many a post.


Eruditechick interviews the cast of Pandorum - they're awesome. Movie looks cool. Neato!


EruditeChick sees The Descent for the first time and flips out. And rightly so.

I react to the Tony noms. I've only seen...oh...two shows this year, so the reaction is minimal

Danny Gokey sucked on Idol this week! I rejoice! What you don't see is how sad I got afterwards when Allison got sent home instead of Gokey Gokes. Gross.


Spocks of Past & Present pose together at Comic Con 07

A little kid is really badass with a lightsaber

Wolverine fights Hannah Montana?

Lost's Jorge Garcia finds a nice nod to his character in the form of a restaurant in Eastern Euorpe

We wonder who this hot guy from a Comic Con 07 is and one of our readers discovers the answer!

This panel from Ex Machina vol 2 makes me uber happy. Suck it, Miss California!

Zombies Were People Too, you know....


My favorite clips from this week's awesome 30 Rock episode

Attack of the Show's Kings of Dot Comedy segments cover three sketch groups I went to school with and know personally. Go NYU!

I watch the first four episodes of the new webseries Sad (Out of Shape) Wolverine and quite enjoy it

The Junior League of Superheroes throws a party to celebrate the launch of its new webseries


The Brooklyn Superhero Supply Store has opening up an online store!!! Buy everything you need to be a superhero online!! Okay, this one isn't a physical event, but it is an event as far as my life is concerned, so it counts! See full post

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Poor Chris Pine Thinks Fans Hate Him [Clip]

Remember how yesterday, this site developed a comedy theme? Looks like today a Star Trek theme is forming! I don't know why. Just the way it is.

So. On to actual post. A friend of mine (and very cool lady) who is also friends with Chris Pine mentioned to me after Wondercon that Pine thought the fans hated him. Since finding out this information I've wondered and wondered what could have possibly made him think that. From my perspective, the crowd loved him and he, Quinto & Saldana were all hits.

On Jimmy Kimmel last night, Pine actually talked about Wondercon and went into why (he thought) the fans hated him. I stand by the fact that the Wondercon crowd absolutely loved him, but can see why he thought otherwise.

For his thoughts on Wondercon and also a look at his first acting role, watch below

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Obama Spock [Photo]

From Nerdcore See full post

Attack of the Awkward Interviewer [Clip]

Eruditechick found this, I believe via @ProgGrrl and it's just too genius not to post. It's an interview from the Trek junket that you'd think HAS to be fake. The actors are certainly acting like a joke is being played on them but...I don't know man, I think this guy is just that awkward. Watch the brilliance below.

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a mother's day treat! [clip]

oh, hai, party people. before we put mother's day behind us and cleanse our palates in anticipation of a REAL holiday (read: FATHER'S DAY... a holiday so good it inspired a robin williams movie), i wanted to leave you all with a little treat. a delectable stop-motion short by a wondrously talented friend of mine. it will touch your heart and your eyeballs (this hurts less than it sounds). enjoy!

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REVANCHE is a dish best served with bullets. bullets and sex.

Revanche (or “Revenge,” in some other, silly language that i don’t understand) is a fiercely existential thriller by Gotz Spielmann that has been on my radar for some time because it’s one of the rare first-run films that my beloved Criterion Collection is issuing directly into their DVD (and blu-ray?) line. this languid yet astonishingly confident thriller about an ex-con (a forceful Johannes Krisch) and the prostitute he loves is hardly the meditation on fate and randomness that many critics have been quick to dismiss (or praise in spite of the over-simplification) it as. rather, it’s a tight, salacious little chronicle of the hierarchy of human needs wrapped in unusually pretty b-movie trappings. spielmann engenders an unsettling unpredictability by having a plot-driven first half dovetail into a jarringly contemplative conclusion thatnever loses the edge of the action by which it was preceded.

that fluid tonal dynamic - when coupled with spielmann’s staunch, static camera - turns every spare inch of frame into a potential portal for disaster, every window a chance for Krisch to make another bull-headed mistake… also, Revanche was kinda hot, no? an arbitrary, pitchforkian 8.7.

for more, be sure to hit up my pretty pretty tumblr over at The Ecstatic Truth See full post


So, I just watched- and pretty much tweeted- The Descent, a horror film released in 2005 that I didn't see because I didn't think it looked interesting. Well, BOY-HOWDY, was I WRONG.

I have a crush on Natalie Jackson Mendoza.

A zillion reviews exist, and apparently, after reading the wiki, the version I just saw (on SciFi) was so badly cut up that I missed a few very important thematic character moments, and that pisses me the eff off, but whatever- so I'll keep this brief. The basic gist is PURE SHEER AWESOME and I will tell you why.

All female cast. It's just as gory as any other recent horror release. It's as plausible. It's intelligently written, the characters are as varied, there are no token characters. It's scary as hell.

But you're not bogged down by the ridiculous, oppressive, nauseating sexual aspect that pretty much every gore flick feels the need to perpetuate. Take a look at the single most successful horror films of recent years: The Saw movies. Almost wholly devoid of sex. I have never been a fan of slasher movies, but I can, do, and always have appreciated good horror. Good horror is extremely rare, these days. The only thing that tends to be horrifying about them is the way they use women, not as characters, but as fetishized objects not just for male characters (who tend to be equally as disposable) but also for whatever mutant creature or murderous fiend is the antagonist of the picture. And to be honest, I'm fucking sick of it.

I will not watch your crappy, hack, uninspired and unoriginal (probably remade) horror-porn. It's bad enough being subjected to your terrible cellophane plot and tired devices. I absolutely will not subject myself to watching your use of rape as a gross-out factor without addressing what it is and what its repercussions are.

I'm looking at you, Hills Have Eyes.

With The Descent, we have a psychological profile of a trauma victim that is explored against a backdrop of sheer, crushing terror and real danger, both from the Creakers and the dark of the Earth. The relationships between women can frequently be complicated- guys that I know don't really understand terms like 'best enemies', or understand how people who are ostensibly friends are actually traversing a continual minefield of mutual resentments and possible outright dislikes, and yet persist in being friends.

It's complicated.

The Descent explores the complexity of female relationships (with the added fun of life or death situations and guilt, gobs of it), the fractured nature of a grief-ravaged mind, and oogie creatures that live in the dark, all compressed together in a riveting, stifling, freaking scary 99 minutes.

That movie was awesome.

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Sad Out of Shape Wolverine [Clips]

Continuing with the comedy theme I seem to be developing today...

A couple weeks ago, someone threw this link my way and I'm just getting around to watching. Don't be fooled by the low res video and echoey sound - Sad (Out of Shape) Wolverine, a new webseries by comedy group Your Girlfriend, is of a higher quality than its budget would lead you to believe. Featuring not only Wolvie, but his roommates Insult Comic Spiderman & Drunk Cylops (still lamenting the death of Jean Grey), this short sketches are actually pretty hilarious and clearly written by people who know their Marvel universe. I especially like the nod to Wolverine's actual height and use of the word "snikt" in episode 2.

I've posted the first four episodes below. Hope you enjoy!

Episode 1 - Sad Wolverine tries to make lunch

Episode 2 - Wolvie vidchats with old friend Kitty Pryde

Episode 3 - Wolverine runs into the Blob

Episode 4 - Wolverine watches Wolverine: Origins See full post

Kings of Dot Comedy [Clips]

I recently discovered that A. Attack of the Show has been doing a Kings of Dot Comedy segment and B. Three sketch groups featuring people I went to NYU with have already been profiled on the show. I recommend Joey & David, BriTaNick & Harvard Sailing Team highly. All around, the guys involved are awesome, hilarious people and you should definitely check them out if you haven't already.

Joey and David


Harvard Sailing Team

Fun with Trivia!

-Actress Laura Ramadei is featured in both the Joey & David and BriTaNick segments. She is also known as Laundry Room Girl.

-Actor Chris Lowell also makes an appearance above, in a clip from BriTaNick's Pillow Talk sketch.

-Joey of Joey & David went to NYU, as did Nick & Brian of BriTaNick and all but one member of Harvard Sailing Team. Another notable sketch group out of NYU around the same time? Derrick Comedy, currently shopping around the awesome Mystery Team.

-Another comedy duo out of NYU just getting its start - Renee & Trish.

-If you're on Twitter, you can follow Nick of BriTaNick - @NickKocher & Renee & Trish - @ReneeandTrish See full post

Sunnydale High 10 Year Reunion [Event]


Back to High School Edition:
Wednesday, May 27th @ 7:00pm
at The JCC of Manhattan
344 Amsterdam Avenue (Amsterdam and 76th)

This is an all-ages FREE event, though donations at the door will be gratefully accepted.
No advance tickets are available, but email us at with your name and number of people and we will add you to the reservations list.

The Bronze Edition:
Wednesday, June 3rd @ 8:00pm
at Galapagos Art Space
16 Main Street, Dumbo, Brooklyn (directions)

This event is 21+up only, and there is a $10 cover charge.
To guarantee your reservation, purchase advance tickets NOW!
(make sure to use the “select date” drop down box when ordering tickets)


The creators of the Buffy Sing Along are staging an all new event that celebrates those glory days: THE SUNNYDALE HIGH SCHOOL CLASS REUNION. We are checking our where-are-they-now file to find out what happened to the graduating class of 1999 (and, for that matter, what happened to the entire town of Sunnydale), with an evening of Buffy contests, enlightening Buffy trivia, and special tributes to all of the dearly departed Sunnydale classmates. Plus, everyone gets their own alumni name badge and we’ll party like it’s…you know…with dancing to music and videos from the end of the century. Plus other surprises!

Costumes from the show and/or the late 90s are encouraged - but you are also welcome to come as you are. Everyone attending the reunion will be assigned their own alumni nametag, and at the end of the night, one special fan will be awarded with their own “Class Protector” award.

Um. I'm going. Eruditechick, so are you. We are gonna geek out, we're not gonna be ashamed about it, and it's gonna be beautiful. Although, you know what's fucked up? That season 3 of Buffy ended 10 years ago. That is NOT COOL, people. Ugh. Reminds me that I graduated college two years ago now. MUH. Whatever. GEEKING OUT. JUNE 3rd. IT'S HAPPENING. See full post

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Junior League of Superheroes Party Tonight in LA [Event]

There is a party tonight in Los Angeles to raise money for a new webseries called The Junior League Of Superheroes.
Imagine we live in a world where good battles evil...where ordinary people strive to leave their mundane lives and accomplish extraordinary things. And within that world are six bumbling wannabe superheros who have no idea what they're getting themselves into. This is our story. This is The Junior League of Superheroes.

I have high hopes for this show cause I was a huge fan of Malcolm McChesney, a serialized mockumentary that was first posted a couple years ago, and the two shows have a bunch of actors/creative team in common.

If I were in LA, I'd be going to this party. But I'm in NY. So I won't be. But if you're in LA and randomly check this blog on Saturdays and even more randomly are looking for a superhero themed party to attend tonight, well then, good thing I posted this, huh?

The first episode of JLoSH will be posted tomorrow. I shall watch it. See full post

Reason #87 BKV Is Awesome [Panel]

Not a photo per se...Could I call it art? Well I think I'm gonna. Comic Art. Oh...well...actually...I could say Comic Panel. Or just panel. Okay, Panel it is.

This is from Ex Machina Vol 2: Tag, by Brian K. Vaughan or as I call him, BKV. Cause I often forget how to spell Vaughan and it upsets me. This panel takes place in 2002 & was written in 2005, three years before any real, consistent movement on this political issue, and is reason #87 BKW is awesome. Click to enlarge.

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Who Is This Guy & Why Is He So Hot? [Photo]

Just found this from my Comic Con 07 photos. Have no clue who he is or what he was there for, but hot damn. Anyone have any clue who he might be? See full post

Why 30 Rock is Amazing [Clip]

My favorite clips from last night's 30 Rock. Oh how I love you, 30 Rock.

"But I do have a hard time telling ages with are the best kind of shoes."

"Don't push it, Liz. Let it happen. There's gonna be Mamma Mia!"
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I Can Only Hope My Son Is This Awesome [Photo]

Still stealing Tumblr's format...

Hat Tip: Geekologie See full post

For the Lost Fans [Photo]

I learned what a Tumbler was and now am drawn towards its template. This is all your fault, david. And sort of A Deliberate Pace's fault too. GARUAGH to Tumblrs I enjoy.

Anyway. Photo for the Lost fans from Jorge Garcia's blog. From his trip to Munich.

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Please Make This Happen [Photo of the Day]

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Spocks of Past & Present [Exclusive!]

Since the above Kirks of past & present video has been making the rounds, showing Shatner & Chris Pine meeting for the first time, and since a bajillion people are going to be seeing the new Trek at midnight tonight, I thought I'd post these exclusive photos of Zachary Quinto & Leonard Nimoy together from Comic Con 2007.

JJ Abrams announcing Nimoy's role in the new Trek for the first time by bringing him on stage

Backstage photo of the two Spocks! Zachary Quinto & Leonard Nimoy
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Zombies Were People Too [Shirt of the Day]

So when I was at the Fango convention in LA a couple weeks ago, I came upon a couple booths with shirts I quite enjoyed. One, I had previously seen at another convention, so didn't take a card, cause I figured I'd for sure see them at Comic Con. The other, Tattered Star, I'd never encountered before, so I grabbed a business card. This is the shirt of theirs that nabbed my attention,

I enjoy Zombies and shirts about Zombies, so this made me chuckle. Then I saw this one, which also made me lols a bit,

Teehee. He will die unless you can spell! I'm such an easy sell. To check out the rest of their catalog, just click here. See full post

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Yes! Danny Gokey Sucks!

Last night's theme for the Top 4 was the very broad & very awesome Rock Week. I didn't make a "Here's what they should sing!" post because I wasn't even sure where to begin. Though I'd like to think I would have requested that Adam sing Bowie, Queen, Zepplin, Radiohead, etc and that Allison sing Heart or Joplin and that Kris sing something folk rocky or The Beatles...though for SURE not the song he chose and that Danny Gokey shut the hell up and go home. Which hopefully he will do tonight!

Every week I look forward not only to Idol, but to EW's Idol recap. Michael Slezak always seems to be on the same page as me, and this is why I love him. Here's a bit that pretty much explains how I felt last night,

Shall we tally [the "heinous crimes" committed last night] Danny Gokey garroted a defenseless Aerosmith tune till its tongue lolled purple and bloated from its mouth. Kris Allen was casually hurled under the bus by a band of vicious imbeciles. Simon Cowell repeatedly vandalized his own reputation and hacked away at the last remaining threads of credibility that Idol possesses. Kara DioGuardi committed a lewd act, not to mention multiple counts of first-degree stupidity. And with their flawless, episode-ending duet, Allison Iraheta and Adam Lambert stole the show.

Because SERIOUSLY??!!?! The judges REALLY disappointed me last night. I didn't understand WHAT was going on. Kris was better than Danny. Like, way better. Should he have chosen a different song? Probably. But he still SOUNDED GOOD. WHICH DANNY DID NOT. HELLO!?! I can't even imagine how Danny's craptastic cover of Dream On would sound good in the studio recording and EVERYTHING sounds better in the studio recording. Ugh, it was just awful. Yet Simon says "You're safe" and Paula says "A+ for effort." WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?! Danny gets points for picking a song he has no business singing and trying to be like Adam and Kris gets thrown under the bus for trying to pick a song that suited him the most, doing everything he could to make it his own even though they weren't allowed to rearrange this week!? WHAT IS HAPPENING. So help me, if Kris goes home this week. To experience the absurdity first hand (or semi-first hand) check out this transcript of the judges critiquing Danny.

For that matter, Allison doesn't deserve to go home either. I thought she sounded amazing, as always, and that duet with Adam was AWESOME. Wouldn't have picked that song for them, but it was still really fun and nice to see after the awkwardness that was Kris & Danny's duet. P.S. didn't Kris seem really upset throughout the whole show last night? Why was that? Lack of confidence? Thought he was going home? Or did something happen right beforehand that jolted him? Was he sad he didn't get a dress rehearsal? Made me sad. I love Kris. Swoonz.

Woohoo! Just read this on Slezak's post. Slezak, let's be friends,

(What a contrast to the utterly chemistry-free and time-wasting pairing of Danny and Kris on the thematically dubious ''Renegade.'' The whole affair was such a non-starter, the only significant note I took on it was to note the fury in Kris' eyes when Simon blithely (and incorrectly) decided he'd been outsung by a showboating Danny.)

Thank you.

So close the top three we've all wanted for 8 weeks we can taste it! Allison, Kris, Adam. Allison, Kris, Adam. Just repeat it enough and it will happen. Go home, Gokey! GO GO GO HOME, GOKEY. 

I'm really into American Idol this season...

Now, for the round-up! 

My pick for worst: Danny

Slezak's pick for worst/going homet: Danny

EW reader's pick for worst/going home: Danny

Dial Idol's guess for going home: Allison

MTV's guess for going home: Kris

My pick for going home: Terrible fear it'll be Kris or Allison, pulling for Danny. GO HOME GOKEY.

Watch for yourself!

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