Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Killing Spouses in Fable II [Video Game]

So I was perusing the Fable II boards on some website and came across the topic "Who did you marry?", a topic I've been thinking a lot about since 43 effing characters are hopelessly in love with my heroine. 

I once got married to...a gypsy or something, but freaked out, turned off the xbox without saving, and luckily, though we were still engaged, the dude eventually forgot about it. During my brief freak out, I researched how to divorce your husband. Apparently people hate you and you lose half your money if you go the divorce route, so a very different option was proposed as the best solution - kill your spouse. Or have them killed by bandits so you don't take the blame.

So back to today, while researching who to marry and when, I came across this response on the board,

I have a big list of who I married and what happened to them:
Sarah the gypsy- murdered by her husband
Gemma the housewife-threatened to divorce, answered with a bullet in her back
Alex-had a little girl and was shot shortly after by husband
Elise the jewler-stabbed to death by husband
Lucy the housewife-had a boy, lived for two days befor being murdered by husband
Claire the stall vendor-slapped to death by husband
Lotia the whore-had a boy, killed by husband
Sandy the whore- sacrificed by husband
Bitch the housewife-named cruely by husband then sacrficed, had a boy
Piss on the thug-named cruely by husband, had a boy, turned into a man at Shadow Temple then shot in the head by husband
Lady Grey- had a girl, lives happily with husband...for now! Mwhahahahaha!

I don't think I'm gonna marry that much and I certainly don't plan on murdering any of them, but thought you readers may get a kick out of someone who clearly has no moral compass in video game land.


Teddy Diefenbach said...

If only life were more like Fable II. I bought pretty much every property in the game and then sat back as the cash rolled in. Also, I didn't kill my wife.

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