Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Buffy Cast @ Comic Con 1998 - First Hand Account

So when I was 12, the whole Buffy cast minus SMG came to Comic Con for one of the greatest panels in Comic Con history. Well, greatest according to me. At the time, I wrote a poem about the experience and I thought I'd share it with all you readers.

The back story you need is that I was a kid, and because we knew the right people, my friend Heather and I got to meet the whole cast in the green room, then sit behind them when they were doing their signing. Which in retrospect is really weird. But we thought we were so cool. Our other friend, Becky, was supposed to be there, but couldn't make it.

Typed using exact phrasing & spelling from original poem. I apparently loved saying LOL and using Zs instead of Ss. Awesome.

Buffy is the bestest show
with all the nicest peeps
all the guys r really hot
this show is for keeps

I recently met them
and it made my day
they were the sweetest celebs
in every way

We got a present our our Becky
who was supposed to go
all thanx to our Heather
who was the one who got to go

We got all their autographs
and pics with them too
I was shaking when we met them
especially w/ you know who

I heard all the girlz screaming
"David, Seth I love you guyz"
and we felt so special
listening to their cries

Seth was our favorite
the nicest of them all
David at a close second
OMG he was so tall!

When we sat behind them
as they were signing
David asked how we were back there
and Heather said "sitting" (LOL)

When Seth signed Becky's poster
it turned out to be Heather's
So now on Heather's poster
It sayz "sorry I missed you" um leathers (LOL)

Nick was so goofy
makin lotz o' jokes
so were Seth & David
drinking down their cokes

During their funny panel
a girl asked for a hug
David said "of course"
and made her day just snug

Ally's hair was adorable
and she was really nice
spunky and sweet
she signed with a smile on her face

Charisma had a BF
who was really cute
they are cute 2getha
he did not play the lute (lol)

All in all a kick ass day
Heather would agree
this was to fill in Corey and Becks
so it would be like they were there, you see

The End.

And just for shits and giggles, an excerpt from my journal, written on November 9th, 1998

Ok, now it's talk about Buffy time. Tuesday night, Willow & Xander kissed! AHHHHHHHHHH! I''m so happy! Yet sad at the same time cuz Willow n Oz R SOOOOOO cute 2gether. Tomorrow's episode is called "Band Candy." In it, all the grown-ups start acting like teenagers because of this mysterious candy. Giles n Joyce make out! AHHHH! YAY! OH YEAH! I GOT A NEW KITTEN! She is 7 weeks old, born 9-14-98 and is named Willow. Full name Willow Alyson Buffy Cordelia Rosenberg [My last name].

On 3-20-99, Willow's name was changed to "Willow Alyson Buffy Cordelia Drew Gwenyth Viola Trinity Carrie Anne Rosenberg [My last name]"

On 4-19-99, Willow's name was changed to "Willow Alyson Buffy Cordelia Drew Gwenyth Viola Trinity Carrie Callisto Gabby Xena Scully Leia Amidala Natalie Rosenberg [My last name]"

It hasn't changed since. 10 years later, Willow is still alive and kicking in Los Angeles. When I see her next, I will remind her that she has 17 names. I'm so awesome.

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K. D. Bryan said...

I am so friggin' envious of your 12-year-old self that I think my eyes just turned green!

Also, this was hilarious. :)

robert said...

I've watched this series for years because I wanted to see buffy she's my platonic love, actually I remember when I saw her I had to go to safemeds because she caused me almost damage brain.