Saturday, May 9, 2009

Junior League of Superheroes Party Tonight in LA [Event]

There is a party tonight in Los Angeles to raise money for a new webseries called The Junior League Of Superheroes.
Imagine we live in a world where good battles evil...where ordinary people strive to leave their mundane lives and accomplish extraordinary things. And within that world are six bumbling wannabe superheros who have no idea what they're getting themselves into. This is our story. This is The Junior League of Superheroes.

I have high hopes for this show cause I was a huge fan of Malcolm McChesney, a serialized mockumentary that was first posted a couple years ago, and the two shows have a bunch of actors/creative team in common.

If I were in LA, I'd be going to this party. But I'm in NY. So I won't be. But if you're in LA and randomly check this blog on Saturdays and even more randomly are looking for a superhero themed party to attend tonight, well then, good thing I posted this, huh?

The first episode of JLoSH will be posted tomorrow. I shall watch it.