Thursday, May 28, 2009

Empire's Cryptic Canvas - How Many Can You Get? [Game]

Saw this on Slashfilm's Page 2 about 15 minutes ago and now can't walk away without guessing all 50.

I should explain. Hidden here are 50 references to movies that have come out in past 20 years, in honor of Empire's 20th anniversary.

So far I've gotten 24 (including some not obvious ones, if I do say so myself), but the final 26 are leaving me quite befuddled. What am I missing? david, this may be one for you, my friend. Will update with how long it takes me to get all 50. Oh my. This may be the end of me.

Click here to play the game yourself!

Update 7:44 Just spotted #25...ooh that was a sneaky one...

7:46 #26...that one was easy, should have gotten in sooner

7:46 #27 - I've hit a second wind!

7:47 #28...What an appropriate time to figure out this one, haha. Noticing lots of best picture winners.

7:56 #29. Silly that one took me so long. I even entered this movie as a guess for another image earlier.

8:00 #30 a movie I've never seen cause I knew I'd be bored to tears. Still, should have gotten this one sooner.

8:02 #31 One of my favorite childhood movies! How could I have missed this one?!

8:46 #32 Ignored it for a while. Came back and Eruditechick inadvertently made me feel like an idiot by pointing out an obvious one I missed. Clue: Yes, "Red Windmill" isn't a movie, but in another language it sure is. Siigh.

8:51 #33 I ask Eruditechick what country the blue flag on the grave is from. Not sure I ever would have gotten this one otherwise.

8:53 #34 I complain to Eruditechick that the row of cars isn't a clue for "Cars". Saying "row of cars" makes me realize what the answer is.

9:03 #35 Eruditechick notices was the painting actually is

9:04 #36 Eruditechick gives me clues for the train and I eventually figure it out. I gotta get my head back in the game!

9:05 #37 We put two and two together and figure out what the one we THINK is Man on Wire, actually is

9:07 #38 Not the english blanket, but...

9:09 but Ninja Cheerleaders is a movie!! Why is it not the answer?!

9:16 #39 I didn't see those snakes there!

9:29 Now have 43!



@theorionwalker said...

3 1/2 hours well spent. :p