Sunday, May 10, 2009

Kings of Dot Comedy [Clips]

I recently discovered that A. Attack of the Show has been doing a Kings of Dot Comedy segment and B. Three sketch groups featuring people I went to NYU with have already been profiled on the show. I recommend Joey & David, BriTaNick & Harvard Sailing Team highly. All around, the guys involved are awesome, hilarious people and you should definitely check them out if you haven't already.

Joey and David


Harvard Sailing Team

Fun with Trivia!

-Actress Laura Ramadei is featured in both the Joey & David and BriTaNick segments. She is also known as Laundry Room Girl.

-Actor Chris Lowell also makes an appearance above, in a clip from BriTaNick's Pillow Talk sketch.

-Joey of Joey & David went to NYU, as did Nick & Brian of BriTaNick and all but one member of Harvard Sailing Team. Another notable sketch group out of NYU around the same time? Derrick Comedy, currently shopping around the awesome Mystery Team.

-Another comedy duo out of NYU just getting its start - Renee & Trish.

-If you're on Twitter, you can follow Nick of BriTaNick - @NickKocher & Renee & Trish - @ReneeandTrish