Saturday, March 8, 2014

SXSW Take Two!

That's right! Coming out of retirement to do a little coverage of this years SXSW. On tonight's dock, we have competition films Wild Canaries and The Heart Machine

Wild Canaries - Barri and Noah, a newly engaged Brooklyn couple, are disheartened by the death of their elderly downstairs neighbor, Sylvia. Though Noah sees nothing unusual about the old woman's death, Barri suspects foul play and sets out to investigate, enlisting her roommate Jean to join her on a reconnaissance mission to trail a possible suspect. Tensions mount, however, when the investigation uncovers unsettling secrets throughout the building—including in their own apartment—and suddenly everyone seems like a reasonable suspect. "Wild Canaries" is a freshly comedic take on classic film noir.

The Heart Machine - Cody and Virginia start talking while he’s in Brooklyn and she’s in Berlin. It’s a romance that could only happen online, and they’re happy together—except they’ve never really met. But Cody’s questions about Virginia’s life in Berlin become an obsession, leading him to doubt that she’s there at all. Combing NYC for clues, an increasingly driven Cody begins overstepping boundaries of privacy in his desperate quest for answers. Tracking two parallel journeys that show how digital mediation complicates modern love,The Heart Machine explores the evolving relationship between physical and emotional intimacy, isolation in the urban hive, and the seduction of hiding behind a screen. See full post

Monday, February 10, 2014

5th Annual Fangirl Awards Eligibility List

It's that time again!!

Even though our IRL jobs are preventing us from being super active on this blog, we still believe in the Fangirl Awards and the Fangirl Academy. Nominating ballots are due from our 130 members this Friday and the nominations will be announced next week. Winners announced Friday, February 28th!

After the jump is the list of the 289 movies eligible for awards this year. But NEW CATEGORY ALERT, this year we are adding a Best of Fest category, where the five favorite movies that played at festivals but haven't been released yet can get a little love too :)

To join the Academy, head here and to remember winners of years past, head here.

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