Monday, June 29, 2009

FlickChart Controls My Life


Here is my current FlickChart top 100, after 654 rankings, out of 413 movies. This list is not accurate, which is why I CAN'T STOP PLAYING AHHH. In no universe would Chinatown ever be my #1 movie, but it just won't budge.

Here we go

1. Chinatown
2. Raiders of the Lost Ark
3. The Godfather
4. Back to the Future Part II
5. The Empire Strikes Back
6. Monty Python & The Holy Grail
7. The Princess Bride
8. The Lion King
9. Catch Me If You Can
10. Love Actually

11. A Clockwork Orange
12. True Romance
13. My Man Godfrey
14. The Dark Knight
15. A Little Princess
16. Up
17. Iron Man
18. Shakespeare In Love
19. Almost Famous
20. Alien

The rest after the jump...

21. Minority Report
22. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
23. Being John Malkovich
24. Mulholland Dr.
25. The Wedding Singer
26. The Godfather Part II
27. Cruel Intentions
28. Hook
29. This is Spinal Tap
30. The Breakfast Club

31. The Goonies
32. Pulp Fiction
33. Aliens
35. The Terminator
36. Shaun of the Dead
37. The Shawshank Redemption
38. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
39. Jurassic Park
40. The Notebook

41. Hotel Rwanda (What?! No! Off!)
42. Hot Fuzz
43. Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets (aka least favorite Harry Potter)
44. The Bourne Identity
45. Knocked Up
46. MI:3
47. Spiderman
48. Amelie
49. The Nightmare Before Christmas
50. Edward Scissorhands

51. The Truman Show (how?)
52. The Shining
53. Man on the Moon (Jim Carrey keeps sneaking in here somehow)
54. Blade
55. Superbad
56. Little Miss Sunshine
57. The Departed (haha, right after LMS.)
58. LotR: Fellowship (my least favorite of the three)
59. Return of the Jedi
60. Starship Troopers

61. Men In Black
62. Borat
63. Munich
64. Back to the Future (which actually SHOULD be switch places w/ BTTF2 & be in top 10)
65. Back to the Future Part III
66. Galaxy Quest
67. Taxi Driver
68. X-Men
69. Indiana Jones & The Temple of Doom
70. The Mummy

71. Annie Hall
72. GoldenEye
73. Requiem for a Dream
74. The Fifth Element
75. The Evil Dead
76. Close Encounters of the Third Kind
77. Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban
78. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe (sigh...why...)
79. 3:10 to Yuma
80. King Kong

81. Vertigo
82. Brazil
83. Saw
84. Live Free or Die Hard (?!?!)
85. A History of Violence (No)
86. Memento
87. Die Hard
88. Finding Nemo
89. Rushmore
90. The Rocky Horror Picture Show

91. Casablanca
92. The Mummy Returns (Really?)
93. The Devil Wears Prada
94. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
95. Mars Attacks!
96. American Pie (Never)
97. Beetlejuice
98. Forrest Gump
99. Batman
100. Reservoir Dogs

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Did You &#*$@ This Bread?!

I tweeted the trailer for this movie that I cannot but assume will be EPIC amounts of win a few weeks back, and then @melloniel and I quoted it at each other for a while because it's freaking hilarious.

Happily, I have a friend who is involved with the movie in various capacities, and she has confirmed for me that the Sundance hit will be screening at 8pm, Thursday, July 23rd at Horton Plaza.


They're gonna have a booth on the floor and will be giving passes away to the screening on Wed & Thurs before 7pm.

Expect to see ATFG attending in full force!! Probably full of a little drunk...cause it's Comic Con...and Mystery Team is a comedy...tikitikitikitiki baaaar...

Aah, and once again, I ask thee- Did you @#!&* this bread?!

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Saturn Awards Wrap Up!

Hope you all enjoyed my live tweeting from the Saturn Awards last night! Here are some tweety highlights w/ extra commentary.

Just representative of how excited my boyfriend was that Mark Pellegrino & Michael Emerson were there. He ended up getting a KILLER picture featuring Jacob himself touching boyfriend on the shoulder. If you've watched all of Lost, you know that shit's important.

What happened here was Olmos wanted to "take this opportunity" to tell a story about Jeffery Katzenberg that no one had told before. So during this 10 minute long story, the audience didn't know whether it was a GOOD story about Katzenberg or a very very BAD one. Of course, in the end, it was a great story about something really noble Katzenberg did, cause Olmos is a classy guy. SO INTENSE though, the whole audience was silent, like WHAT is happening, where is this going. Olmos is SO ADAMA. Love him.

The audience response to Nimoy saying "Live long and prosper" was, everyone who could, putting their hand up and giving Nimoy the Vulcan salute. Very nice moment.

This guy's comments got progressively more hilarious as the night went on. After Hans Zimmer said of James Newton Howard "I'm just dark, he's the knight", wasted dude goes "that was a pun! i love puns!" and then obviously had to be the one dude in the room giving Billy Dee a standing O.

The opportunity presented itself, I took it! Not as cool as my actual converstion with Simon Helberg, which was totally random, and totally awesome, cause turns out we know a lot of the same people and he's a very cool dude, but still one for the books. Zach Levi touched me. And Josh Gomez might actually be a pile of fun disguised as a dude. Love it.

Overall a fantastic night! If you want me to elaborate on any tweets, just comment below and I will respond! I always love events like this so much.

P.S. for more photos from the show, just click here! See full post

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Saturn Awards Live Tweeting

Just a heads up for you readers out there - I'll be attending the Saturn Awards (click here for nominees) tonight and plan on live tweeting throughout the event!

Just head to for updates, from the geeky arrivals to the geeky award winners. One of my favorite events of the year!

By the way, being honored tonight in the lifetime awards are Leonard Nimoy, Jeffery Katzenberg & Lane Henrikson. Should be a great time! See full post

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Real Girl's Guide to SDCC

So, there was a bit of a kerfuffle, we'll say, when a Girl's Guide to Comic Con went online and featured- almost exclusively- a list of all the glorious hot man candy rumored to be appearing.

Now, as a girl who is active on the interwebnets and has attended that particular convention in San Diego two years running- coming up on a third- I was... nonplussed, to say the least. What an insipid waste of html. A photo-essay, more or less, that tells all you little ladies out there of the strapping men who'll be about to maybe put an autograph in your keepsake book while your man runs about doing all that silly guy stuff. Essentially what the 'article' reads as is a bunch of rumor pushing, a series of "How awesome is this Hollywood celeb I want to lick his face MAYBE YOU CAN AT COMIC CON" with a picture attached. Useless. So let's juts clarify something for the people to whom that article appealed, shall we?

Stalkers and starfuckers be aware: You're going to be in a sea of six thousand people, with trenches of press, execs and security between you and the Hollywood 'A Listers'. So if that's your reason for going, as that article seems to assume it is- don't.

If, however, you're not going to SDCC solely because you love RPattz that freaking much (though it is entirely acceptable if you happen to), perhaps the following may provide some insight as to why you, the real, geek girl should not just attend but own the San Diego Comic Con, and give you an idea of how/where best to spend your time there.

1. Tiki Bar at the Marriott Marina. First off, ask for a Tijuana River. Hand over ten dollars. Prepare to be drunk for the rest of the day. Best investment you can make at Comic Con. Second, be prepared to calmly observe and possibly interact with various genial, relaxed, also-drinking guests of the Con such as the talented, accomplished, and polite Ron Perlman or that dude Kevin from Attack of the Show, who is awesome to tiki with. But I'm serious about that Tijuana River, it'll mess you up but quick. My first experience with it culminated in me falling asleep on the table at dinner, but right before that, when passing comic book legend Stan Lee in the lobby, moved me to greet the most honored creator of Marvel comics with: "Lookin' good, Hef."

To which he graciously replied, "Thank you!"

2. Your Favorite TV Show Will Have A Panel, and the Stars Will Be As Excited to See You as You Are Them. This is, so far in my experience, universally true. Some actors will become flummoxed and uncomfortable in front of the startling support. Writers and producers tend to be less so. All around, though, and particularly with shows who know/understand/are staffed and acted by geeks, you will have an opportunity to ask questions and give commentary of and to the source, with immediate gratification response. This is rare. When shows like Chuck, Supernatural, and True Blood- all of which have geekcentric themes and all of which have powerful female followings and all of which have panels this year- hear from their core fan group, they listen. When women are a vocal and active part of that group, the tropes and relegating of female roles that we most hate become that much less likely to occur. They listen because they care, the same way we watch because we care. Take time to think out your question/s. Write it/them down. Have backups. Feel free to fangirl, but use the time you have at the mic. SDCC is not powered by studios, it is powered by fans, and that means fangirls, too. Speak up and represent!

3. Custom, Girl-Friendly Pin Up Art by Your Favorite Artist. Because where the hell else can this happen? Speaking entirely on my own behalf, I am not a fan of most available posters/wall art/statues of my favorite female comic characters because I am not a lesbian who happens to posses the brain of a fifteen year old boy. Most comic art, particularly splash pages and pin ups and especially of female characters, would be strange, possibly embarrassing, and certainly not moral-boosting to have up on my apartment wall. Rogue is my favorite character for all sorts of reasons that don't involve her breasts, but most artwork featuring her also features them prominently. With the list of artists who'll be lounging about Artist's Alley this year, I fully plan on commissioning a work that's suited to my tastes- that showcases the feisty, edgy, playful personality of hers (along with her awesome powers as a flying vampire brick), possibly in her old leggings and orange tunic costume, I don't know yet, maybe in the classic 90's Jim Lee yellow-and-green, that doesn't look like she's wearing liquid latex. Most artists ask very reasonable prices for these commissions, and you get to take home a piece of work that makes you feel good about being a fan, not bad about being a girl. Don't wait til Sunday though! They're usually dedicated to finishing the comms they got the previous two days and can't accept any new ones.

4. Hall H Is A Real Place, Yes- And Dreams Can Come True There. My favorite Hall H moment to date was probably being a scant few rows from Len Wein- awesome guy and creator of Swamp Thing, Nightcrawler and, oh yeah, WOLVERINE- when Hugh Jackman gave security a heart attack by jumping off the stage and rushing over to shake the comic creator's hand.

Hall H is a mix of the sneak peeks you've been dying for and the thrilling surprises the studios want to reward you, the fan, with. The wait to get in can be intense- you have to ask yourself if the things you're likely to see there outweigh everything else that's going on that day, because once you give that seat up, you're probably not getting back in. If something you love is going up in the same block as Twilight, you're effectively screwed, unless you don't mind camping out overnight in a huddle of tweens and their moms.


If, however, you do have a love of Hollywood and are jonesing bad for that first shot of Iron Man 2 or Sherlock Holmes or freaking Prince of Persia hells yeah, or the numerous other offerings that will no doubt be in supply this year, then Hall H is where you want to be and it is worth it. You have all Sunday to wander the dealer's room and haggle for closing day prices. Sit down with your convention book, compare, contrast, and plan out your days! Some of my most exciting Con moments so far occurred in Hall H- but I also walked out of numerous panels in there. Choose your big screen fare wisely and line up early. And again, I say thee: Fangirls! Prepare your questions ahead of time that they might be insightful and probing as well as respectful! Seize this opportunity to ask of some of the most influential and powerful directors, producers, and actors in Hollywood questions that matter to you as a fan. Guys are not the only ones spending money on these movies, and our only interests are not in the romantic leads and subplots! Let them know it!

And I mean, yeah, maybe you can lick RDJ. Who knows. But don't BANK on it, is what I'm saying.

5. Swag. At last year's True Blood panel, I received a magical ticket that got me an awesome True Blood nylon bag, a great t-shirt, a comic book, and the first of the Sookie Stackhouse novels. These tickets are handed out frequently and they unlock the door to the booty room. Mostly t-shirts, but when shows get creative, you get bitching swag. Also, go STRAIGHT to the big comic booths and tv areas in the dealer's room for PINS. Then decorate yourself accordingly. Bedazzle yourself, even. And get creative with those t-shirts, because they're all extra-huge sized. I turned my Iron Man Glow In The Dark Chest tee into a mini dress!

6. Bonding With Your Fellow Woman. Make friends. Swap twitter names. Follow each other then and there on your blackberries. When you're sitting in a sea of upturned faces letting the joy of Joss Whedon wash over you, look around at your fellow geek and take note. These are the people on your flist! Isn't it NEAT??? In all seriousness, SDCC is a great place to make connections with people who like what you like and are probably going to be into the idea of, say, going in on a creative endeavor of some kind with you, if you happen to be an artist looking for a writer or a writer looking for an artist or a writer looking for a writing partner or whatever. Start a geek band. Optional: This may also be done at the tiki bar.

This is just a starter, a prelim. We'll put more of these up as the big week approaches- I know Muse is working on one especially for THE NIGHTLIFE WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GASLAMP DISTRICT WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. But we just couldn't stand there being only one Girl's Guide to Comic Con out there, and it being that. Consider us your Rosie the Robot Riveter. Time to stand up, ladies.

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Do You Belong In NYC?

From Time Out NY as seen on A Deliberate Pace

Yes, but sometimes you wish there were a better option.

You do love New York, and you fit in here better than you have anywhere else. You're committed to the city, and you take advantage of all of its amazing food, culture, nightlife and arts. But you have nagging doubts about this relationship. Spend your whole life here? Not sure about that. Sometimes you wonder about that farm in your fantasies or even just a smaller city. But in reality, you know there's nowhere better. Click here for suggestions about how to really enjoy NYC.

Do you belong in New York City?

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Saturday, June 13, 2009



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Five Things I've Done This Week I Suggest To You [Stolen from @Da7e]

I have felt fully uninspired to write about anything for about a week now, but after being badgered by my lovely cohorts, I've decided to try and get something up.

Good ol @Da7e just wrote a post entitled "Five Things I Did This Week I Suggest To You" and I actually found it quite inspiring! So I'm going to attempt my own version.

1. Committed bigamy, had a child and completed the Tattered Spire quest in Fable 2

You just got really confused. Unless you regularly read my Twitter, then you are thinking "Oh Muse and her obsession with Fable 2." Just, listen, if you played, you'd get it. Trust me.

Every game of Fable 2 is different and in the one I'm playing right now, I'm beyond rich (I own almost every property in the game and get paid 100,000 in gold every five minutes), as good & pure as a character can be, I'm really hot (due to the good, the pure, the being a vegan & the wearing skimpy clothing), I'm super powerful with both melee & ranged weapons and am thisclose to all level 5 spells. and I have 127 characters in love with me.

The only strange thing occurring right now is after I got back from the Tattered Spire quest (which lasts 10 game years), my husband won't speak to me. But my son is now 10 years old and always like "Mommy, you are a hero! I wanna be one too!"

And if you really don't know what Fable is at all, let me clarify - you only interact with computer characters, not real people controlling characters from another console. So...slightly less weird...moving on

2. Saw The Hangover

Didn't realize it was going to be brilliant until about 20 or so minutes in. What moment exactly, you ask?

"Hello... how bout that ride in? I guess that's why they call it Sin City haha"

Enough said. If you've seen it. If you haven't seen it...well...see it. I'll go with you! Cause I'd see this again in a heartbeat. Also, Bradley Cooper can always have his shirt off. And always be having sex with m-I mean...what, I, uhhh...hrm

3. Saw Rebecca Pidgeon in concert/Saw the new Coen brothers movie

These two are together because they are both related to the fact that I know people who work for a theater company, who brought me to both events. A Serious Man, the new Coen brothers movie, is fantastic. See it in October. It' very Jewish, and being a Jew, I loved the crap out of it. Hopefully you will too.

Rebecca Pidgeon surprised me as I had no idea what to expect and I thoroughly enjoyed her set. Here's one of my favorites, which she sang a capella at the show. I'd post it in a media player if I had any clue how. All my research has ended in failure.

Download 04 Baby, Please Come Home to Me.m4a from

4. Went to a Fango show

Only my 2nd one ever, but I actually quite enjoyed it! Very low key with some cool vendors & interesting panels if you're into horror. Got to see Ben Foster be delightfully awkward (is it weird that I think his awkwardness is incredibly charming? Cause I do. Love him. Will see Pandorum.) and James Marsters be hot. Plus got some cool footage for our upcoming podcast...stay tuned...

5. Finally finished Angel Season 5...almost

As I stopped watching Angel regularly during the second season, I missed out on the brilliance that was season 5. A year or two ago, I watched up until Smile Time, then stopped for whatever reason. So finally, last week, I started up again. And DUDE was this season awesome. Now I know what Illyria is! And I got to see Spike & Angel go to Rome! I only have the series finale to go and I already know what happens, for the most part, but I'm so excited to finally watch it play out. If you are a Joss fan and ESPECIALLY if you are a Buffy fan who hasn't seen Angel Season 5 - get on it. Also - how is David Boreanaz younger & hotter now? That's just weird.

Other things I've done this week: Watched the premiere of Top Chef: Masters (Nom!), almost beat Peggle on 360 (2 levels to go!), went to the NYCC meet up at Dave & Buster's and kicked ass at the trivia even though we cheating, I presume...grrrr & stared at all the comics I have to read. See full post

Friday, June 5, 2009

Top Ten Most Awesome E3 Announcements/Previews

So the ten things that excited me most about E3 are probably...not anyone else's ten. But holy effing goodness am I excited for the next 365 days in gaming. I'm hoping to see a top ten from david as well, because I know his will be VASTLY different from mine.

Prepare for the girlyness...

10. Agent

An open world game chronicling what it's like to be a secret agent in the 70s? Yes please. Will have to borrow the family's PS3 for this one, as Rockstar is starting this potential franchise off as a Playstation exclusive. But hey, now that I'm an Xbox owner, I'll need PS3 games to play when I vacation at home. Cause I sure as hell won't be giving away any achievements to an Xbox Live account that isn't mine :)

9. Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy XIII are NO LONGER EXCLUSIVE TO PLAYSTATION.

Now while I've never been particularly attached to either one of these titles, I'll be thrilled to give them a shot now that I can play em with an Xbox controller! david keeps telling me that both of these titles are amazing (I've also assumed as much for as long as I can remember, obviously, they are MGS and FF, I don't live under a rock) and are part of the reason I should have gotten a PS3. But now I can try em out for Xbox! Joy of joys! Now that I've discovered I love RPGs (or...well...Fable 2) I'm excited to try out a Final Fantasy game for the first time.

8. Splinter Cell: Conviction

When the other Splinter Cell games were around, I wasn't into gaming enough in general to care, or to take the time to develop any skill in a title that had nothing to do with Buffy. (Side note. I killed at the Buffy game for Xbox.) Now, for the first time, I'm excited by the opportunity to really get into one of these games and discover why all the boys I knew when I was younger loved this series so much.

The rest of the Top Ten after the jump!

7. Project Natal


You know why it's the MOST duh?


Also, yes, it's Skynet and yes, we're all going to die.

6. Monkey Island: Special Edition

I LOVED Monkey Island as kid, it was my absolute favorite game and I remember parts of it being impossible to get through back then. But I always thought it was funny and fun and something about it just made me happy. That's why this remake of Monkey Island thrills me so much - it's EXACTLY what I want. It IS the original Monkey Island, just remastered, enhanced. But get this - if you want to play it the old school way, with no voiceovers and shitty graphics - you can do that too! It's amazing!! I cannot wait to download this for my 360. Note: You will only be enjoying this glory if you have a 360 or a PC.

5. Modern Warfare 2 Gameplay

Not only is it Modern Warfare 2, which is awesome enough on its own, but you get to drive a Snowmobile! Effing sweet!

4. The Last Guardian

This game makes me want a PS3 more than anything else Sony showed at E3. This will be another game I play on my family PS3 whenever I'm home to visit. This looks breathtaking. It's action-adventure, puzzles, gorgeous, plus you get a giant beast friend. Needless to say...want.

3. Awesome Looking Sequels to Awesome Games

I've either played or watched a friend play all four of the originals here, and was astounded by all of them. The sequels all look like they are gonna kick my ass and I can't effing wait. Here are some previews for you.

Bioshock 2

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Assassin's Creed 2

Left for Dead 2 Gameplay Preview

2. Lego Games

Now you know the dirty, dirty truth about me. I love those damn Lego games. My former roommate and I killed Lego Star Wars (Original Trilogy), my boyfriend and I defeated Lego Indy and I'm currently playing Lego Batman whenever I can find a soul to play with me. Listen people, these games are FUN AS ALL HELL. Here are previews for the two Lego games I'm most looking forward to,

Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4

Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure continues doesn't have a trailer, but it does have screenshots (above) and info. All the original levels have been redone and new ones, like the car chase through Shanghai from Temple of Doom, are now available. Additionally, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull will now be featured in multiple levels, the screen will now split if your co-op characters get too far away from one another, and a new feature has been added where you can build your own Indy-themed levels. Love. It.

1. Beatles. Effing. Rock Band.

Three part harmonies

Follow the lives/story of the Beatles through their music

Abbey Road in its entirety will be the first album available for DLC

I'm in heaven.

Seriously. I've been obsessed with the Beatles for so long and am so excited for this game, I have trouble believing it really even exists. But it does! And I'm saving up for it now. Best part of this: I already know the lyrics to just about every Beatles song, which means I can wear the headset and play guitar while I sing! Woot! See full post

9's Scientist Gets a Facebook Page [Viral Marketing]

The Scientist from 9 has his own Facebook page!

Here, you'll find a blog of sorts, detailing his progress in "...building the Machine that will help rebuild the Nation."

Definitely recommend checking it out! See full post

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Check out this GQ mthrfckr right here...

Coming to us direct from twitter's shelightsupwell, in the vein of the popular "Look at this GQ motherfucker right here, look at him, his name is SPOCK/WOLVERINE/OBAMA his fonts all Arial and shit goddamn", we have: The Chuck Edition.

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Find out what's on the canine mind with our ''Up'' Talking Dug Plush Toy. This soft and fuzzy stuffed toy dog can really talk from a faux ''radio'' collar when you squeeze his left paw. While his funny thoughts may be taken quite literally, you'll have to decide for yourself when to give this Dug stuffed toy a hug. This big and friendly canine Dug is one of the stars of Disney/Pixar's animated adventure, Up. Imported.

Dug thinks aloud when you squeeze his paw
Hear 7 unique phrases such as ''Are you a dog, too?'' and ''My name is Dug. I have just met you and I love you''
Sits 11'' H
Look for more Up plush including the entire Up Alpha Pack with Talking Alpha Plush, Talking Beta Plush and Talking Gamma Plush, each sold separately


Buy it for your dear friend LoquaciousMuse by clicking here. See full post

Up Makes Me Happier [Photo}

I know this picture is old news, but I just saw Up and it took my breath away. Laughing and crying for 90 minutes straight. Hands down best movie I've seen yet this year. I'll call it now - Best Picture nomination. Just saying.

By the way, if anyone comes across either a stuffed, talking Dug or a statue with Kevin asleep on one foot over sleeping Dug...please link me so I can buy them for myself. I just won't spend money on food that week. Done and done.

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Scott Pilgrim Makes Me Happy [Photo]


The characters of the two people I know in this movie didn't make it on the poster, but another two that my good friends know DID make it on the poster!

PS If you haven't read Scott Pilgrim, you are crazy, read em now. You can borrow them from me if you want.

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fake McG Rumor Hashtag

Recently, david and I tried to get the hashtag #fakemcgrumor going on Twitter. It didn't reach TOO far out. In fact, it was mostly just us and our podcast pals. Though some other awesome souls also partook! Well, four. Four others partook. For a total of 8 participants. 9 including me. We're so cool.

Anyway. Here are some of the tweets about McG from our podcasters! Enjoy! And get this hashtag going next Friday :)

I would like to point out that after tweeting that, "MacGruber" started following me on Twitter. See full post

Who You Gonna Call...? [Photo]

Taken at 71st st. & Central Park West. See full post