Friday, June 5, 2009

Top Ten Most Awesome E3 Announcements/Previews

So the ten things that excited me most about E3 are probably...not anyone else's ten. But holy effing goodness am I excited for the next 365 days in gaming. I'm hoping to see a top ten from david as well, because I know his will be VASTLY different from mine.

Prepare for the girlyness...

10. Agent

An open world game chronicling what it's like to be a secret agent in the 70s? Yes please. Will have to borrow the family's PS3 for this one, as Rockstar is starting this potential franchise off as a Playstation exclusive. But hey, now that I'm an Xbox owner, I'll need PS3 games to play when I vacation at home. Cause I sure as hell won't be giving away any achievements to an Xbox Live account that isn't mine :)

9. Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy XIII are NO LONGER EXCLUSIVE TO PLAYSTATION.

Now while I've never been particularly attached to either one of these titles, I'll be thrilled to give them a shot now that I can play em with an Xbox controller! david keeps telling me that both of these titles are amazing (I've also assumed as much for as long as I can remember, obviously, they are MGS and FF, I don't live under a rock) and are part of the reason I should have gotten a PS3. But now I can try em out for Xbox! Joy of joys! Now that I've discovered I love RPGs (or...well...Fable 2) I'm excited to try out a Final Fantasy game for the first time.

8. Splinter Cell: Conviction

When the other Splinter Cell games were around, I wasn't into gaming enough in general to care, or to take the time to develop any skill in a title that had nothing to do with Buffy. (Side note. I killed at the Buffy game for Xbox.) Now, for the first time, I'm excited by the opportunity to really get into one of these games and discover why all the boys I knew when I was younger loved this series so much.

The rest of the Top Ten after the jump!

7. Project Natal


You know why it's the MOST duh?


Also, yes, it's Skynet and yes, we're all going to die.

6. Monkey Island: Special Edition

I LOVED Monkey Island as kid, it was my absolute favorite game and I remember parts of it being impossible to get through back then. But I always thought it was funny and fun and something about it just made me happy. That's why this remake of Monkey Island thrills me so much - it's EXACTLY what I want. It IS the original Monkey Island, just remastered, enhanced. But get this - if you want to play it the old school way, with no voiceovers and shitty graphics - you can do that too! It's amazing!! I cannot wait to download this for my 360. Note: You will only be enjoying this glory if you have a 360 or a PC.

5. Modern Warfare 2 Gameplay

Not only is it Modern Warfare 2, which is awesome enough on its own, but you get to drive a Snowmobile! Effing sweet!

4. The Last Guardian

This game makes me want a PS3 more than anything else Sony showed at E3. This will be another game I play on my family PS3 whenever I'm home to visit. This looks breathtaking. It's action-adventure, puzzles, gorgeous, plus you get a giant beast friend. Needless to say...want.

3. Awesome Looking Sequels to Awesome Games

I've either played or watched a friend play all four of the originals here, and was astounded by all of them. The sequels all look like they are gonna kick my ass and I can't effing wait. Here are some previews for you.

Bioshock 2

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Assassin's Creed 2

Left for Dead 2 Gameplay Preview

2. Lego Games

Now you know the dirty, dirty truth about me. I love those damn Lego games. My former roommate and I killed Lego Star Wars (Original Trilogy), my boyfriend and I defeated Lego Indy and I'm currently playing Lego Batman whenever I can find a soul to play with me. Listen people, these games are FUN AS ALL HELL. Here are previews for the two Lego games I'm most looking forward to,

Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4

Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure continues doesn't have a trailer, but it does have screenshots (above) and info. All the original levels have been redone and new ones, like the car chase through Shanghai from Temple of Doom, are now available. Additionally, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull will now be featured in multiple levels, the screen will now split if your co-op characters get too far away from one another, and a new feature has been added where you can build your own Indy-themed levels. Love. It.

1. Beatles. Effing. Rock Band.

Three part harmonies

Follow the lives/story of the Beatles through their music

Abbey Road in its entirety will be the first album available for DLC

I'm in heaven.

Seriously. I've been obsessed with the Beatles for so long and am so excited for this game, I have trouble believing it really even exists. But it does! And I'm saving up for it now. Best part of this: I already know the lyrics to just about every Beatles song, which means I can wear the headset and play guitar while I sing! Woot!


nitesh said...

MGS, FF and the Dragon Quest series is the reason I have been a loyal PS fan. But with the first two not being exclusive anymore I'm wondering how the PS is gonna be marketing ahead. Esp with the big money Microsoft has to spend on virtually any title they want.

Kelly said...

I'm pretty awesome at Chaos Bleeds for PS2, but the Xbox360 BTVS game pretty much kicks my ass. Maybe I should give Splinter Cell a try as well, I have been needing a new game to get into.

I AM SO HAPPY I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE TERRIFIED OF PROJECT NATAL! I really thought everyone thought I was nuts.

Also...The Last Guardian is going to being absolutely incredible. I am so excited.