Thursday, June 25, 2009

Saturn Awards Wrap Up!

Hope you all enjoyed my live tweeting from the Saturn Awards last night! Here are some tweety highlights w/ extra commentary.

Just representative of how excited my boyfriend was that Mark Pellegrino & Michael Emerson were there. He ended up getting a KILLER picture featuring Jacob himself touching boyfriend on the shoulder. If you've watched all of Lost, you know that shit's important.

What happened here was Olmos wanted to "take this opportunity" to tell a story about Jeffery Katzenberg that no one had told before. So during this 10 minute long story, the audience didn't know whether it was a GOOD story about Katzenberg or a very very BAD one. Of course, in the end, it was a great story about something really noble Katzenberg did, cause Olmos is a classy guy. SO INTENSE though, the whole audience was silent, like WHAT is happening, where is this going. Olmos is SO ADAMA. Love him.

The audience response to Nimoy saying "Live long and prosper" was, everyone who could, putting their hand up and giving Nimoy the Vulcan salute. Very nice moment.

This guy's comments got progressively more hilarious as the night went on. After Hans Zimmer said of James Newton Howard "I'm just dark, he's the knight", wasted dude goes "that was a pun! i love puns!" and then obviously had to be the one dude in the room giving Billy Dee a standing O.

The opportunity presented itself, I took it! Not as cool as my actual converstion with Simon Helberg, which was totally random, and totally awesome, cause turns out we know a lot of the same people and he's a very cool dude, but still one for the books. Zach Levi touched me. And Josh Gomez might actually be a pile of fun disguised as a dude. Love it.

Overall a fantastic night! If you want me to elaborate on any tweets, just comment below and I will respond! I always love events like this so much.

P.S. for more photos from the show, just click here!


JordanKay said...

You know I want to hear all about Zac and Josh.

Ashley said...

You are my new favorite person.

casinoxo said...

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