Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Season 9 Stepping It Up - Top 10 Idol Recap

It's R&B/Soul week on American Idol which meant we were in store for a fair share of genius & disaster. Or, it would have in past years. Tonight was mostly made up of...well that sucked or hey, that was pretty all right!. Idol, you make me sad sometimes. Though, if I'm gonna be honest, tonight was at least interesting - my bottom three and top three are both combinations that have never been matched before. Looks like some new contenders are entering the race. Also this week we had someone on the inside, who actually attended the show, so look for one or two insider fun facts sprinkled throughout!

Siobhan - Through the Fire by Chaka Kahn
I've already heard about what this performance is gonna be like and I'm disappointed already. For what it's worth, I heard she rocked it in the dress rehearsal.
 Don't like the arrangement. Oh this is karaoke-weird. Yikes. This song does not suit her voice or Siobhan as an artist. Oh yikes. She is missing all the notes. Siobhan, what's happening?!!?!?!?! Only the scream was in tune. BAD song choice. - Step back
Randy - Didn't quite catch on pitch-wise. Not one of her shining moments, but loves courageousness and convinction. Not her best performance at all, kinda rough
Ellen - Loves her, but not her best performance
Kara - Got a little nervous up there and lower register wasn't there. But she has delivered every week and every performer is entitled to an off night. At the end of the day, a great singer
Simon - Sounded like she had run a marathon and was singing while she was running out of breath, so all over the place. Looks all over the place. (Randy likes the outfit.) She's kidding herself if she thinks it was a good performance, worst from her so far

Siobhan is really sad & upset backstage. Big Mike tries to comfort her. Awe.

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I've Seen "Blink" At Least! [Etsy Geek Search of the Day]

Today's Entry?

Courtesy of Twitter pal, @SarahLister,

Doctor Who

Today's results? Holy crap.

Today's recommended buy?

Well this is difficult, as I've only seen two episodes of Doctor Who, so I've reached out to @scarletscribe for some tips! She recommends these the most:

Dr. Who - Silence In The Library - Tardis Leather Journal Book - $78


Doctor Who Adipose Necklace - $8

But there's a ton of amazing looking stuff in this search. If you like Doctor Who, take a gander and get yourself a present!! See full post

What's This? Oh, Just My SWORD UMBRELLA [Want]

This has want written all over it. Wantwantwantwant. How cool would this be?! To walk around New York City with what looks like an effing BROADSWORD on my back, scaring the bejesus out of everyone who passes by. But then when it rains - HA-HAH! Sword Umbrella to the rescue. Badass badass. It's available on ThinkGeek for $40 and I'm really tempted, guys. I already have sword fights with my umbrellas while waiting for the subway. This would ensure my victory every time! AH! WANT!

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Tru Blood Contest - Winner!

We finally have a winner! I randomly selected three names out of a hat - and by names, I mean numbers and my hat I mean surface. If the first person I selected doesn't respond within 24 hours, the prize will then go to the name I picked second, and so on and so forth. Here's a reminder of the prize!

(1) 4 pack of Tru Blood
(1) Exclusive All Flavor No Bite Poster
(2) Cocktail Menus that list 3 drinks:  The Fangbanger, Death on the Beach, and Plasmapolitan
(50) Tru Blood branded cocktail napkins

The winner is:


And here's her answer to the contest question,

A perhaps obvious, yet sexy choice, would be the brooding Bill Compton. However, Eric is my favorite character. I think his character grew a lot in season 2; plus the hair cut makes him all the more attractive. Love triangle? Yes please! We've learned more about his past this last season, but he's still very enigmatic. As for season 3, I hope to see more of Eric. But what I love about True Blood is that I don't know what to expect. It's crazy, sexy, and campy. However, I really hope that Sam's story develops more this season, e.g. his parents.

Allison, we did not receive your mailing address to within 24 hours :(. So the prize will go to the next name I chose -

Jadzzia Di' Xevar

who wrote

i loved Godric..... for all the obvious reasons....His gentle power was attractive. and Sookie is precious.....that untouchable innocence... hmmm can hardly relate. LOL
But i'd have to say i'm truly looking forward to more Eric..... He's Delicious! It will be exciting seeing How He will handle all the power in His future. Oh! btw, i liked his hair long.. *grinz*

Eric Flashbacks will be Awesome... and werewolves... well interesting for sure!.... but ohhh Sookie Sookie (LOL)... and her unresolved feelings for Eric.......Wooohooo HAWT! Can't wait to see what developes!!!!

Please send your mailing address to to claim your prize!

And finally, if I hear from neither person above, the third name I chose, Garrett,

Sam Trammel, because a) he's hot and b) his backstory is super interesting. And while I know that we're going to find out a bunch of stuff relating to that in the next season what I'm MOST looking forward to is the *SPOILER ALERT* sexual dreams/attraction/tension that's going to be brewing between him and Bill since he drank Bill's blood to heal after the whole Marianne debacle.

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest! Be sure to check out our original Tru Blood cocktails for delicious ways to enjoy the drink and tune into to HBO on Sunday nights for the re-airing of True Blood season 2!

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-Exclusive interview with Chris Bauer, True Blood's Andy Bellfleur
-Etsy Geek Search of the Day: Tru Blood
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Children's Choir Sings Still Alive. I Am Happy.

My favorite part of this is imagining what's going through the parents heads. The geeks are no doubt on cloud nine, but what about the parents who have never heard of Portal? What's this song about guns and being ripped to pieces and cake?!? Huh?? All of our children should be so lucky as to sing this song with a bunch of other kids in a public forum! Badass to the nth degree.

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Original Tru Blood Cocktails

Since one of you readers will be winning a four pack of True Blood this week, I thought it only fitting to get a post together featuring some original Tru Blood cocktail recipes. I recruited a foodie, sommalier & drink expert, who we've had yet to officially name, who formulated four very special concoctions. And with this post, we officially welcome her to the team. From time to time, All Things Fangirl will now feature a Foodie element, but as we're all Fangirls here, all our food or drink posts will of course, have a slight geek edge to them. As soon as we figure out a fitting name, expect to see it listed with the rest of our lovely contributors :)

Before we get started - you may notice all the drinks are the same color - Tru Blood doesn't allow for much variation in that sense, the coloring is serious, but each one has an incredibly distinct flavor, and that's what really matters.

The Bon Temps

The most unique flavoring of the group, The Bon Temps acts as the centerpiece, the featured drink, of the group. Not only is it unlike anything you've (or at least I've) had before, but it forces people to say "Bon Temps" over and over again. The drink is spicy & flavorful and feels appropriate for a hot southern town filled with vampires. Here's how to make it:

Wet the rim with blood orange & dip the glass in a cinnamon/sugar blend
1oz Honey Bourbon
3/4 oz Cinnamon Liquer
3/4 oz Ginger Liquer
Pour in a glass, top with Tru Blood
Garnish with a cinnamon stick

Too sweet for your taste? Switch the honey bourbon to regular bourbon.

Sweet Sookie

A drink representing the sweet disposition (and sweet blood?) of Sookie Stackhouse, the Sweet Sookie has a tropical, refreshing feel to it. And that candied orange peel kind of looks like a lock of Sookie's hair, so, WIN! I originally considered naming it Sookie's Blood, as if we were trying to recreate what Sookie's blood must taste like to Bill (can't get enough!), but in the end, that seemed a little on the creepy side. This drink is safe in theory, but dangerous in practice. You can hardly taste the alcohol, but trust me, it's there, and before you know it, you could be under the table. Sookie may look harmless, but she's got bite.

1oz Mango Rum
1oz Vodka
2oz Pineapple Juice
Pour in glass, top with Tru Blood
Garnish with candied blood orange peel

Greet The Sun

If you like bold flavors in your drinks, our take on a Tequila Sunrise is the one for you. A strong tequila sip, followed by a sweet raspberry aftertaste, Greet the Sun is named for the harsh ceremony in which the Fellowship of the Sun sacrifices vampires. Because what's the best way for a vampire to respond to a ceremony that aims to wipe out his people? Why, name a drink after it!  Turn the tables on the bigots. The harsher their violence, the sweeter is the Vamps' revenge, and Greet the Sun is a reminder of that fact.

1oz Tequila (Recommended brand: Cazadores Reposado or at least 100% agave. In fact, _____ says "if it isn't 100% agave don't drink it at all. Ever. If you use Cuervo - thou hast lost an eighth.") (1 1/2 if it's too sweet)
1oz Chambord
2oz Cranberry
Pour in glass & top with Tru Blood
Garnish with blood orange slice (the sun!)

The Shifter Shooter

Finally, the shot of our Tru Blood drink series, which hits on the dessert part of the pallet, specifically the Chocolate Orange. This particular drink comes in two varieties. Have any chocolate cordial cups laying around? That you can experience the Shifter Shooter in its true form as it magically goes from drink to treat the moment you pop it in your mouth. The plus side of using a shot glass? It's slightly more alcoholic and due to the chocolate liqueur, it actually looks like you're taking a shot of whipped cream topped blood! If you think I'm not serving that at every vampire themed party I ever have, you're out of your mind. (Note to readers: I have never had, nor never plan on having, a vampire themed party.)

Chocolate Cordial Cup
1/2 Chocolate liqueur
1/2 Tru Blood
Topped with homemade vanilla infused whipped cream

Shot Glass
1/3 Chocolate liqueur
1/3 Vanilla Vodka
1/3 Tru Blood
Topped with homemade vanilla infused whipped cream

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Mistah J! [Etsy Geek Search of the Day]

Today's entry?

Harley Quinn

Today's results?

Today's recommended buy?

Original Art - Dr Quinzel and Dr Crane - $45

I mean, come on, how cute is that? Harley and Jon, taking a break from being crazy to be all doctor-y. Can I see this storyline somewhere?

Aw man, now I'm sad again thinking about how amazing an HQ storyline would have been in the Nolan universe with Heath Ledger as the Joker. Harley could still emerge in the third as a disciple of the Joker, but that would take away the brilliant Dini/Timm HQ origin story plus, really, what's Harley without Mistah J? Oh, and if you're wondering what Harley would like in the Nolanverse? I imagine something like this Arkham Asylum goodness:

...I officially know what I'm gonna be for Halloween next year. Will study Arleen Sorkin's voice for maximum awesomeness. See full post

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Did You Know: Fun Video Game Fact - The Easter Egg

The first popularly recognized easter egg can be found in Atari’s Adventure.Adventure, originally for the Atari 2600, was a very popular action adventure game that sold 1 million copies. This game proved to be 1st in many categories as it is recognized as the 1st action adventure game for a console, and was also the first game to allow a player to pocket, or stash items. A player could carry around several items at one time, and had the ability to choose a specific item using the keyboard or joystick without having to type in a command. These facts are nice and all, but the one thing people always remember is the birth of the easter egg in video gaming! (Easter egg: A hidden feature in a video game that is totally irrelevant to the advancement or completion of a game. An easter egg can be a picture, mini game, or anything else a programer feels inclined to add.)

Apparently, at the time, Atari did not think it necessary to credit designers for their work. So Warren Robinett, in protest, programmed in a hidden message crediting himself as the creator. The screen can be found,

“In the depths of the black castle in Games 2 and 3, which required special tools, direction, and a certain amount of know-how, players could maneuver to a room by the catacombs that had a single-pixel gray dot, the same color as the game's background. The dot would allow players access through a wall to a superfluous area with the text "Created by Warren Robinett" running down the middle.” 

(The Greatest Easter Eggs in Gaming,

Robinett, I raise my controller to you out of respect for not only making video game history, but also for finding a geeked out way of "d@mning the man!!"

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Wanna Do Bad Things With You [Etsy Geek Search of the Day]

Today's entry?

In honor of our ongoing True Blood celebration (currently re-airing Season 2 from the beginning on HBO, plus we gots this contest going, a bad-ass interview with the genius that is Chris Bauer AKA Andy Bellefleur and have a very special original Tru Blood cocktail post coming up very soon), today's entry is, you guessed it,

Tru Blood

Today's results?

Today's recommended buy?

True Blood Mini Dress - $45

It's like being a Tru Blood shot girl! Not sure where or why you would ever wear this, but it's cool and apparently the only other options are pendants. Personally, I want someone to turn that Tru Blood bottle into a flask. Who knows how to do that? So, anyway, I'm going with the unique choice of the bunch. And only 2 of these were made, so if you want in, you better get on that shit! See full post

Lost Bobbleheads = WANT

I'm very particular about my Bobbleheads. I only have one. It's the Joker from The Dark Knight. It's awesome and scary and the first thing I ever wrote about this blog. It is also broken because my cat knocked it over. But that's irrelevant. Unless you wanna buy me a new one. Or some super glue.

When the Lost toys stopped being made my Todd Mcfarlane, I was sad. When Bif Bang Pow took over, I was angry. But then I realized. While Bif Bang Pow may suck at action figures,

Case in point:



They are really fucking good at bobbleheads. Not only are they good at em, but they made em out of the BEST CHARACTERS SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.


Ben was a Comic Con exclusive, Richard, Faraday & Edgar come out in July, and Locke & Hurley hit stores in August. To pre-order these figures, click the smaller image of it below! I have a custom made Faraday figure coming my way, so if you wanna get me a present in the form of a Bobblehead, I'll take Richard or Locke. Kthxbye. Oh did I mention they are only $13? I repeat: WIN.

Lost Daniel Faraday Bobble 
HeadLost Richard Alpert Bobble HeadLost Dr. Edgar Halliwax Bobble

Lost Hugo Hurley Reyes Bobble 
HeadLost John Locke Bobble Head
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I know this has been posted everywhere already, but you bet your ass I'm posting it here because HELLO HOW LONG HAVE I BEEN WAITING FOR THIS HELLOOOOOOOOOO.

I've read all 5 existing books and plan on re-reading ZEM ALL because they're amazing and the trailer looks just like the comic but with color and Edgar Wright is so perfect ZOMG and I can't wait for the next trailer where we see solid shots of Aubrey Plaza and more Ash Fox & Superman and Comeau (pretty please) and Knives Chau and Wallace and where's Kim and OMG the possibilities. RAHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I've never thought Michael Cera was very good casting, but this trailer is kind of convincing me otherwise and Mary Elizabeth Winstead looks just like Ramona and omg I hope they go to sub-space I DON'T THINK YOU UNDERSTAND. Read the books, I hate you. TRAILER - GO!

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Indie Pop Cover Of Lady Gaga's Telephone [Obsession of the Day]

Is Indie Pop even accurate? Who knows, I'm not the music expert on this blog, but this is too cool not to post. Although considering it has over 1 million hits on youtube, chances are you've seen it already. Oh well. Watch it again! And while you're at it, also check out Pomplamoose's covers of Nature Boy, Mr Sandman & I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing, posted below, and a shitload more over on their YouTube channel. I may or may not be obsessed...


Mr Sandman

Don't Wanna Miss A Thing

Nature Boy

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This year's Coachella lineup is the BEST lineup I've ever seen! Too bad years ago I made an ironclad deal with myself that guarantees me never going back to Indio.


MUSE is headlining the second day! Julian Casablancas and Thom Yorke (????=probably/definitely) will be there too. So that covers my 3 favorite rock artists...but wait there's MORE! Like everyone I've ever loved plus musicians I'd discover and end up loving too. Why don't they just torture me a little more by adding Lady GaGa to the lineup too? Seriously, seriously...the temptation to go this year is ridiculously strong.

If I can afford it and get the time off, I might just have to break my deal with myself. Fuck. See full post

Top 5 Lost Characters - Results!

 Obligatory shirtless, sweaty photo/painting? of the #1 character

Last week I started a Lost Character poll because I was interested to hear who your favorites were. I can tell you now what my boyfriend bet me. He said most people would have Ben and Locke in their top 5, whereas I argued that Lost has SO many characters that affect people in SO many ways, that those two wouldn't necessarily be in the top for the majority.

I think it's safe to say...we were both right. :)

Here's the top ten!

1. Sawyer
2. Ben
3. Locke
4. Hurley
5. Desmond
6. Faraday
7. Jack
8. Juliet
9. Tie: Charlie & Kate
10. Sayid

Does that represent your top ten? Do Sawyer, Ben, Locke, Hurley & Desmond represent your top 5? Notably absent? Jin & Sun. Although if I had kept them as one character (which, when you share flashbacks/forwards/inevitably sideways and your entire character growth and storyline is intertwined with the person AND YOU SHARE A GOD DAMN NUMBER, seems like the best & most accurate way to categorize them) they would safely come in at #11, tied with Miles. Which brings me to the rest!

11. Miles
12. Richard
13. Eko
14. Jin
15. Sun
16. Rose/Bernard
17. Tie: Jacob & Frank
18. Tie: Ana Lucia, Dogen & Claire
19. Smokey
20. Tie: Christian Shephard/Rousseau

Those who got some love, but not enough to make the top 20, are: Penny, Charlotte, Boone, Shannon, Frogurt, Caeser (really? who voted for him? really?), & Roger Linus. Those who only got one vote: Widmore, Ethan, Friendly, Michael, Libby, Lennon, Arzt, Eloise Hawking & Ilana.

People I forgot to put on the list? Marvin Candle, Nikki/Paolo, Mikhail, Alex, Karl, Keamy, Naomi & Matthew Abaddon

But my favorite part of all of this was reading your actual top fives in the comments. Only about a third chose both Locke & Ben, while most selected one or the other, but not both. Overall, each top five was incredibly distinct & specific, proving that Lost is so well-written, so diverse and represents so many different types of people, that you never know which five a given person is going to say. How many TV shows can you say that about? Not to mention the love bestowed upon characters we only got for a season or so (Faraday), characters meant to foil the ones we're supposed to love (Juliet), & characters who we only really learned something about last night (Richard).

I love Lost.

Check out the original poll here See full post

Previously On Lost [Etsy Geek Search Of the Day]

Today's entry?

In honor of last night's stellar episode of Lost,

"Dharma Initiative"

Today's results?

Today's recommended buy?

Perhaps the toughest decision yet! Today I'm gonna change it up and give you my top *three* recommended buys. From most expensive to least expensive

Dharma Clock - $35

This is a great clock. It is 10 1/2 inches by 10 1/2 inches. It sticks out from the wall about an inch and a half. It keeps great time. Hanso technology makes it run up to a year on one AA battery.
The clock face is surrounded by 12 images of various official Dharma emblems. Each individual photo is acrylic encased for protection. This is for the true collector.
Your clock will come fully assembled ready to hang on any wall, it also has a built-in, swing-out stand in the back that can be used to quickly turn this into a desk or table clock.

Dont Forget to Push the Button - Set of 5 Double-Sided Ornaments - $25

set of 5 double-sided ornaments inspired by that awesome crazy island!
each ornament is actually 2 different ornaments!
each has a glyph on one side and a number on the other.
each ornament measures about 2.75 x 3.5 inches.
the numbers sides read 108 00 (every 108 minutes!)
and the glyphs sides show what happens when you dont push the button!
if you would like one of these as a key ring, just let me know which one and i can put up a listing for $6!

Dharma Initiative Stations Rubics Cube - $10

This is a regulation size rubics cube featuring the Dharma Stations from the TV show LOST. It is a working model but should primarily be used for display purposes. I'm not sure how many turns and twists the cube can take before the decals wear down. Very colorful, fun limited use piece. 
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