Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Top Five Lost Characters

Randomly ended up sort of playing a game with my boyfriend last night that involved naming Lost characters until we couldn't name any more. This stemmed from the question "Who are your top 5 favorite Lost characters?" which led to us making a bet that most people would have two particular people in their top 5, across the board. I argued that I thought the top 5s would be incredibly varied and to prove it, I started naming awesome characters. And the rest is history.

So who are your top 5 favorite Lost characters? Whose backstory eps do you look the most forward to? Did you squeal "A SAWYER EPISODE!" the moment the show flashed to him last night? Not saying that I did or anything (I totally did).

After much consideration, and by much, I do mean little, by top five Lost characters, in no particular order, are:

Desmond?! Richard?! What about Hurley?! Miles makes me laugh. I like Kate more than most. STOP MAKING ME CHOOSE.

Okay so I have four and then 5th gets fuzzy

So who are your favorites? And do you think you can name more Lost characters than me? I don't know, man. I have a good memory. But I did totally forget about Theresa Palmer. Damnit.

Oh hey, look, a poll! Vote here, name your top five in the comments section, let's see who wins this bet.

Craps. I forgot the following characters (but you wouldn't have picked them anyway, right?)
Alex, Karl, Keamy, Naomi, Matthew Abaddon, Nikki, Paolo

Who Are Your Top Five Favorite Lost Characters? (Pick 5)


chop said...

Jin and Sun haven't even been together for two seasons, so I don't see why they're like Rose and Bernard and only count as one character combined.

My five are Ben, Jin, Sun, Eko and Locke.

Garrett said...

Mine are:

Jin/Sun -- they've got the best overall story and character development
Ben -- one of the most interesting characters.
Juliet -- I can't stop watching her. It's all about that stare.
Charlotte -- Another pretty lady who screams for attention.
Libby -- probably, in my opinion, the most enigmatic character. SERIOUSLY WHAT IS HER DEAL?

Amy W said...

Seriously. You have Shannon and Boone, but not CHARLIE on the list??

p.s. Thanks for reminding me of his name on Twitter. ;)

p.p.s. I only voted for four b/c Charlie is my fifth favorite.

LoquaciousMuse said...

Yeah, I guess, for me, Jin & Sun are meant to be together with the same force that Rose & Bernard are and even though they are separated now, they share a back story/flash-forwards/flashbacks and I have a hard time seeing someone selecting one of them as a favorite and not both. Jacob touched them both at the same time for a reason!

Anonymous said...

Bummed that my favorite Lost character, Charlie, isn't included. Also that Jin and Sun are combined. Sun is probably my favorite female character (or at least was in the early seasons when they still utilized her) but I don't like Jin nearly as much.

My favorites are Charlie, Miles, Faraday, Ben, and Hurley

LoquaciousMuse said...

I have an idea to add charlie! gonna go in my lab real quick

genjadeshade said...

Sawyer, Hurley, Charlie, Sayid and Locke.

I'm probably in the very small minority of people who really, really don't like Ben Linus.

LoquaciousMuse said...

Oh wow! How come you don't like Ben? I am fascinated by this!

Sarah said...

Know what? I'm gonna play Devil's Advocate and say Jack. That's right. Jack. Here's why:
I think Jack really is the most relateable of all the characters. Everything people hate about him--his moodiness, stubborness, disbelief and hero-complex... these are all traits most of us have and hate within ourselves. It made me really happy to see him take some new steps in his sideways story, and I will always root for him.

Other than Jack, I love Ben to such an extreme I practically worship him. Desmond, Charlie--his death broke my heart almost as bad as Wesley's on Angel, and that was the WORST--and Richard (SOOOO EXCITED FOR NEXT WEEK) .

Erin said...

Hurley, Ben, John, Desmond and Daniel. Their centric episodes are pretty much always fantastic. The last four are so complex and fascinating, and Hurley is just so virtuous and funny. But I also really love Jacob, Rose & Bernard, Charlie, Tom and Sawyer.

Unknown said...

My five in no particular order...

This was much harder than I thought it was going to be! I love the back stories to all of these characters. I picked Ben, Desmond, and Jack because not only are their histories interesting, but I think they are most integral to understanding the island. I would have added Faraday in my top 5, but I've always had a spot in my heart for Bernard and Rose. In my opinion they are the most likable people on the entire island. That leaves me with Sawyer; Josh Holloway should always be required to work sans shirt. But Sawyer has proved he is not just all looks. I loved his relationship with Juliette, so sweet.

Jacey said...

I voted for Sawyer, Locke, Ben, Juliet and Hurley. Cooper is also one of my favourite characters.

Reed said...

Desmond -- he has that crazy eye reminscent of feifel goes west.

Jack -- guy tries all the wrong solutions.

Locke -- pre-smoke monster.

Juliet -- she's b.a. And she doesn't give a shit about hopping from one male antagonist to the other. Do your thing!

Sawyer -- stubborn as shit. I appreciate his nihilistically veiled emotions that show through anyway.

Worst characters:

Michael -- one word (repeated endlessly), "waaaaaaaaaaalt." God mix up your vocab. Gimme a "walter" or something

Niki/paolo -- what a waste of an episode.

Ashley said...

Mine: Juliet, Ben, Hurley, Desmond, and Sawyer.

You can't imagine how happy I was when Juliet and Sawyer got together. I was only shipping Sawyer/Kate because I wanted the poor guy to be happy, but better option came along . . . and is now dead. FU Lost.

Mel Got Served said...

I wanted to vote Rose but I refused to contribute love to Bernard. I still remember him as the cranky guy who wanted to make the SOS rocks and was super bossy.

No Scott and Steve?! I would've had to vote for both.

I went with: Sawyer, Jin, Ben, Locke, and Juliet