Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Want To Own Some Tru Blood Of Your Very Own? [Contest]

Welcome to True Blood Week on All Things Fangirl!

In honor of HBO re-airing the awesome season two starting this Sunday, we've decided to celebrate one of the best shows on TV with one True Blood-themed post per day for the rest of the week.

If you don't watch True Blood, borrow my season 1 DVD (or okay, I guess that can really only apply to people who know me...@Brazenlycastle, I'm looking at you) to devour over the next few days, so you're all prepped for Sunday. Season two, for me, far surpassed season one, and not just because Eric cut his hair.



Another factor that made season 2 so amazing? Fellowship of the Sun. Oh and how could we forget my favorite? Andy. Effing. Bellefleur. I'd watch a buddy cop show featuring him & Jason Stackhouse. Just saying. And stay tuned this week for Eruditechick's in depth interview with Bellefleur's portrayer, the incomparable & thankfully ubiquitous, Chris Bauer. Also expect a post from me on the best way to serve some Tru Blood at a party...

Which brings us to our first post, a True Blood contest!

If you've ever had an interest in throwing a True Blood premiere party (June 13th! Be here now!), this is the contest for you.

One lucky winner will receive the following:

(1) 4 pack of Tru Blood
(1) Exclusive All Flavor No Bite Poster
(2) Cocktail Menus that list 3 drinks:  The Fangbanger, Death on the Beach, and Plasmapolitan
(50) Tru Blood branded cocktail napkins

Of these items, only the Tru Blood is available for purchase. The others are exclusive to special events such as The Scream Awards, People’s Choice Awards, and various HBO celebrity events.  They are not sold in any stores.

To enter, just follow these simple steps!

1. Add All Things Fangirl to your Google Reader

2. If you are on Twitter, follow @loquaciousmuse & @eruditechick 

3. In the comments section below, answer the following questions: A. Who is your favorite character and why? and B. What are you most looking forward to/hoping to see in Season 3?

You have all week to enter and the randomly selected winner will be announced this Monday! Be sure to check our site then to see if you've been named the winner. If the winner does not claim their prize on Monday, we'll choose someone else.

Best of luck and hope you enjoy the rest of True Blood Week!


Unknown said...

A perhaps obvious, yet sexy choice, would be the brooding Bill Compton. However, Eric is my favorite character. I think his character grew a lot in season 2; plus the hair cut makes him all the more attractive. Love triangle? Yes please! We've learned more about his past this last season, but he's still very enigmatic. As for season 3, I hope to see more of Eric. But what I love about True Blood is that I don't know what to expect. It's crazy, sexy, and campy. However, I really hope that Sam's story develops more this season, e.g. his parents.

Garrett said...

Sam Trammel, because a) he's hot and b) his backstory is super interesting. And while I know that we're going to find out a bunch of stuff relating to that in the next season what I'm MOST looking forward to is the *SPOILER ALERT* sexual dreams/attraction/tension that's going to be brewing between him and Bill since he drank Bill's blood to heal after the whole Marianne debacle.


Laryn Stout said...

Okay, I effing love Tara. She's always angry and saying sassy things. She was duped by a Maenad and a voodoo trailer witch doctor, but made it through with her anger intact. Her mom is a born again former alcoholic. She wears cut-offs. AND she dated a dude named Eggs.

As for next season, I'd like to see a lot more of Eric, if you know what I mean. I'd also like to see a new hottie vampire introduced. Someone for Tara maybe!?! And Sam, oh so sweet Sam, I could watch him shapeshift all day. He needs a romantic match, but someone who's his equal and not working for a demon. Oh and Andy! How cute would it be if he found a lady friend? Omg, this is making me way too excited for Season 3!!! muhahaha

Chantaal said...

A. Who is your favorite character and why?

Eric. Um, he puts all other current vampires to SHAME. He's cold and egocentric on the surface, but you can see the thousand years he's lived if you look closer - and we didn't even really need the Godric storyline to see that (although I love that tiny little vampire maker). He's the most interesting character on the show, so far.

B. What are you most looking forward to/hoping to see in Season 3?

ERIC FLASHBACKS. Apparently there'll be some Eric/Godric scenes and some stuff about his origin as a vampire. I can't wait for it all to unravel, there's some good stuff waiting to be seen.

Also, the werewolves. I loved their introduction in the books and I can't wait to see how they handle it on screen.

Octopus Terror said...

my favorite character is bill. i want more broody bill. and also it would be nice if he would flail his arms at least once in season three... i am a fan of the southern gentleman arm flail.

xtina said...

A. My favorite character would have to be Godric. He's pretty much the oldest vampire in history, so you'd think he would be a big jerk, but he's actually very compassionate towards humans. When the Fellowship of the Sun kidnapped him, he was forgiving and totally took the blame.*SPOILERS!* Even while dying he was embracing it! And of course, Allan Hyde is a cutie... :D I just love Godric!

B. I'm really excited to see more of Eric, of course! Hopefully some more bits about his past... which means more Godric! Ooooh, I'm also looking forward to the werewolves.

Sharon P said...

I love Sookie! and I am looking forward to what happens with Sookie and Eric in season 3!

Anonymous said...

i loved Godric..... for all the obvious reasons....His gentle power was attractive. and Sookie is precious.....that untouchable innocence... hmmm can hardly relate. LOL
But i'd have to say i'm truly looking forward to more Eric..... He's Delicious! It will be exciting seeing How He will handle all the power in His future. Oh! btw, i liked his hair long.. *grinz*

Eric Flashbacks will be Awesome... and werewolves... well interesting for sure!.... but ohhh Sookie Sookie (LOL)... and her unresolved feelings for Eric.......Wooohooo HAWT! Can't wait to see what developes!!!!

Melissa Madison said...

A. My favorite character is Lafayette Reynolds because Nelsan Ellis is such a great actor and steals every scene his character is in.

B. I can't wait for Sookie to find Bill. Season 2 ended in such a good way and with a cliffhanger. I want to see that story line continued.

bebe said...

My favorite character is Eric. He's so sexy and doesn't care. He is pretty much emotionless but something about Sookie is giving him back his emotion.

I am looking forward to more Sookie and Eric interaction next season, something steamy (lol i'm a perv)

Mel Got Served said...

A. My favorite character is Pam, who is so underutilized. When she comes on screen I yell, "PAM!!" She's Eric's right-hand "man," loves expensive shoes, and takes crap from no one. She's sassy, hilarious, and I am definitely hoping season 3 has far more Pam in it.

B. For season 3, I'm hoping for more Pam (obviously) and Lafayette (who I thought was sidelined a bit last season). I'm also really interested in why the Queen was having Bill look into Sookie to begin with (no spoilers you book readers!)

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna give some love to Hoyt. What a sweetie! And his part was fantastic in season two. As for season three, I am looking forward to the expansion of the mythology, i.e. the weres and the vampire politics. June. SO close and so far! Argh!

Molly said...

While I do love me some Sam trammel and Anna Paquin, I'm going to go with Hoyt on this one. He's just so sweet and understanding, and has great character potential with the Jessica story line. I'm looking forward to seeing more of that, as well as as some Sookie/Bill drama - he's getting on my nerves. And maybe summore Sookie/Sam? Please?

T Daddy3000 said...

My fav is Lafayette he is a bad ass brother when he needs 2 be and fabulous on top of that.
What I hope 2 see in season 3 is a werewolf. Yes I said it a werewolf and a real one not just a big dog like they show in those crap Twilight movies.

Jillianne6 said...

While this may sound strange, I think Jason Stackhouse is shaping up to be my favorite character on True Blood. Jason has had the best character arc, going from ignorant sex-crazed man-whore in the first season to an almost noble hero in the last part of Season Two. He keeps trying to do the right thing, no matter how misguided or well, revenge driven it is. He also gets to say the most unintentionally funny lines of the series! While on the other hand, he can be a bit vindictive when it comes to Sookie, and all the same be a caring brother to our heroine. You put in his interactions with the townspeople of Bon Temps, and you have a satisfying subplot for Jason. Plus, ABS;)

What I'm looking forward to is the ramping up of the Eric/Sookie relationship, and the Vampire King of Mississippi! The Weres/shapeshifters, and more of Sookie discovering her powers. I think this season is going to be excellent!

Unknown said...

My favorite character is Eric and I'm really hoping to see more of him and Pam next season!

Anonymous said...

Lafayette because he is an amazing character portrayed even better. I am looking forward to werewolves and sookie's cousin.

Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

A. I adore Eric (and fully agree with the haircut improvement). H just absolutely makes me melt. also think Lafayette is a fantastic character. He is another favorite and B. looking forward to more Eric of course. I always need more of him. I'd also like to see more of Pam - her character is a really great one.

Robin Hudson said...

Hmmm, hard to make a choice, so many of the characters are looking like they are heading down interesting roads. I like Lafayette, I like Hoyt, but I'm going to have to go with Bill. But, he's clearly with the wrong girl, he should be with me! *Call me!*

knitkat said...

A. Eric. He is lickable to the extreme. Who doesn't love a bad boy
B. More of Eric and hot guys in general :D *howls* ;)