Monday, March 22, 2010

The Cake Is a Lie [Etsy Geek Search Of The Day]

I found out recently, and I forget how (but it was probably via The Daily What aka the best website ever created) that this site,, allows for visual searches of Ebay, and now, Etsy. So from time to time I'm gonna type in some geek keyword and see what comes up.

Today's entry?

"Companion Cube"

Today's results?

Today's recommended buy?

Companion Cube Scarf. That's fuckin cool. And highly under-prices for 25 bucks. I don't even want to imagine the work that went into this.

The Enrichment Center reminds you that the Weighted Companion Cube cannot speak. In the event that the Weighted Companion Cube does speak, the Enrichment Center urges you to disregard its advice.