Thursday, March 11, 2010

American Idol Top 16 - Boys Night

Dear god. What was that. Why why why. I am LONGING for Adam Lambert, Kris Allen, Matt Giraud, and yes, even Danny Gokey so at least I have someone to hate. How BORING was that whole evening? Granted, we haven't even made it into the top 12 yet, so I should probably calm down. But AUGH. Just....WHY.

Lee Dwyze - Fireflies
This song is so emo. Lee is so...Lee. This is blech.

Alex Lambert - Trouble
He is definitely winning me over. I love the tone of his voice and the genre of his song choices. Hope he makes it through, he's the most improved week to week and deserves a spot in the top 12!

Tim Urban - Hallelujah 

(A Twitter Transcription)

Tim Urban singing Hallelujah? Don't make me hate this song, Tim. Don't do it. Stop it. #idol

Tim Urban = 3rd place in high school talent show type of voice. HOW IS HE ON THIS SHOW? My ears are bleeding. #idol

Example of perfect song choice and arrangement, but sadly his voice isn't good enough for it. Judges, YOU CRAZY. HORRIBLE. #idol

Tim Urban is staying in this competition because the producers want him to. That was horrible & the judges loved it. #idol

Yes, It was Tim's best performance, but his best performance was still a piece of shit. I suppose logic dictates that he should stay in over someone who hasn't improved at all, but I disagree, because Tim sucks, go home.

Andrew Garcia - Genie in a Bottle 
Creeped out by a guy singing Genie in a Bottle. "You gotta rub me the right way." Nonono. Stop. Its neat, but...awkward. Awesome in theory, not so awesome in practice. I did like the ending, but man. Forced. Uncomfortable. The sad sad story of Peaked-Too-Early-Garcia. That would suck if he went home tomorrow.

Casey James - You’ll Think of Me
I think Casey is the dreamiest dreamy of the dreamy swooooon, but stupid song, boring. He'll make it through to next week and hopefully not be boring again.

Aaron Kelly - Already There
A Twitter Transcription

Whatever Aaron Kelly is doing, it's OFFENSIVE TO MY EARS OH MY GOD OW #idol

Aaron Kelley may actually be asleep AS he performs. #idol

Horrible. Yeah he has a "power zone" and whatever, awesome, but, no. The beginning was atrocious and the song is dumb and who really wants to listen to the type of music this kid will create? Like, seriously. Enough.

Todrick Hall - Somebody To Love
I thought this was very cool. Mostly because someone was actually entertaining me! Got very nostalgic for Adam during this number because Todrick's performance seemed like it could only reach a certain level of energy. Seemed almost too muted, like the commitment wasn't actually there. It seemed to me like he was sick or something, but I guess he wasn't. So, just, please figure it out for next week.

Michael Lynche: This Woman’s Work
Very pretty. I wasn't as blown away as the rest of the judges, but I guess after a night like we had tonight, Michael "I can actually sing and perform well" Lynche seemed like a god-send.

My Top Three: Alex Lambert, Michael Lynche, Casey James (for hotness)
My Bottom Three: Tim Urban, Aaron Kelly, Andrew Garcia 
Going Home: If there were justice, Tim & Aaron. More likely Todrick & Andrew, with the cuties Tim & Aaron sticking around. But I hope not.


Unknown said... polled on 2,966 American Idol viewers’ perceptions of which contestants should be eliminated from the top 8 guys on tonight’s results show. The contestants with the lowest percentage of votes, who should be eliminated tonight, were Todrick Hall, with 5.1% of the votes, and Aaron Kelly, with 7.2% of the votes. The study will parallel American Idol voting to determine the weekly winners based on a democratic, “one person, one vote” methodology.
More in depth results can be seen at: