Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Oscar Party Themed Dishes

We had a wide array of Oscar themes dishes this year, so I thought I'd share! I don't have photos of everything, but I do have a list. Enjoy!

The complete menu!

Prawns - District 9 
Sigourney Weiners (Cocktail hot dogs)
Fruit Salad - A Single Man (Tongue in cheek, worry not)
Strawberry Apple Struedel  - Inglourious Basterds
Cockroach Clusters - Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince
"Crazy Hearts" Heart shaped whiskey shortcake w/ strawberries
Crazy Heart shaped pastries
Beouf Bourgonion - Julie & Julia
Cinema Pasta Italiano - Nine
Nine Ingredient Dip - Nine
Fantastic Mr Lox
A Serious Man's Bagels
Corn Muffins - CORNy movies/moments
Cheese Plate - CHEESEy movies (like The Blind Side)/moments
The Brine Side Crab Dip
A Pringle Man (by @thedanifesto)
Hard Apple Cider - Fantastic Mr Fox (by @brazenlycastle)
The Lovely Scones
Ribs - The Lovely Bones
The Hurt Lasagna & Garlic Bread Bombs (by @xoxogg and @tooadorkable)
Sweet Lady Jane cake decorated like Pandora - Avatar


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