Wednesday, March 3, 2010

American Idol Top 20

This week we saw some contestants take 3 steps forward (Big Mike, Mullet Kid, Bowersox), some take 2 steps back (Casey James apparently, Andrew Garcia) and some possibly ruin their chances all together (John Park, Todrick Hall, Didi Benami). Just another week in the life of American Idol! Here's the rundown.

Big Mike - It's a Mans Mans Mans World
Huge improvement, LOVED this performance. His voice sounds right in this style, much more so than last week's mediocre Maroon 5 cover. Also - what a personality on this guy, right? So entertaining & charming, I'm a fan.

John Park - Gravity
I think the problem with John Park is simply that his voice just isn't that great. It's good enough to be the lead singer of his a capella group, sure, and he's cute enough that you forgive the imperfections even more so, but American Idol isn't the place for him. Sorry, man. This may be the end of the road for you.

Casey James - I Don't Wanna Be
My least favorite of Gavin Degraw's ouvre, yet AI contestants refuse to stop singing it. Siiigh. Casey's voice came across a little too goat-Creed-y for me this week, but his badass guitar playing kind of made up for it. I don't see Idol as a singing competition so much anymore as I see it as a performing competition. Having a great voice just won't do it (see: Ashley Rodriguez), so Kara, you may wanna calm down a little there with your overcompensation. Though I do agree that Casey can do better and he will. And the performance was a tad cocky, so taking him down a notch will probably only help at this point.

Alex Lambert - Everybody Knows
Excuuuuse me?! This is why sometimes getting a second chance is necessary. Because hey, this kid can sing! I like his tone, I like his weird-ass style, I approve. And with this performance, the kid I was sure was gonna get kicked off this week secures himself a place in the top 16!

The rest of the boys, the girls and predictions after the jump

Todrick Hall - What's Love Got To Do With It
Yikes. One of my favorites since auditions picks the worst song and worst arrangement he could have possibly picked. Shit. Hope he gets through this week despite week #2 of squandering his great potential (though I liked last week way more than the judges did.)

Jermaine Sellers - What's Going On
I mean, it was fine, I guess. I don't really see anything too unique about Jermaine or his voice. He can sing, but much like John Park, I'm not sure Jermaine is good enough to keep competing on American Idol.

Andrew Garcia - You Give Me Something
His voice is great but this performance is boring and please don't disappoint again next week.

Aaron Kelly - My Girl
What are the judges smoking? That performances was ALL over the place, vocally. Sure he was cute, and the performance could have been great, but it wasn't. His voice was wobbly & the kid was trying WAY too hard. Luckily he's cute and the judges like him so he'll be safe for one more week at least.

Tim Urban - Come On Get Higher
Better with the guitar? Sure. Still pretty shitty overall? Definitely. Someone put this kid out of his misery and send him home already, please?

Lee Dewyze - Lips of an Angel
Wait, is he an orphan? Or just did a bunch of bad shit as a kid? What is this backstory saying? I'm intrigued. I'm kind of fascinated by him overall. His voice is pretty good, could use some work, but has that nice rasp situation going on. He is still hot in that tool-douche kind of way. I guess I like him. I don't know. The jury's still out. But he'll be safe this week.

Going home: Two of: Tim, John, Todrick, Jermaine. Should be John & Tim, but we'll see.

Crystal Bowersox - Long As I Can See The Light
Bowersox?! More like Power-vox! Get it? I love her. LOVE HER. BOW-ER-SOX BOW-ER-SOX! Happy the judges adore her as much as I do.

Haeley Vaughan - The Climb
I still love Haeley. I think she's really unique & interesting and I love her voice & personality. That's just the way it is. Sure, her vocals weren't perfect, but I like her.

Lacey Brown - Kiss Me
Sounds like her nerves are still playing too much of a factor. It's a shame cause her tone is nice, but I think at the end of the day she just isn't strong enough. I think your time's up.

Katy Stevens - Put Your Records On
Her voice doesn't match her look. I feel like she might be better in a few years, when she may look as mature as her voice sounds. The girl can definitely sing, but I don't know if her voice is really suited to this song. Something is off about this performance.

Didi Benami - Lean on Me
I'm still really digging her voice and look. I want to be Didi's friend! That way I can say "Hey Didi Benami" every time I talk to her. Her voice sounds good singing something old fashioned just as much as it did singing something uber modern like Ingrid Michaelson. I like her! Yay Didi! Whatever, judges.

Michelle DeLamor - With Arms Wide Open
Well she's making a Creed song sound like an R&B hit, which is kind of interesting. I'm not hating it. She's actually doing a good job of making it her own! Wasn't my favorite, but was kinda neat, and I'm not even a fan of Michelle's.

Lily Scott - A Change Is Gonna Come
Her voice + 60s classics = I approve. Her own take on this song too! Very cool. Looking forward to what she does next week.

Katelyn Epperly - The Scientist
I loved this. Sure it was slow, but I loved it. Girl can sing.

Paige Miles - Walk Away
She has a fantastic voice. Excited to hear her sing anything, really, even though I'm not such a fan of this song choice. She's adorable.

Siobhan Magnus - Think
Not my choice of song for her, but I enjoy hearing her sing so much, I'll take it. But she sounds off on some of those higher notes...hrmmmm. Hah, she's weird. I like her. To quote Simon, "You're such a strange person."

Going Home: Lacey. And hopefully either Katy or Michelle, but only because I like everyone else too much. Uh oh. I'm scared of this week.


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