Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Muse's Lost Theory of the Week!

So I haven't made a habit out of recapping Lost but I did a little something something with The Lighthouse last week and feel compelled to at least share my probably-wrong-but-kinda-cool theory that developed after this week's ep, Sundown.

This week we saw many references to the fact that Smokey & Jacob frequently offer people the promise of loved ones coming back to life, reunions, the lives they always wanted but never had. And notice how these lives seem to be playing out, for the most part, in Sideways world. Jack has dealt with his Daddy issues, Nadia isn't dead, Hurley is the luckiest man in the world, Locke's relationship with his father is just fine and he's with his "soulmate", Helen, and Dogen's son is kicking ass on the piano instead of being dead due to his own father's negligence. Could it be that Smokey & Jacob have access to this Sideways World, and have the power to transfer the Lostie's consciousnesses into their Sideways bodies?

I got really emotional last night thinking of the moment everyone get transferred and Sawyer is sitting with Juliet over coffee, Claire is holding Aaron, with Kate beside her and so on and so forth.

Probably wrong? Yeah, probably, but theories are half the fun!
Need more of a Lost theory fix this week? Check out EW's recap by Doc Jensen, which features this bit,
Yet I'm thinking Dogen was getting it wrong, too, either because he's misinformed or biased because of what Jacob did for his son: spared him from death. In fact, think about the wondrous things associated with Jacob. Richard's eternal youth. The resurrection hot spring. And, if you believe Ben from season 3, a cure for cancer. Jacob isn't ''good,'' per se — he's just capable of giving life. Put another way: Jacob is the god of beginnings. He is The Alpha. The Man in Black? Not evil — he's the god of endings. He is the Omega. The beginning and the end. Polar, warring opposites, but absolutely necessary for life to bloom (Alpha) and to have form (Omega). Both are necessary for anything to have meaning. Jacob unchecked leads to chaos; Man In Black unchecked leads to annihilation. Both need to exist in balance; both need to be equally weighted rocks on the scale.