Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lost's 108th Episode Brings: MOAR NUMBERS!

*SPOILER ALERT* If you aren't caught up on Lost, walk away now

Just a quick post to inform you of some of the other numbers/names that appeared on last night's lighthouse dial, courtesy of my boyfriend's brother/Lost aficionado, Ryan.

20: Rousseau
51: Austen
58: Burke (Juliette)
101: Faraday
104: Lewis (Charlotte)
108: Wallace ???
109: Friendly (Tom)
117: Linus
124: Dawson (Michael)


Random fun names courtesy of E! Online
119: Almeida. Homage to 24's Michelle Almeida, aka Reiko Aylesworth aka Ethan's mom, Amy Goodspeed?
120: Rodriguez (Ana Lucia's RL portrayer Michelle)

All were crossed out but #51.

I've said before I think Kate is on the list, but not a "candidate" because while she may not be a potential protector of the island herself, she is crucial to two of the other candidates - #23 & #15 and may be key in making sure they ultimately end up where they are supposed to be. Last night we discovered that she isn't crossed out, where as other non-candidates non-dead candidates aka #117, Ben Linus, are. Other theories include 51's relationship to 15 - Is Kate somehow Sawyer in reserve? Or is she a candidate, but because she is not one of the main numbers (4 8 15 16 23 42), she will ultimately not be in the running to take over?

Some other tidbits you might be interested in:
- The piece David was playing on the piano is the same piece of music Faraday was seen playing in last season's "The Variable." He too was a young musical prodigy, but unlike David, Faraday was pressured by his parent into leaving his passion behind. (Thanks Doc Jensen)
- Smokey's names/numbers appeared on the wall of a dark, hidden cave, located underneath the mainland of the island that can only be reached via dangerous ladder. Jacob's matching (as far as we know) names/numbers can be found in a lighthouse, high above the mainland. I'm getting visions of a banned Smokey forced to set up camp in a cave, far away from the Temple & the temple's passage to the lighthouse, where he's been keeping his own track of the candidates.
- If Jacob is so manipulative, which he is, why did he not manipulate Ben into not killing him? As my brother pointed out last night, Jacob didn't even try to stop Ben. His final words were "What ABOUT you?" These are not the words of someone trying to save his own life. What was Jacob's purpose? Did he mean to die?
- For the record, my first instinct regarding who is coming to the island? Widmore. I've heard Aaron suggested by others.
-Does Claire see Locke, Christian or Titus Welliver when she looks at Smokey? Clearly they've been "friends" for a while - well before Smokey got trapped in Locke's body.
- The popular theory regarding David's mother seems to be Juliet. Makes sense. Looking forward to finding out if it's really her. Some are suggesting the mother is Eloise and David is somehow Daniel, but that makes my brain hurt.
-Anyone else notice that Jack's mom keeps some of Widmore's McCutcheon Whiskey around the house?

More screencaps of the dial, courtesy of Brian at My after the jump. Please post your thoughts in the comments section! I loves me some Lost discussion.


Caitlin said...

Before last night's episode, I thought the same thing about Kate being on the list but not a candidate because she helps steer Jack and Sawyer. But now I guess she is probably as much a candidate as anyone else who was listed but not one of the special numbers.

Maybe Ben's name is just crossed off because he was supposed to be banished from the island forever when he turned the donkey wheel?

Do we know if Jacob considers "the numbers" to be special/meaningful? They are meaningful to Hurley, obviously, and the Dharma Initiative stamped them on the hatch and used them for the code in the hatch. Somebody was transmitting them via the radio tower at one point, but do we know who or why?

I also totally agree that Smokey and/or MIB wrote the names in the cave. Which means maybe he doesn't know Kate is a candidate? Not sure if he was forced into that cave, though, it might have been his choice of location.

I think Jacob did know that he was going to die, and made a choice not to stop it. He probably had to die in order for the island's end game to play out.