Friday, May 1, 2009

17 Again > Wolverine

I just have to officially say that 17 Again rocked my face off. In retrospect, I find it blasphemous that I dared to call Wolverine "fun" when I didn't even know what fun was until I experienced Zac Efron in a leather jacket wooing Leslie Mann (it's so wrong!) AND Tom Lennon wooing Melora Hardin with the fact that THEY BOTH SPEAK ELVISH (it's so right!). And seriously, whoever dressed the Ned's house set needs to call me. What was a lightsaber duel doing in that movie?! I don't know! I don't care! But it was awesome! What just happened! Two years ago a good friend of mine bought me a Zac Efron barbie doll as a joke because I cared for him so little. Now I shall place that barbie doll high on my geek shelf and worship it stare at it leave it there and occasionally glance at it accidentally when I'm looking at that area of my room. You win this time, Zac Efron. You win this time. Update: This review by Ashley Awesome pretty much describes why I love this movie


Lisa said...

Love it! I reviewed 17 Again on my blog too and also couldn't get enough of it. And the Elvish dinner scene absolutely stole the show!

I really enjoy your blog!