Sunday, March 29, 2009

Last Week on All Things Fangirl

So this past week was a little crazy cause I randomly had a lot to do and there wasn't too much I felt inspired to blog about. As a result, most of the posts are about random silly shit instead of anything that actually matters, but hey - we need those weeks sometimes, no? Next week I'll be bringing back my Idol posts that I couldn't get to this week (though I may have actually predicted correctly for once, grrr). Is it true they are doing the top 100 iTunes songs? Cause...that's one hilarious list. All crap, then randomly Don't Stop Believeing and Tracks of my Tears. And a song by Muse. Should be an interesting show. P.S. Did anyone watch the Streamys last night?

Let the round up begin!

- Knowing poster giveaway! I have tons of Knowing posters and nowhere for them to go. Enter our contest and take some off my hands!

- The results of my Top 5 TV Shows of all time poll on Twitter

- My choice for the Audience Choice Streamy award. They didn't win :(

Games (by Stealth Bear!)

- Batman: Arkham Asylum video of actual gameplay. Can't wait!

- Write up on Settlers of Catan. I wanna play!

Weird/Cool/Silly Shit

- Custom My Little Ponys that look like The Joker, The Bride, Slave Leia and more! WANT. One day when I'm crazy rich, Harley Quinn is mine.

- A stick figure version of Lee & Kara's final scene together on Battlestar Galactica

- I got some Lolcats magnetic poetry and essentially went insane for a short period of time.

- Caturday Cool Shit: Compilation of Pixar characters as humans, an awesome David at the Dentist shirt, a link to Erik Lundegaard's blog where he counted down his top five most used movie quotes, and a link to sign the petition to reunite the Saved by the Bell cast.

- Muppetstar Galactica. It's only 20 seconds, but it's an awesome 20 seconds.