Thursday, March 19, 2009

Batman Logo Evolution [Video of the Moment]

Saw this on Topless Robot and had to share. I had no idea there were THIS many Batman Logos over the years. Which one seems the most familiar to you? Gives you that gut "Ahhh home!" feeling in your stomach when you see it? P.S. Why isn't the logo from Batman: The Animated Series in this? Or did I just miss it?


ErinLaurel said...

For me it's the logo from Tim Burton's Batman - that movie was my first introduction to Batman in any form. I saw it at my babysitter's when I was little (way before my parents would have ever let me watch it). It absolutely terrified me, but I also fell in love with it. Michael Keaton is still my favorite batman. I know, I know - Christian Bale is awesome, I don't dispute that. But Michael Keaton was my first. And I really liked his socially awkward version of Bruce Wayne. Also: his eyebrows.

EruditeChick said...

I'm with Erin on this, all the way. There was a basic sensation of dysfunction from every actor in Burton's Batman that made you believe they were just whackjob enough to actually dress up like that.

It's also my favorite of the logos, although I do like DKR's and Batman Begins. Still, my all time favorite incarnation of the Bat is Bruce Timm's original animated series Batman.