Tuesday, March 3, 2009

david's day in brief [Round Up]

observe the twitter mentality (www.twitter.com/poosclouds) already ransacking my motivation to type a series of interconnected sentences. so here is my daily download of sorts, a fond look back at the day that was as filtered through my hairy brain (ew). not all of these thoughts are of the most fan-ish (fanny?) nature, but i was all super jealous for not being at wondercon and want to show the world that i can has my own wondercon... in my MIND. feel free to imagine that noxious end of the show jay leno music playing in the background as you read this.

- is it just me or do the trailers / commercials for "the haunting in connecticut" make you pee just a little bit?

- jimmy fallon premiered and for the most part failed as expected. late night should be a snarky tucking in of sorts, and his jangled nerves and woeful bits (the less said about "lick it for 10," the better) didn't help matters... but it was pleasant enough and he's a reasonably funny fellow... these things take time (the almighty conan's first shows weren't exactly rapturously received) and i'll definitely be tuning in when i can. the roots as house band was a masterstroke but i can't see them staying all that long.

- grizzly bear's third LP "veckatimest" leaked (lead singer ed droste was a sad yet resigned panda over at his twitter ). the leak is a wee bit poopy but the music is obviously majestic. "two weeks," "ready, able", "while you wait for the others," and "foreground" are instantly recognizable barn-burners and the whole thing is gonna sound oodles better on the recordings proper. check it out over at bolachasgratis.baywords.com

- neko case's delovely and haunting LP "middle cyclone" was released today, as was marissa nadler's gorgeous "little hells." buy buy buy!

- i09 has a fascinating little compilation / analysis of early watchmen reactions from two very different communities. some serious food for thought for all fanboys and girls planning on expounding upon the film over the next few days... take a step back and pick your words wisely before diving into that fray - harry knowles has already and inevitably unleashed enough wantonly reckless geek glee for the lot of you. but seriously, i can think of no greater endorsement of a film than an anthony lane pan... sheesh. i'm excited. buy buy buy!

would my beloved cloverfield not have been more frightening if instead of this:

the monster looked like THIS:

- LQ preaches that this week's battlestar was actually pretty good... i sure hope so cause i don't think i'm alone when i say that the past few episodes have been silly-frappy. will watch and report back.

- i like dollhouse! it's like the jimmy fallon of joss whedon shows. is it unfair to think that he wants to hop on the good foot and do the bad thing with eliza dushku? yes. do i think that anyway? super yes. last week's episode was silly town, usa, but i enjoyed the poo out of it. who is alpha??? what is happening??? why is new television airing on a friday night???? so many questions!

- killzone 2 is killzone 2. so far there is only one kind of bad dude (he has a red shiny helmet so i know he's not a good dude) and i shoot at him with bullets from 3 or 4 different guns until he stops shooting me back. but the graphics are cray-cray and it's fun enough even if it's a bit drab and the interior environs are a lot more tense to bop around than the outdoor squares. haven't tried the multiplayer yet, but so far much prefer the mechanics of Resistance.

- go to itunes and buy "this lamb sells condos" by final fantasy. every time you don't do this, a kitten gets its wings... and uses those wings to fly into second storey windows and eat sleeping orphan babies. don't let that happen.


LoquaciousMuse said...

WHY is that the eliza dushku photo? that being said, LOVE the eliza dushku photo! cute kid.

Also, the review i'm writing was already reflecting that phenomenon before Io9 started writing about it...altering it now to incorporate the Io9 article itself.

I am choosing to forgive Dollhouse for not being amazing at first and just being good. I trust Joss.

Go in my room and watch BSG RIGHT NOW. No multitasking. Only BSG.