Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Danny Gokey Revives My Crush on Danny Gokey -A.I. Predictions 3/18

Wizard, Adam Lambert.

Interesting show last night, no?

Stupid Danny Gokey had to go and sing all sexy like. Ugh. I don't even like that song and I'm considering downloading it. Stupid Robert Downey Gokey and his voice that I think is so great. I should stick to my guns here. I loved him from his audition. And anyone who makes me WANT to download a song with "Jesus" in the title has gotta be amazing. Cause...I don't do that.

Anyway, here's my breakdown,

Favorites: Danny, Anoop, Crazy Ass Adam, Matt, Kris
Liked Just Fine: Allison, Megan
Weren't Great, But Should Stay: Alexis, Lil
Go Home Already: Michael, Scott (Michael Scott! Teehee)

Here's what Dial Idol has to say,

Top Five: Danny, Anoop, Lil, Matt, Kris
Bottom Three: Megan, Allison, Alexis

Yikes. Well I certainly hope that's incorrect. There's no way in hell Michael or Scott deserve to be in the tour over Alexis. She had one bad performance - that doesn't warrant getting kicked off the show, come on.

Entertainment Weekly's rankings,
Top Five:
Kris Allen: A-
Anoop Desai: B+
Adam Lambert: B+
Allison Iraheta: B+
Matt Giraud: B+

Bottom Three:
Megan (Joy) (Corkrey): C+
Michael Sarver: C
Scott MacIntyre: C-

Specifically last night I thought Kris, Matt & Anoop threw down the gauntlet, Adam further proved that he's the one to wait for every week - you never what shit he's gonna pull! I love him! And Paula got it right on the money with the Led Zepplin Kashmir bit. After she said that everyone I was watching with replied "Ahhhh, that's it, yes." But moving on - Allison will always sound and look amazing, Danny will always sound great but he needs to not look like an Eskimo, Lil has an amazing voice, but seems confused right now and Alexis needs to stay smart with her song choices. Or stay dirty as Kara would say.

That Kris is quite adorable, isn't he?

A boy needs to go home tonight. And which boy it is will depend on which audience dialed the most last night. If a girl goes home, I'm gonna be pissed. I need to predict I'm gonna go with Michael. My gut's telling me that the sympathy vote's gonna win out over the Midwest vote. We shall see.