Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Missed Kings? Wanna Download it for Free?

I definitely missed Kings Sunday night. Had been meaning to watch it, but for some reason thought it aired on Mondays. Thankfully, iTunes is offering a free HD download of the pilot for those of us who are interested in seeing if our cup of tea. Got great reviews, but bear in mind it also got terrible ratings. So there's a chance this show won't be sticking around for much longer. But hey, if the ratings didn't suck, we probably wouldn't be getting a free download in the first place. I mean, this was the only way I was ever gonna see the pilot after missing it (I can't deal with Hulu constantly skipping. Stupid internet connection.) and if I love it, I'll definitely set a season pass on my dvr.

In any event, click here for the free iTunes download and let me know what you think!


Big Crumb said...

i watched this last night (thanks Hulu). had been looking forward to it from the commercials. for every misstep there was a nice touch that kept me into it. i don't know anything about the story of David so this is a brand new story for me and i'm looking forward to seeing where it's going. i like the two royal guard buddies, and i'm hoping there will be a wild card character that shows up and kinda steals the show every now and again.

i'm going to grab this and watch it again at some point.