Tuesday, March 17, 2009

EW's Idolatry Puts the Kabosh On My Gokey Crush

That's a whole lot of awkward on one stage

It's American Idol Tuesday!

In celebration, I bring you two Idolatry videos from EW.com. These guys always crack me up. Though I think it may be Kristen Baldwin's goal in life to end my crush on Danny Gokey. And she might have won with this video. Although he will always have the odd Robert Downey Jr vibe that I find to be incredibly sexy.

Michael mentions having a gut feeling that the final three will be Allison, Kris and Adam. That would certainly be interesting.

But they're WAY too harsh on Adam Lambert & Matt Giraud.

Anyway, enjoy! Be sure to check out their videos every week. Always enjoyable.

Video 1 - Danny, Kris, Allison, etc
Video 2 - Anoop, Alexis, Adam, Matt, etc

As for my thoughts regarding tonight?

Who may rock: Alexis, Matt, Allison, who will all kick ass with their bluesy, raspy voices, probably Adam & Danny, who will be solid and possibly Kris & Lil, depending on what they do with the songs. Could be boring and bland or randomly awesome.

Hmmm...I have an odd feeling Kris will be amazing this week. Maybe it's the videos that did it. And also an odd feeling that Adam not be as amazing this week. Also, probably because of the videos.

Who may falter: Michael, Scott, Anoop, Megan

I'm thinking either Scott, Michael or Anoop will be heading home after tonight. Megan's too pretty to not make it into the tour.

Again, looking forward to seeing how totally wrong I am! I got lucky last week :).

P.S. Click here to see available song choices for tonight's show. Come on girls, rock the Patsy Cline!


Big Crumb said...

i don't know who your precious Danny Gokey is, but his little Twitter fan club started following me...which i guess is some tactic to get me to follow? all it really did was agitate me and serve as a reminder to visit www.votefortheworst.com

LoquaciousMuse said...

His fanclub started following you?! No way! Hahaa, that's hilarious.

He is this contestant on American Idol whose wife died 4 months before his audition so a lot of people hate him cause they think he exploited his wife's death (got A LOT of screen time) and is creepier/cockier than he lets on. I always just thought he looked like Robert Downey Jr and sang well, but now I too am kind of weirded out by the whole situation.

I wonder why they are following you now? How odd. And I love Vote for the Worst! Can't wait to see who they will be supporting after tonight.

Big Crumb said...

they aren't following me, because i promptly blocked them. i wonder how they picked me out aswell, it's odd and spamtacular.

i watched that youtube vid and the Downey Jr. thing crossed my mind as well. sad to hear his wife died...but if there's any exploiting being done it's by FOX.