Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Advice for the Idols: iTunes Week

So apparently tonight's Idol theme is something along the lines of iTunes downloads - either the top 100 or any song that's been in the top 100 since it started mattering in 2005. For today's Idol installment, we're gonna go with the assumption that's the theme is iTunes' current top 100. Sound good?

When was the last time you looked at the top 100? Cause...there is a lot of crap out there. A lot of really popular crap. Don't get me wrong, I LOVES me some good pop music for the working out and the dancing around like a moron in my apartment. I don't consider Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Rihanna or Britney Spears to be "crap". I do however, consider pretty much everything else on that list to be a total and utter embarrassment to us as a people.

That being said, I still thought it would be fun to think about what type of music on this list the idols should tackle tonight.

Kris - Maybe this is too obvious, but I think a little Jason Mraz, Matt Nathanson, The Fray, All American Rejects or Plain White Tees would work for him. Mraz's Im Yours (can someone sing that again?) stripped down, done acoustic style, or Lucky, somehow not as a duet, would best show off his voice and still have that cute, young, heartthrob vibe. Upon playing the 30 second preview of Here Comes Goodbye by Rascal Flatts, I've decided that too could work for him. But it's a little schmaltzy.

God there's a lot of bad music on this list...

Allison - The obvious choice here is any Pink song, as Allison sounds A LOT like her. But she might sound so much like her, that choosing her could be a bad choice. I'm not sure how the judges would react. She would obviously sing the shit out of it, but...just might be too on the nose. Not that I have ANY CLUE what else she could sing. Not Britney, not Rihanna, not Gaga, not Katy Perry, not Miley Cyrus, not Demi Levato, no rap, not Jai Ho, not Taylor Swift...what the hell is wrong the public that this is the top 100?! fdsgifsjdhg

Megan - Easy. Chasing Pavements by Adele. If Megan doesn't pick this song (assuming someone else doesn't pick it first) she is straight up an idiot and deserves to go home. This song could actually make Megan sound awesome and prove that she belongs in this competition.

Danny - Nothing on this list works for him. Cause he pissed me off last week and left my good graces. The only thing he could pull off would be one of those crappy country songs. Rascall Flatts, Keith Urban, etc whatever blah blah blah

Adam - Adam's one of the few who could really pull off anything on this list, because you KNOW he is gonna make it awesome. DEFINITELY the only one I could see doing a dance song, but I hope he doesn't. Ooh he could do something cool with that Muse song. Oh god what if he does Single Ladies and does the whole dance? What IF? Dude, I could so see him rocking Hot N Cold by Katy Perry. I love Adam. Please be awesome, Adam.

Anoop - This is Anoop's chance to bring back the magic of My Prerogative. He could pull of a Britney song, sing it amazingly well and have a little bit of that tongue in cheek humor. But he's gotta be careful. If Adam does a similar thing, Anoop's performance will fade to the back ground.

Matt - Matt has a VERY cool opportunity here to strip something down and piano it up. With JUST the piano. He could also sing the crap of something by Taylor Swift or Demi Levato or something totally random and weird that would sound amazing when he touches it. He does soul best, but I don't know if I see any on here. So he has to soulify something on his own. Unless he does the Matt Nathanson song. He could rock that, though it might be too...vanilla for what Matt needs right now. Hmmm...you know Don't Stop Believing is randomly on this list. What if Matt does it Tim Mahoney style? P.S. if you don't know what I'm talking about, go on iTunes and search for the Tim Mahoney cover of Don't Stop Believing.

Lil - This is a HUGE week for Lil. She needs to prove she can take the judge's advice or she's gonna be going home very soon. But I also have NO idea what she could sing with this theme. The guys at Idolatry were saying she should try going the Duffy/Amy Winehouse/Adele route in the coming weeks, but Chasing Pavements is literally the only song Megan could pull off and Winehouse & Duffy aren't on the current list. She could sing Beyonce's Halo, but that could be too obvious? And the song kinda sucks, so I don't know if it would do Lil any favors. Man. No clue.

Scott - He will some country song and go home. The end.

Final verdict:

Who will be awesome: Adam.

Who will either be awesome or called "obvious/boring" cause the Top 100 contains their niches: Kris (Jason Mraz) Matt (Matt Nathanson...sort of), Allison (Pink)

Who MUST pick the right song or it's curtains very soon: Lil, Megan

Who will sing something stupid very well and make me angry cause he ignored Smokey Robinson's advice and proved his ego is too big: Danny

Who will sing something stupid not so well and even though he is a better person than Danny Gokey, will probably go home: Scott

Absolute total wild card, will suck or be way awesome: Anoop

That about does it, folks! The show is an hour and a half tonight instead of two hours, which is sad times, but there's no mentor and only 9 contestants and the Osbournes need to do something blasphemous at 9:30. So I guess that's just the way it goes.