Wednesday, March 11, 2009

American Idol Thoughts - Top 13

Wow, this new Idol process actually kind of kicked ass. Cause...that was a pretty damn good show. Really everything kinds of pales in comparison to one particular singer, but still, good work, overall.

My Thoughts

My favorites were Adam, Matt, Danny, Allison & Alexis.

Not my favorites, but want them to/think they should stick around for one reason or another: Lil, Kris, Anoop, Megan

My least favorites were Jorge, Jasmine, Michael, Scott

Dial Idol

The Best: Danny, Adam, & Lil
Safes: Alexis, Anoop, Scott, Matt, & Michael
Ones in trouble: Megan, Kris, Jasmine, Allison & Jorge.

If Allison goes home, I will FREAK out. Didn't get to watch Idol until midnight, so no voting tonight :(. Eeek don't send Allison home cause I went and saw Mystery Team instead of voting for Idol!

More specific thoughts:

Lil - A bit too predictable and boring for me. But she did a good job.

Scott - Definitely the weakest vocally, but I did like this performance

Danny - Robert Downey vibe mmmmm. Great vocals. I'm into it.

Michael - Sounded fine, but eh, not American Idol material

Jasmine - Boring, just not good or interesting enough. Spot should have gone to Kristin.

Kris - Glad he brought out the guitar, but disappointed he didn't use it to rearrange a song. He was just of playing the guitar to be playing the guitar...nothing special. But gosh he's cute and he sounded pretty good except for that one crack.

Allison - Hell yeah. Love this girl. She's like two people in one! Seriously. How is the Allison singing and the Allison speaking the same person? Love it when super awkward people are amazingly talented. I hope DialIdol is wrong.

Anoop - Poor Anoop. Wow. Disaster. But I hope he sticks around and can improve next week. Wow.

Jorge - Cruise ship crap. Oh god, this is painful. Send him home.

Megan - Utterly bizarre and awkward, but she's so gorgeous and unique, I don't mind. Just figure it out, lady. Pick a better song next week. What a trippy effing performance.

Adam - Killed it. League of his own. Made me cry! I agreed with Paula 2000 percent. His story is one I can totally relate to, so I get it and I get what a huge deal this is for him. I'm a fan.

Matt - I love him! Don't love this genre of music at all. Soft Jazz? Is that what it is? I don't want him to be Robin or Justin Timberlake, I want him to be bluesy soul guy!

Alexis - Badass. Yes, not as good as she thought it was, but I'm a fan. I feel like she and Adam need to do a scene from Rent or something.