Wednesday, March 4, 2009


superheroes live amongst us!

and as is the case with our first subject, sometimes they even dress / appear as if they've stepped directly off of the pages of a graphic novel. spider-man might save you from a mugging (if only once), but horrifically gifted singer / songwriter antony hegarty of antony and the johnsons fame can save you from the doldrums or the sounds of... less beautiful things, and for that i think he's a marvel property waiting to happen. his 2005 mercury prize-winning sophomore album "i am a bird now" - a peon to transformation, transcendence, identity, family, and other (less abstract) concepts prettttyyyy much changed my life, and his latest LP "the crying light" almost impossibly lives up to its predecessor. his voice appears to be a love it or hate it type o' thing, but if you're too stonewalled by his appearance or transgendered nature to even give his music a chance, you can pretty much leave my life right about now.

he's on tour at the moment (i caught him at town hall in nyc a few days ago and it was kind of like LQ and watchmen but minus all the speed-ramping). here's some video of him playing "fistful of love" in some other city a few days ago. he kind of reminds me of quetzalcoatl... don't ask. anyhoo, enjoy:

oh, and here's a bonus video that... yeah... SUPER-EFFING-HERO.