Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Breaking My Heart [Celebrity Crush of Yesteryear]

Oh, damn you Great White Snark for posting this on your Twitter. Or tweeting about it. Twittering. Tweetering. Twiting. MY HEAD HURTS.

Turns out Mark Hamill was at Wondercon all weekend signing. But...not the good kind of signing. The charge you a lot of money kind of signing. The break my heart in two kind of signing. See, as some of you may know, I was BEYOND obsessed with Star Wars during middle school, when the films were restored and re-released in theaters. The first time I ever saw any Star Wars film was in theaters, at age 11. And they changed my life. Literally molded me into the fangirl I am today.

I bought every action figure, brought them to school, played with them during class, changed my name to Skywalker on my school papers, made various crafts and scrapbooks solely about Star Wars, read all the books, watched all the movies 30 someought times when they came out on video and cried myself to sleep at night because Luke Skywalker wasn't real and I wasn't his daughter. Literally. I also distinctly remember being in class one day in 6th or 7th grade, talking about my love for Star Wars, when someone mentioned something about Luke and Leia being brother and sister. Cue me replying "WHAT?!?!?!!?!?" and tearfully demanding answers when I got home. Whoever that bastard kid was, I still hate you.

The point is, Star Wars changed everything for me, especially Luke Skywalker. I finally got to meet Mark Hamill about 10 years ago at the premiere of The Matrix and he was a sweetheart. I've always loved him and have always been so sad hearing about his accident and the plastic surgery. Always affected me in a very strange and personal way.

So today, when I saw this Tweet? from Great White Snark, I obviously clicked on the link immediately:

Mark Hamill and his insane autograph fee schedule. Apparently, money cannot buy happiness. Or a healthy appearance. http://is.gd/lCVG

What did the link lead to?


I mean, I know Sci Fi actors can walk away from conventions with wads of cash and I can't begrudge them that, I can't. It's just...you have a hugely successful voiceover career! And people love you! Why why charge 100 dollars and refuse to pose in photos with people?! You're Luke effing Skywalker, you're better than that!

I need to go cry now or something. Or watch Star Wars.

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Unknown said...

I went to Dragon-Con last year as my first time at any such thing, and was surprised by the paid autographs. Not that I minded, but I wasn't really there for autographs, anyway.

Don't know how I can make you feel any better. You'll always have Corvette Summer? :-)