Saturday, March 28, 2009

Caturday Cool Shit [Woot!]

As some of you may know, I renamed the days of the week a couple days ago. So Saturday is now officially Caturday. On this Caturday, I am randomly watching Brand Upon the Brain with david and it may be the strangest movie I've ever seen. But we had to pause it so he could watch the Rangers game...gar....

So to keep myself entertained, I am posting the coolest things I found on the web today and I'm calling it Caturday Cool Shit.

First up, from Slashfilm, first discovered on 4chan (p.s. I randomly spent a chunk of last night explaining what 4chan was to various folks) - what the Finding Nemo & Wall-E characters would look like if they were humans. I'm OBSESSED with these.

Look at how cute Wall-E is!!! He is so dirty and goofy and adorable and sweet!! And Eve is so hip and pretty! I can't deal with these. They're brilliant! Moar Moar!

Oh look! MOAR! Finding Nemo, this time! I love these. I don't know what to do with myself. Someone make more please! Thank you, Slashfilm, for discovering these. Because Pixar characters as humans > Rangers game.

Next up is oddly also connected to a conversation I had last night. Chatting about 4chan led to looking up the Internet Meme Timeline, which led to talking about David at the Dentist. Which brings me to this, from Think Geek, via Geekologie,

Yes please. Yes I will take that. Is this real life?

Finally, a link to Erik Lundegaard's blog. He's been counting down the movie lines he quotes the most. For each quote is an explanation - what about the line secures its place in Lundedaard's arsenal and in what context he busts it out. I absolutely recommend checking it out. Hrmm...maybe I'll try to figure out my own list one of these days...

Okay, ACTUALLY finally, go to Jimmy Fallon's website and sign the petition for a Saved By The Bell Reunion. Just scroll down a bit. What? You don't CARE about a Saved By The Bell Reunion?! this and then see if you are able to spout such blasphemy.

Okay. End Caturday Cool Shit. Time to drink coffee!