Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Which Comics Should I Give Up? [Call for HALP!]

Due to the insanity of busy life and the fact that I can't bring myself to buy comics anywhere other than Midtown Comics (you get 20 bucks off for every 100 bucks you spend! That's a 20% discount!) because I super have no moneys, Ive becoming increasingly behind on my comics. Like...bad news bears, guys. And I've come to the realization that I may need to give up a few titles. So I'm looking to you all for advice, assuming you are probably not as behind as I am and know which titles are worth keeping with.

So here I present the titles I read as of a couple months ago. Please tell me which ones to stick with and which ones to drop!

First up, the ones I'm sticking with no matter what, to give you an idea of what I like

Buffy - I'm sticking with this one no matter what, but I'm two issues behind! SACRILEGE!

X-Factor - I'm, dear lord, 3-4 issues behind now. I don't even know the thing that happens that's all big and crazy! I got shit for this from not only EruditeChick, but from PETER DAVID HIMSELF.

Fables/Jack of Fables/Scott Pilgrim/Powers/Preacher - All of these I read in book form, not comic form, and will not be abandoning them anytime soon. I'm on book 4 of Scott Pilgrim, book 4 of Powers, book 6 of Preacher (which is over now, right?) and am waiting for book 12 of Fables to grace me with its brilliant presence

Invincible Iron Man - I'm I like 4 or 5 issues behind - I've only read the first arc - but I liked it, it's the only Iron Man title I read, I enjoy Matt Fraction, so, I'm sticking with it

Runaways - In the hopes that Brian or Joss return

The titles I'm on the fence about, after the jump!!!

The X-Men Titles

Now these are all crossovery, so much so that now I'm totally confused and have no idea how far behind I am. Do I stick with any of these?

Astonishing X-Men
X-Men: Legacy
Uncanny X-Men
Young X-Men

Wolverine: Origins

and all those like, X-Men: Worlds Apart, X-Men: A bunch of vignettes, X-Men: Crazy shit is happening! Is Cable even in this universe anymore? What universe is Astonishing X-Men in? Will Joss ever return? Are any of them in the same universe anymore? Should I bother continuing to read any of these? What crossover are we on now? Which ones have the Prop X thing happening, cause I'll read that. Halp!

Dark Reign Crossover

Now, I read all of Secret Invasion. ALL of Secret Invasion. Every damn crossover that EXISTED, I read. I was happy to say goodbye to Captain Britain, Guardians of the Galaxy, Nova, New Warriors or whatever and more, but didn't wanna stop reading the storyline completely. So I picked up like, Dark Avengers and a couple Dark Reign crossover stories, sticking with Mighty Avengers & New Avengers, but now I'm so behind and haven't even read them yet, so I ask you - is it worth it to get into the whole damn thing? Someone who is reading these - is it worth it? Thunderbolts, War Machine, etc - should I pick them up?


It's Peter David and I love Peter David! I'm 3-4 issues behind. Started reading it when it crossed over with X-Factor and quite liked it, but would I like it sans X-Factor?

Ms. Marvel
Started reading during Secret Invasion and liked, so thought I'd continue. Again, a few issues behind and not sure it's worth it.


Again, many issues behind, but loved what I've read. Should I continue? Oh god, it's apparently tied into Dark Reign also. What's happening?!!?!

Punisher: War Zone mini series by Ennis & Dillon
I love Preacher, so I picked up #1 of this Punisher title, never read it, and now I have #1, #3 and #4, I think. Is this title worth it to seek out the missing #2, #5 and #6? I imagine it must be awesome, but, I need advice.

I was also loving X-Men Noir & X-Men/Spiderman and was looking forward to seeking out Spiderman Noir, but they came out so long ago, who knows what the hell is going on now.

Any titles I need to add here? Anything that will excite me as much as Fables does?


Unknown said...

All right, my opinion on the X-titles: stick with X-Force, which is surprisingly good (it's continuity-tastic!), Cable is... iffy and kind of dull, but it's about to cross-over with X-Force so maybe stay with it because of that?

The Prop X stuff is in Uncanny, not sure if it's anywhere else. Also recently featured in Uncanny: GODZILLA. I am not even kidding.

Legacy is on and off, but it's another one that actually remembers stuff that happened in the past, which is nice.

Astonishing crosses over with nothing and does nothing, so unless you're all up on the Warren Ellis, it can go. Young X-Men is lame, and W:Origins is about to be about Wolverine's dumbass son, I think, so they can go.

And that's my view! The only other thing I got is that Preacher is finished, so that's not going to run away on you.

LoquaciousMuse said...

Thanks!! Very helpful!!! That will cut it down a lot :)

JaysQ said...

After carefully inspecting all of the books you read and analyzing your options, I've come to this conclusion: Never stop reading ANY comics!! lol. Just kidding, I know what it's like wanting to read them all, but genuinely not having the time to do so. My own list has diminished as of late. It's hard and I can never decide which ones to abandon either.

By the by, just wanted to say that I always love your film reviews on Aint It Cool (your latest being the one that brought me here). Looking forward to reading more! :)

Fandom Film

EruditeChick said...

The noir books are limited series, read those. She-Hulk's final issue came out, you may as well see that through to the end. The rest of it, I say fuck 'em.

Brendan M. Leonard said...

Preacher is probably my favorite comic series of all time, even though the older I get the more problems I find with it. Very curious to hear your thoughts on that one.

After Preacher, Sandman and Gotham Central are a must. I know you're a big Batman fan, and Gotham Central is so, so, so, so good. It's "Law & Order: Gotham," although it's much more personal and much more in line with shows like 'The Wire' or 'Homicide' than that. One of the great things about it is it gives a fresh perspective on the Batman universe -- and really, what it must be like to be a cop in Gotham, investigating supervillain crimes alongside ordinary ones and feeling like calling for Batman is the commish saying you can't do your job. I heart Ed Brubaker. And so much has been written about Sandman that I assume you've probably already read it. Right?

Ex Machina is the West Wing with the mayor of New York, if the mayor of New York were a retired superhero. I have nothing but love for that one.

As for other comics, I'm a fan of Hellblazer, which is nothing like the movie, although it has a fucked up trade release. The runs from the last five years or so are out there, but the comic's over 20 years old and they're just now filling in gaps from the early run. But pretty much every major comic writer has written for it at some point or another -- Moore, Ennis, Gaiman. I recommend starting with "Hellblazer: Dangerous Habits" (written by Garth Ennis of Preacher) and "Rare Cuts" to get a feel from it.

If you liked Watchmen, The Invisibles might break your brain. It's so good -- I'd like to read it again now that I'm a little older -- but man, is it dense and confusing and it alludes to all kinds of things. Grant Morrison, who writes All Star Superman and has done a lot of mainstream DC work recently, wrote that for Vertigo.

I'm also a big fan of Warren Ellis's Transmetropolitan, which can be summed up as "Hunter S. Thompson In The Future." If you dig Preacher, it's that same kind of crazy, out there tone with a side of political commentary. Plus it's funny.

I like Ennis' work with Punisher although it does get tiresome after a bit. The one-off "Punisher: The End" (Punisher in a post-apocalyptic world) is pretty neat, too.

Other ones I remember liking are Queen and Country (spy comic) and Brian Michael Bendis' run on Daredevil. A lot of my comics are in storage or were sold, so I need to think about this some more and get back to you.

Midtown Comics is the ONLY place to buy comics, btw. That 20 percent discount is unbeatable. I ran up such a tab back in the day.

Brendan M. Leonard said...

Oh, and Alan Moore's other stuff is always worth exploring. My favorites are probably From Hell and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I liked what I read of Top Ten (Moore does Powers), and I'm really interested in Promethea because of the Buffy connection. I haven't read Lost Girls though.

EruditeChick said...

I have Lost Girls. That shit is effed up.

Brendan M. Leonard said...

I really want to read it, but no library near me carries it and I simply cannot bring myself to drop 90 dollars on porn. (I'm calling that because he does, haha.)

LoquaciousMuse said...

Thanks for reading, JaysQ!

And yeah, Sandman is on my list somewhere. I've read League Vol 1 and...have I read Vol 2? God, I don't remember. I have Ex Machina Vol 1 and Walking Dead Vol 1 ready to read. But I realized Dark Knight Returns should probably be ahead of ANY of these. Also been meaning to read Long Halloween for ages. Invisibles sounds cool! I'll add that to the list.