Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Knowing Giveaway!

So for some reason I have a lot of mini Knowing posters in my apartment. I'm not sure how it happened and I don't know what to do with them. So here's the deal - just post in the comments section what about Knowing sticks out in your mind the most (either because you loved it or you hated it), what your favorite moment was, what the stupidest moment was, anything like that. Just something about Knowing.

I have...three poster tubes and two poster boxes, so after you comment, send an email to LoquaciousMuse@allthingsfangirl.com with the following

a. the handle you posted with
b. your mailing address
c. how many Knowing minis you want

The five winners will get as many mini Knowing posters as they want! Cause I have a lot and they are everywhere.

Sweet! Glad we had this talk.


Ron Purtee said...

Nic Cage's hairline. Seriously. THAT will bring about the end of all things.

Big Crumb said...

hmm what sticks out in my mind the most - it's a tossup between the crazy subway scene and the longest opening credit sequence i've ever encountered.

my favorite moment was when the Spike impersonators rolled into the gas station and straight took off with the kids, which then prompted the mom to gank somebody else's car! i thought the owner of that car was going to steal a car as well and set off a chain.

the ending needed some work *spoilers ahead* i love that they took the plunge and whipped out aliens plus world annihilation, but why only take TWO WHITE KIDS?! they show multiple craft leaving for Earth II, but they were the only ones who got a ride? walking out of the theater i couldn't help but say 'glad ya'll white folks made it'

LoquaciousMuse said...

Haha yeah the second those guys came on screen, we were like "Spike?" They literally look modeled after Spike.


Were they?

Unknown said...

Myself, my roommate and Roger Ebert - the only three people in the world who loved this movie. Damn proud to say so. Alex Proyas makes Roland Emmerich look like Beatrix Potter.