Tuesday, December 2, 2008

surkers XXIV [don't ask]

sooooo i made a mix! hooray! now, i'm not of the mind that mix-making is an art to be formally appraised necessarily, but i certainly believe that a mix composed in a certain way can make for some tasty stews that are altogether more delightful and engrossing than the sum of their parts.

this particular mix (number 24 in a prestigious series of mixes made for an audience of 2 since the year 2000) is very noisy and designed to get lost in. i just sort of wanted something i could walk around manhattan in winter with and not know which way is up, and once you get kanye out of the way... methinks that effect takes hold. these are largely atonal and discordant songs that will take some getting used to, but you can enjoyz the ride? hmmm... i guess you can't lolkatz (it's like lolcatz, but for jews) something by simply adding an errant "Z" ... lesson learned.

so i'll post the tracklist here and all the tracks can be downloaded at http://public.me.com/messierism just remember to stick to the order posted below for maximum enjoyment, and not the order in which they're listed when you follow that link!

p.s. fun fact - one of the musicians in this playlist is the other person in this mix series' audience of 2. i'll give you a hint: it's not kanye. OR IS IT!??! ... no, it's not.

1. null - midori hirano
2. love lockdown - kanye west
3. nylon smile - portishead
4. nattura - bjork (feat. thom yorke)
5. gobbledigook - sigur ros
6. brothersport - animal collective
7. i've been loving you too long (to stop now) - otis redding
8. st. elmo's fire - brian eno
9. dixie gypsy - chairlift
10. heart it races - architecture in helsinki
11. vox humana - deerhunter
12. vanished - crystal castles
13. house jam - gang gang dance
14. good girl / carrots - panda bear
15. all my friends - lcd soundsystem
16. the blue notebooks - max richter FEAT. TILDA SWINTON!
17. archangel - burial
18. scraping past - atlas sound
19. dlz - tv on the radio
20. language city - wolf parade
21. electric renaissance
22. dark moves of love.

please to enjoy.


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