Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Watchmen Posters!! [Giveaway]

In honor of the Watchmen Comic Con footage hitting iTunes (thanks Aint It Cool for the heads up!), we at All Things Fangirl are gonna give away some Watchmen posters!

Just post in the comments section both what you are most looking forward to about the film & what you are most worried about. The winner will receive TWO Watchmen posters! One full size Comedian or Rorschach and one mini Nite Owl or Dr. Manhattan.

But first, some screen caps from the Comic Con footage!

Hollis Mason
Comedian & Silk Spectre 1
Dan Dreiberg (played by EruditeChick's choice for Captain America)

Click here for the footage and other Watchmen goodies

The winner will be announced this weekend in the comments section!


Angel Reyes said...

Well, I must say that this movie looks better everyday.

What I'm lookin' forward:
- The Doctor Manhattan's flashbacks.
- Hear Rorschach say "Hurm".
- Viedt's office with all the posters and action figures.
- Bubastis.
- Watch the intro with Viedt shakin' hand with David Bowie.

What worries me:
- That the modified ending chances the original message and vibe.

Stinky said...

Looking forward to:
- The overall look and style of the film
- Patrick Wilson looks perfect as Dan.
- The action scenes (don't care if it's different than the book, it will still be cool!)
- Rorschach
- The Vietnam scenes
- All the little details

Worried about:
- Obviously the ending - not the absence of the squid, but the fact that they pin it on the Doc, and change it from humanity banding together for their own good, to not fighting for fear of Manhattan destroying them all. Plus all the other events that need to be altered - like the reason for The Comedian's murder.
- Adrian's accent

But I still have high hopes and I have faith in Snyder. I realize some changes need to made to adapt the source to a different medium and I can accept that.

Juan said...

Looking forward to:

Seeing Doc Manhattan in motion, since the brief shots so far blow the uncanny valley away.

Dan Drieberg being the second best Batman on screen.

How they're handling Rorschach's "origin"


Worried about:

That they left in some of the extra stuff Dave Hayter added to his draft of the script that wasn't in the comic and doesn't seem necessary for the film.

Also that isn't Hollis Mason ;)

Le Deux Machina said...

I will look forward to the Rorschach story with the psychiatrist. There's a lot interesting character material in just that one chapter of the series. The Comedian's death scene (it looked awesome in the trailers!) The Manhattan story and the curiosity over the new ending.

tom said...

I'm looking forward to the "I already did it" reveal...

I'm worried Dan isn't fat enough.

Unknown said...

Looking forward to:

-...everything doesn't count, huh. Well, then. Rorschach being giddily unstable, (presumably) creepily voice-overing the hell out of things.
- The 'I already did it.'
-Sets. Delicious, delicious sets.
- Finding out what the ending is now, in this version. Yes, I am actually excited about this.
- The resounding cries of dismay from non-comic-book reading Jeffrey Dean Morgan fangirls as they try to reconcile the fact that the gun-toting picture they've been drooling over comes from right before he shoots a pregnant woman right in the face.

What I'm worried about:
-That Snyder could potentially be making a loyal translation of the comic that doesn't actually serve deconstruct superhero MOVIES as it... probably should.
-That everyone might have preternatural speed and strength, because it looks cool.
-And, on a similar and final note, the possibility that with if you sped all the slow-motion up to normal speed, the movie would be an hour and a half long.

Troy Vanderpool said...

Looking forward to:
Everything. 300 translated well, I am hopeful Watchmen will also. SO far, it all feels right - look and feel, tone, actors/characters...

Worried about:
Too much being trimmed, losing the strong, cohesive story that I re-read a few times a year. Akira comes to mind. Even though I love both comic and film, the depth of one couldn't be reached by the other medium.

Rickey said...

Rickey looks forward to seeing Viedt's weird cat lynx thing.

Rickey, like most people, is concerned about Zack Snyder's decision to hold the calamari.

TheLaughingMan said...

Looking forward to:

Rorschach's beginning.
Dr. Manhattan's story.

Worried about:

The slowmo overtaking the action.
The ending feeling like it belongs.

GavinR said...

What I'm looking forward to:

-Spotting Gunga Diner packaging in the streets.

-Seeing Veidt's Antarctic retreat (and perhaps the island of misfit writers and artists?)

-Witnessing in live action the whole "Fearful Symmetry" story.

-MARS!! and all that entails.

-This amazing opening credit sequence with our alternate history.

-The Minuteman photo session!

-Jeffrey Morgan as Edward Blake.

What I'm worried about:

-The ending. Will it resonate enough?

-Seeing this story with music imposed over it.

-Any kind of line that tries to rationalize the costumes. If the characters believe it the audience will believe it.

-The pacing and the way the action is executed. I'm not a slo-mo fan. I'd prefer the fighting for Watchmen to be less epic. The human drama itself is epic enough.

crash7800 said...

Looking Forward to:

- Hashing every little detail over with my friends at the office!
- Taking my mother's book club to go see this (no even kidding)
- Reveling in the sadism that is the comedian
- Watching Rorschach scarf baked beans like a Doberman on a steak.

Afraid of:

- People bringing their kids to see this, getting offended, and the ensuing FOX news circle jerk.
- Complete lack of calamari
- slowing down and explaining Manhattan's quantum existence for all the mouth breathers

Unknown said...

I want to see how they handle the rape scene... the bit in the Comicon footage with the comedian smiling at SIlk Spectre... it's chilling to know what comes next.

I'm looking forward to everything in this movie. every time I see something new in the trailers I think "wow! they're having that in the movie too?". They are doing a great job in reproducing the scenes.

LoquaciousMuse said...

Thanks everyone for entering! The winner for this giveaway is Scott, but there will be plenty more in the future, sometimes with multiple winners!

Scott, just send an email to allthingsfangirl@gmail.com with which posters you'd like of the choices, and we'll send em your way!