Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sgt. Al Powell Loves Them Hostage Situations [Crossover Alert!]

Finally got around to watching Chuck this week and was treated to a delightful surprise. Turns out Sgt. Al Powell's definitely been back in the game since Bruce Willis forced him to face his fear in 1988's Die Hard. Twenty years later the Sergeant is dealing with yet another hostage situation - luckily this one is slightly less dire than Die Hard's crisis. And instead of Alan Rickman running the show, we get one of Rickman's co-stars in Galaxy Quest, Jed Rees, as the man holding everyone hostage. Evil character extraordinaire Michael Rooker also pops up fittingly as cop who's really a Fulcrum agent. His character name? Mauser. As in Art Metrano's character in the Police Academy Series.

I love shows that both reference pop culture and have the balls to pull off a crossover. Let's just hope there isn't any Die Hard memorabilia in Chuck's room or the world will explode.

Clip where we meet Sgt. Powell after the jump