Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Damon Lindeloff & Carlton Cuse Get High For This Week's Dharma Special Access

Okay, probably not, but it's possible! Here is part of their email from this week

See what I mean? With the onomatopoeia? These guys are my favorite.

This week's DSA video focuses on the Lost Book Club and provides some hints for what's to come. In episode 5.07, entitled "316", Ben will be reading James Joyce's Ulysses. Lindeloff & Cuse said there are at least two reasons the episode is called "316" and for fun, they read a passage from page 316 of Ulysses. Check out the video below and join me in wishing we could go grab some beers with these guys.

By the way, that new Dharma Station Logo they mention in the email?

Looks to me like a lamppost or beacon of some sort. Thoughts?

P.S. Lindeloff & Cuse are also giving away a free Namaste ringtone for 48 hours. Text "Namaste" to 77888 and things will occur. But it's only available until December 10th, so get on that shit!