Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dr. Horrible Sing Along Event in NYC [Mark Your Calenders]

On December 12th tickets go on sale for the Paley Center's Dr. Horrible Sing Along Event. If you've ever been to the wonderful Buffy Musical Events in NYC, it'll be like that. But with Dr. Horrible.

The event takes place Friday, December 19th at 7:30pm and cost $10 for non-members. The event will be held at the Paley Center for Media at 25 W. 52nd St.

The event is part of the Paley Center's celebration of Joss Whedons musical web epic. Arthur Smith has written an article about the precedents set in telvision and cinematic history that inspired various aspects of Dr. Horrible. The article can be found on the Paley Center website or by clicking here. The precedents discussed include mad scientists (including Dr. Sinister, Dr. Yes, Professer Frink), teams comprised of villains (Legion of Doom) & video diaries (Albert Brooks on SNL, Blair Witch), all of which led to the eventual creation of Dr. Horrible.

Also coming our way December 19th is the release of the Dr. Horrible DVD featuring Commentary! The Musical, which, by the way, most definitely falls into the category of WANT.

And now, just for fun, my favorite song from Dr. Horrible, On The Rise


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